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Why masturbation is a mortal sin and how to fight it

Vicious passion of masturbation: why is it dangerous and how to fight it

To talk about it aloud is not accepted. This topic is carefully hushed up and is not subject to discussion even among friends and close friends.

However, this does not make it less relevant and important in our lives.

According to the Holy Scripture, masturbation is a sin that must be combated. But is it really?

Let’s try to find out in this material.

Why masturbation is a mortal sin and how to fight it

Sinful passion masturbation: what is it

Handicrafts (or, in another way, the sin of Malakia) in the Orthodox Church is a special kind of fornication, during which a person gets pleasant sensations. In Christianity, the passion of rukobludiya belongs to the category of sinful acts, namely, it acts as a prodigal sin.

I suggest you to more thoroughly deal with the sin of masturbation, read the reviews of the holy fathers about it, and also find out ways to get rid of this passion.

In fact, masturbation (i.e., masturbation) is a waste of human energy that can be used by a believing Christian more intelligently. And besides this, this kind of self-satisfaction also points to the weakness of the Orthodox Christian, to his inability to control his own physical desires.

It should be noted that practicing masturbation is a terrible sinful act in Orthodoxy, no matter what name it was given. If you succumb to such a predilection, then a person will be more prone to commit other sins, which also means that if you eliminate the passion of masturbation, in turn, you really need to protect yourself from other passions and sins.

If we consider the very nature of Malakia, then we find that it is generated by the burden of fornication, since the presence of unclean lustful intentions extremely adversely affects human spirituality. Also, this passion is in principle unnatural, because in this case there is no merger with a representative of the opposite sex, that is, it cannot in any way contribute to the continuation of the race or finding one’s love.

But there is one interesting nuance — the Orthodox Church is allowed to perform prodigal acts, but only for those couples who formally legalize their relationship and their main goal in this case is procreation.

Let’s get acquainted with the statements of the clergy regarding the passion of masturbation:

According to Rev. Abba Serapion:

“In total, two types of lustful passion are known: the first type is due to sexual intercourse, the second is the one that the Lord punished the son of the patriarch Judah Onan, it happens without connecting with a woman. This kind of lustful passion is unclean, as the apostle said: “If you are not married or widowed, you should follow my example.

But if you are not able to fight with your carnal desires, then enter into a formal marriage, because marriage is definitely better than susceptibility to harmful passions. ”

And Archpriest Vasily Zenkovsky said the following:

«This action is a serious sexual corruption, because the meaning of sex is the need to have sex with people of the opposite sex.»

Why is the sin of Malachi harmful to man?

In the church, it is believed that if an individual will often satisfy his own carnal desires in this way, he becomes dependent on lust and becomes sick of her. Over time, this passion takes him under his complete control, and he is no longer able to resist it.

Then absolutely everything human for him is of secondary importance, and the meaning of life consists only in the search for bodily satisfaction. As a result, the destruction of the body and soul.

Therefore, that Malakia in Orthodoxy is a deepest perversion, because in this case there is no representative of the opposite sex, which is unnatural in itself.

Reviews of the Holy Scriptures about masturbation

Let us turn to the Bible, which says about the sin of Malakia:

“It is not given to sinners to inherit the kingdom of God. The debauchee, the idolater, the adulterer, the little … consort — they all engage in self-deception. «

The church convinces people to remove any profligacy from their lives, since such an act is committed against itself. And the fee for a minute pleasure will be too high.

The Most High condemn the fornicators and adulterers, since their hearts and souls are filled with sinful thoughts.

The process of self-gratification is profane for body and soul. Even the thoughts about masturbation are already blackened and sinful.

It’s not for nothing that Holy Scripture says that our body is the temple of God, in which the Spirit of the Lord is.

And when we commit the described acts — we defile the divine and our personality begins to collapse.

That is why masturbation officially ranked as the category of mortal sins, making it impossible for a person to eternal life.

Why masturbation is a mortal sin and how to fight it

How is the sin of rukobludia punished

Here is what Moral Theology says about this:

“The nature of the fornicator never regrets, he receives cruel punishment. So, onanists lose their memory and vision, they have sore faces and trembling hands.

Gradually, these people become like the walking dead. «

“Foul and adulterers are destined to burn after death in a lake of fire filled with sulfur. There they will die a second time. ”

Onanists are not granted even a perennial penance from the church. And if the sinner still wants to take the right path and get rid of the pernicious passion — then he will be required to perform certain feats.

For example, a person is supposed to make a hundred bows every day for forty days, and also to eat only scanty and dry food. ”

The passion of masturbation in women and minors

It is noteworthy that the Scripture says nothing about female masturbation, although this does not mean at all that women do not sin by committing the specified sinful act. In fact, the church condemns them in the same way as men who have a similar destructive habit.

This means that women who have sinned should also repent and be punished the same as those of the opposite sex.

Separately, you need to stay on masturbation in minors. They are usually subjected to this sin through ignorance or non-compliance with personal hygiene, when the genitalia begin to itch, while wearing tight clothes and so on.

If parents want to help their child get rid of this harmful passion, then they need to:

  • establish the cause yourself and deal with it immediately;
  • in this case, in no case do not frighten or condemn the child, so as not to cause him psychological trauma;
  • do not interrogate or inspect it;
  • try to give the child as much as possible of your attention and love;
  • let him wear loose clothes;
  • get into the diet of your child;
  • allow the child to spend enough time in the company of his peers (if you are sure that this is a good company);
  • increase water procedures for children;
  • whenever possible, go outdoors with him as often as possible.

Why masturbation is a mortal sin and how to fight it

Recommendations for combating masturbation

Not every person has the courage to openly admit this shameful sin. And to cope with it, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  1. If a person has a strong desire to eradicate sinful passion, then he must initially resist the pernicious addiction. In this case, the prayers of the Most High will help him, but, of course, you cannot confine yourself to prayers alone, otherwise you will not be able to move from a dead point a single step.
  2. Also, deciding to fight masturbation, you need to realize that Christians alone, without divine help, will not be able to cope with this sin, which means you need to ask the help of the Almighty.
  3. Pray often. As soon as dirty thoughts begin to appear in your head, call on the Queen of Heaven for help. If you sincerely pray from the sin of the masturbation, have a pure heart, then you find yourself under the care of the Mother of God and finally you can free yourself from the passion.
  4. If the situation is rather complicated and bad thoughts do not come out of the person’s head, it is recommended to surround yourself with church symbolism (crosses, miraculous faces of the Saints. You will ask them for help during those moments when the temptation becomes especially strong. Then you must bow to them and ask them to release them from demons .
  5. Orthodox people are recommended to maintain the most controlled and measured way of life (of course, here it is necessary to build on solely the circumstances of life). Under strict prohibition are the media and viewing erotic videos.
  6. Minimize the consumption of alcohol, because, as you know, alcoholic beverages have a very negative effect on the mind.
  7. Be careful with any temptations, for example, such as taking a long bath with foam.
  8. Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your sinful passion. Due to this, you will open your thoughts and increase the power of struggle with sinful sin.
  9. Based on the severity of sinful actions, one should go to church for confession at least once in seven days.

Getting rid of rukobludy sin: cleric’s advice

Consider also the answer of the priest Svyatoslav Shevchenko to the typical question of how to overcome the sinful craving for self-gratification.

Most of the clergy are convinced that the hardest thing to overcome those sins that relate to the administration of the natural needs of the human body.

Why masturbation is a mortal sin and how to fight it

Sexual traction is a mechanism laid by the Creator, which is necessary for the continuation of the race. And the enemies of the human race, acting as infernal entities (or known in the Christian tradition as fallen angels) use physiological needs to incline a person to sin.

In this case, there are two ways to solve the problem: by abstinence and finding a partner of the opposite sex, with whom the creation of a family is real.

If you stop at the first option, then you will need to maintain an ascetic lifestyle: restricting food, drinks (especially before going to bed), reducing sleep time, enhanced prayers, fighting sinful thoughts, reading the Gospel, Psalms, frequent confessions and communion.

Also, priests recommend to wear at night not open clothes, but pajamas. And, of course, of course, there is a limitation on movies and websites on the Internet, where you can come across lustful pictures or videos.

The second way — the creation of a family will probably require an initial appeal to the first, ascetic method.

And the most important thing is the sincere fervent prayers to the Most High for saving you from this misfortune and finding your second half.

If there are signs of the presence of impure entities in the dwelling that are pushing a person to sin, it is recommended to invite the priest to the house and clean his dwelling. To do this, simply go to the nearest temple.

Now you know a lot about the sin of Malakia, as well as how to deal with it. There are also special prayers from hand to mouth for men and women, which will help to cope with the pernicious passion.

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