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Wonders of the amazing method of healing Hoponopono

What are the wonders of Hooponopono

“Forgive me” and “I love you” are magic words that allow you to change a person’s life drastically. They belong to the famous Hooponopono method, the miracles of which we will tell you further in this material.

Man is the creator of his world

If we consider the laws of the Universe, and specifically the Law of Implementation, we can say that man himself creates his life and his reality. Our reality is a picture created by us personally.

And it is great when we get an attractive and harmonious picture that brings us real satisfaction.

But how to act in those cases, if we don’t have much to do with drawing, as well as with a sense of harmony, and also we are poorly versed in colors and proportional ratio? And with the composition somehow not very.

Because of all this, we get a completely different picture of life, which we dreamed of.

What do artists do in this situation? That’s right, they begin to erase fragments that are not suitable for them and draw them again or paint over them with a new layer of dye. Or, as an option, you can simply throw a blank on the trash and start drawing a new clean drawing.

We will understand further with the first two options, which are quite real in execution.

Wonders of the amazing method of healing Hoponopono

Ways to correct life, the pattern of which we are unhappy

The most important point — you must clearly understand that no one is to blame in this situation. Also, you must take all the responsibility for what is happening in person.

After all, your life was created based on your thoughts, emotions with desires. This means that the state of your physical shell, health, state of mind, relationships with other people, work, financial situation: these are all the options of dyes that you use to create your picture of life.

Agree that you did not know this information quite recently.

What can I say — you practically had no knowledge at all concerning your life-building. And even now we do not have all the information, we don’t know all the moments, but we can already actively use something.

Of the latest popular methods of changing one’s life for the better, the well-known Hooponopono method is in the first place.

What is the Hooponopono technique?

The basis of Hooponopono is the main law of the Universe, about which we described at the beginning of the article. If you are dissatisfied with something in your life, then you are able to change this situation, using the same tools that created our life.

You need to go deep inside yourself and start changing your subconscious program, that is, changing yourself at a very deep level.

No wonder that there is a popular expression: “If you want to change your life, start with yourself.” This means that if we want changes in the surrounding reality, people with whom we are closely connected, we should first of all look at ourselves.

After all, they act as a reflection of ourselves. Our world is in reality our mirror, our reflection.

The Hooponopono technique became popular thanks to Joe Vitale, who did a titanic work to discover this method and the doctor who practiced it.

Wonders of the amazing method of healing Hoponopono

And the history of the method goes back to a Hawaiian doctor named Ihaleacala, Hugh Lin. The latter, using the Hooponopono method, for some time managed to heal almost all mentally ill patients in the hospital.

And all would be nothing, but the most unique, that the doctor never talked with them personally!

The action took place in a dysfunctional unit, which contained mentally ill people. Some of them were handcuffed. The situation was so deplorable that the hospital staff was afraid to walk around the department so that they would not be attacked and the doctors would leave them one by one.

All staff, using any means, tried not to go to work, or pretend to be sick, or invent other excuses, or resign permanently.

When Dr. Lin began working in this department, he did not examine his patients. He only studied their medical records while in his office. Being engaged in the study of information about patients, he did not stop working on himself.

And the more he perfected himself — the better the situation at the hospital became.

After several months, especially dangerous patients in handcuffs were able to get rid of them. And those who attributed a giant dosage of medicines, began to be content with a much smaller amount, or even completely departed from them.

Others, who never hoped to leave the walls, were able to leave the hospital.

The hospital staff began each morning to happily come to work, the hospital was finally able to fully staff the entire staff needed to fully care for patients. And after some time the branch was closed.

For what reason? There are only a couple of people left in it, all the rest came out of here completely healed.

And those who remained were distributed to other branches.

What is the Hooponopono method based on?

What did Dr. Lina need to do with herself in order to radically change all these people? According to the healer himself, he was simply engaged in treating those parts that had created them.

The doctor explains that taking full responsibility for his life implies responsibility for everything that happens in it. After all, your life is only your responsibility. To be more precise, you are the creator of your world.

And it is you who are responsible for everything you say and do, as well as for what other people say and do.

Wonders of the amazing method of healing Hoponopono

And this means that everything that does not suit you in your life, all this comes from you and you must heal it. If you dream of improving your life, you need to heal it.

And if you want to heal someone, even insane, you can do it by healing yourself.

What exactly did Dr. Lin do, how did he heal himself? It turns out he was just systematically engaged in repeating the words “Forgive me” and “I love you” again and again.

The word «Hooponopono» is translated as «self-love.» And it turns out that self-love is the most effective way to improve yourself, and by improving yourself you improve your reality.

This is how it is simply explained. You just need to repeat the phrase “Forgive me” and “I love you” again and again.

To explain this technique can be very long, this explanation would take more than one volume, and quite deservedly. But enough to say that all that you would like to improve in your life, all this can be found in one single place — in yourself.

Therefore, try, first of all, to learn to love and appreciate yourself, your life and your interests, and with the help of this love heal everything that happens to you and in your reality.

And may your life always be what you want it to be!

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