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Words passwords for the subconscious — set yourself up for success

How words passwords for the subconscious mind change our reality

To date, quantum physics scientists have found that human consciousness, under certain circumstances, is able to influence reality by changing it. And this is not fiction and not a desire to attract your attention, but a scientifically proven and valid truth. Everything in our world consists of energy, energy is our thoughts with intentions and desires.

There is also such a concept as the words passwords for the subconscious, with what it is and why they are needed, this article will introduce you.

Words passwords for the subconscious - set yourself up for success

Words codes for the subconscious

The method in question is known as an internal transformation; it consists of applying switch words according to the method of James T. Mangan.

Due to the words-passwords, the conscious connects with the unconscious and as a result it becomes possible to achieve the goal set before you. Applying the words codes of the subconscious, you will manage to get everything that you have been craving for so long for many years — happiness, success, love and material well-being.

For over forty years, scientists have been investigating the nature of psychogenesis and other areas of metaphysics. Their main thesis was the assertion that each thought has its own monosyllabic formula.

Words passwords for the subconscious - set yourself up for success

In the records of James Mangan one can find a mention that on March 10, 1951, he found the key for the word «Inspiration» — the word «Together.» Thanks to practical research, it was possible to establish that the unconscious can accept one word where it had stubbornly refused to accept the whole verbal flow.

Moreover, short words that are pronounced without underlining their designation do not apply to self-suggestion. After all, these are not orders, not instructions, they are only assimilated at a subconscious level.

The purpose of pronouncing word codes is not to convey their meaning, but to act as a kind of password. In the process of working on passwords, you must adhere to the established sequence in the construction of phrases.

Take for example the word «together.» It is the link between the conscious and the unconscious.

And the word «now» will speed up what you dream.

Learn more about the work of our unconscious from this video.

Examples of word passwords for the subconscious

Consider the above on a particular sample. Suppose you are seriously offended, you constantly again and again return to this situation, but not in a position to release it.

The mind is aware that you should stop thinking about what happened, but you are not able to pull yourself together.

In this case, we advise you to speak the word code «Close.» And utter the phrase: «Together, close now.»

It is necessary to repeat it and you will feel that you gradually calm down, get rid of negative emotions. It is also recommended to use this password word when you are required to apply physical effort.

You will feel a surge of strength and energy to accomplish your plans.

There are many examples of words that are codes for the subconscious. The meaning of the idea — a combination of certain words has a specific impact on our subconscious, so that changes occur on the physical level.

Consider another example. Suppose you have lost something and want to find the lost thing.

Then you should say out loud or mental wording: «Together to find now.»

In this case, the word «together» will help connect the conscious with the unconscious.

«To find» — is a keyword.

And now» — will speed up the necessary event.

Before you put a keyword, you must insert the word «together» and end the phrase with the word «now.»

We offer you examples of other password words that will force your subconscious to work as necessary.

  • To feel good — say the word «stretch»;
  • To eliminate pain — «change»;
  • To convince anyone — “turn on”;
  • Get rid of the danger — “protect”;
  • To keep the secret — «forever»;
  • To sleep — «around»;
  • To build something — «set»;
  • For the development of psychic abilities — «between»;
  • To implement innovative ideas — “forward”;
  • To stop smoking — “count”;
  • To get rid of negative habits — «away»;
  • For the timely execution of work — “done”;
  • Win the competition — «fight»;
  • To abstain from anything is “the end”;
  • To resurrect memories — “custody”;
  • To find the lost thing — “to find”;
  • In order not to react to the attacks of others — to dive;
  • To get rid of offenses — “set aside”;
  • To cope with hard work — “adapt”;
  • To get rid of longing — «attention»;
  • To strengthen willpower — “done”;
  • Win the competition — «fight»;
  • To overcome inertia — “move”;
  • Get rid of debts «push back»;
  • To inspire «for»;
  • To achieve success «patience»;
  • Become more attentive — “attention”;
  • To temper your character — «hold»;
  • To increase your stamina — «finish»;
  • Open the third eye — “slower”;
  • Calm the mind — “be”;
  • Get a large amount of money — «count»;
  • Gather courage — «wobble»;

Words passwords for the subconscious - set yourself up for success

  • Learn about future events — “listen”;
  • To do the impossible, “foresee”;
  • To do something is “together”;
  • Eliminate the inferiority complex — «right»;
  • To eliminate bad thoughts — «push aside»;
  • For the sale of something — «present»;
  • Get a new experience — «abide by»;
  • For better health, be;
  • To think of something — “to find”;
  • Get rid of alcoholism — «save»;
  • To heal wounds — this;
  • To find a way out of the situation — “done”;
  • Get rid of the insults — «thank you»;
  • Receive recognition at work — «personally»;
  • So that the children will obey you — “gather.”

Through the use of these words, passwords, you can adjust your subconscious to the right wave and will make your life the way you wish.

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