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Why not sleep in front of the mirror — what will be the consequences

Is it possible to sleep in front of the mirror — than it is dangerous for you

Mirrors are mystical objects, around which there are always a lot of signs and superstitions. One of them — it is impossible that the mirror was located next to the bed.

Why you can not sleep in front of the mirror and what might be like this — let’s find out in this material.

Why not sleep in front of the mirror - what will be the consequences

Why you can not sleep at the mirror: the main reason

In ancient times, doctors used mirror objects, introducing their patients into a state of trance. Hypnotic sleep, of course, can not be associated with a normal night rest, because these are two completely different things.

Nowadays, few people doubt that mirrors are somehow capable of influencing a person’s perception, not only with regard to the surrounding space, but also his personality.

If you sleep in a room where the mirror hangs, you will invisibly feel someone’s presence in it. In the state of half-dreams, the brain perceives its reflection as a phantom.

Immediately after awakening, analytical skills are greatly reduced. As a result, after constant sleep in the bedroom, where there is a mirror surface, there will be a deterioration in coordination and perception of reality.

The scheme works in the process of falling asleep. It is difficult for a person to completely relax if his “twin” is present in the room.

For the body, this is stressful, and repeated daily.

This is the main reason why you can not sleep in front of a mirror. To neglect the conclusions of scientists is much more difficult than the speculations of esoteric.

Therefore, it is more correct to take out all the mirror surfaces beyond the limits of its bedchamber: then the process of recovery and relaxation will take place much more efficiently.

Why not sleep in front of the mirror - what will be the consequences

Signs associated with mirrors

Our parents and grandparents also knew about the prohibition of sleep opposite the reflective surface. The pieces of furniture in the apartment were arranged in such a way that sleeping people could not see themselves, going into night dreams.

Usually we do not attach much importance to such superstitions and completely in vain.

Further I suggest to get acquainted with the most popular of them:

  • babies should not be put to sleep so that they observe their reflection in order to protect them from fright;
  • mirrors should not be placed in narrow and cramped spaces, as this is fraught with injuries;
  • heightened anxious personalities should carry reflective surfaces away from the bedroom, so as not to spoil their dreams.

In addition, representatives of each culture have their own signs on this issue, let’s get acquainted with them in more detail.

Folk beliefs

People have been collecting superstitions for centuries, passing them from generation to generation. The majority of mirror signs will relate simply to these objects, and when it came to reflection in a dream — our ancestors perceived this even more scrupulously.

They believed that mirrors, as well as their reflections, presented the following danger:

  • looking at them, a person risks “overlooking” his share and “sleeping through” a successful fate;
  • the human spirit is capable of being lost between our world and the otherworldly, and stuck in the astral;
  • demons and other representatives of evil spirits come out of the mirrors.

Why not sleep in front of the mirror - what will be the consequences

It is safe to say that at the time of our great-grandmothers the attitude to the mirrors was very zealous. Each girl had their own mirror, in which it was impossible to give look to other ladies.

Also, reflective surfaces were never placed in sleeping rooms and for the most part kept them covered.

Christian omens

In Christianity, the mirror is perceived ambiguously: they associate it with St. Mary, who was even given the name of the Righteous Mirror, or they say it is the main weapon of Satan. In support of the second version, the facts are advanced that admiring one’s own face does not fit into any Christian principles.

In any case, as if Christians did not perceive the mirror surface, it is believed that personal belongings in the bedroom should be missing. Of course, mirrors fall into the category of such things.

Their meaning is either utilitarian (check that there are no flaws in your appearance), or sinful (due to the sin of admiring your person).

People who are passionately committed to Christianity should ask their spiritual teacher how to deal with mirror surfaces. But it is advisable not to have them in a room designed for sleeping.

What does Islam say about this?

In comparison with the Christian, Muslim traditions are even more strict. But in Islam in holy treatises is rarely found mention of reflective items.

From a different position, according to the Koran, people should give up any superstitions. From another perspective, we see that the origins of many Muslim traditions belong to pre-Islamic times, based on fairy tales and myths.

Quite a popular myth tells about the presence in our world of gins. The latter live in various objects (for example, a lamp, a ring) and mirror surfaces are one of their most favorite places.

It is believed that in the daytime to see the gin is impossible, but at night it is hidden under the glass. That is why the belief prohibits looking into reflective surfaces after sunset.

Opinion esoteric

Most esoteric practices show an ambiguous attitude towards reflections. They are called the portal to other dimensions, the abode of spirits and otherworldly forces. For waking people in principle, this does not bear much harm.

But the sleeping ones are very defenseless, which is why the placement of the dressing table in the bedroom is unacceptable.

True, we can not neglect another version. It says that people with strong energy can use mirrored surfaces for the benefit of themselves — as energy vacuum cleaners.

And wanting to purge your mind before going to bed, it is permissible to place a small mirror by the bed. But it is important that you cannot meet your eyes with your astral twin.

Otherwise, in a dream you can lose too much of its energy, which will leak into another dimension.

Why not sleep in front of the mirror - what will be the consequences

Can I sleep in front of the mirror in feng shui?

The famous Chinese doctrine of feng shui finds an explanation for many everyday things. What does it tell about the mirrors?

Reflective surfaces, according to Feng Shui, are a very complex topic. It is allowed to stay in the bedroom, but only when certain conditions are met.

Which ones?

  1. The mirror can be hung or standing in the bedroom, the only «but» is the main thing that a person does not reflect in him in a dream.
  2. Separation into separate parts using a mirror is unacceptable.
  3. When buying a reflective item, choose oval and rounded products.

If you follow these simple rules, a pier in the room for rest will not be superfluous.

Why still can not sleep at the mirror

It is believed that when a lone person is reflected in the mirror — he doubles his loneliness. As for the couple, by duplication in the mirror, it can lead to the emergence in their lives of new personalities that will harm the relationship.

Great risk of adultery as a result of such an acquaintance.

It is not recommended to place a reflective object at the head of the bed of the spouses, to make glass ceilings — the quality of sleep will deteriorate, and relationships will go wrong.

It is also believed that the mirror is inherent property to take away human energy. And if you regularly sleep in such conditions, in the morning you will feel internal weakness and fatigue.

How to improve the situation

If you still really want to look in the mirror in the bedroom, then what to do to avoid negative consequences? According to one of the opinions, you can paint over the dyes that area of ​​the subject in which you are reflected at night. Probably a good idea, though, it is difficult to imagine its practical implementation.

Yes, and the aesthetic appearance of the product will suffer.

Do not worry, there are a few more convenient ways, namely:

  1. Just do not place the mirror next to the bed.
  2. Use white curtains or tulle (in any case not dark, since in many religions it is used only for covering the surfaces when there is a dead person in the house).
  3. Hang the subject so high that you are not reflected in it at night.
  4. Arrange the mirror in a clever way so that it is hidden from prying eyes. For example, on the internal door of the cabinet, then the bed will not be reflected in it.
  5. Use the screen.

Why not sleep in front of the mirror - what will be the consequences

Using these techniques, you can rearrange the furniture as needed so as not to violate the rules for placing mirrors in the bedroom.

Also today, comfortable wardrobes are very popular. How to hide the glass in this case?

The option to paint the glass disappears for obvious reasons. You can offer to buy a Roman blind or a matte film and use them for the time of night rest.

Now you know why you can not sleep in front of a mirror and how to properly place a reflective surface in the bedchamber. In conclusion, it is worth watching the thematic footage:

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