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Why is the Christmas tree traditionally set for the New Year

Why do they put a Christmas tree on the New Year

The New Year is a mystical holiday, when all people are waiting for a miracle and positive changes. Different traditions are associated with it — for example, to install a New Year tree in a dwelling, decorate your house with toys, write a desire on a piece of paper and burn it when the clock strikes twelve … All traditions have their origins, and if you want to know why they put a Christmas tree on New Year — then I suggest you read this article.

Why is the Christmas tree traditionally set for the New Year

Why is a Christmas tree being installed for the New Year?

Today, with great difficulty, we can imagine the New Year without the traditional forest beauty — spruce. Not everyone knows that in history, the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree for a given triumph arose during the times of pagan faith, that is, very, very long time ago.

Our ancestors decided to attribute a certain magical power to various trees and plants. At the same time, coniferous trees stood out as a separate category, since the Slavs believed that they liked Yarila (or the Sun), who was the main pagan deity, the most.

The increased love of God for spruce was due to the fact that this tree retains its appearance regardless of the season, which means that in its branches there are spirits responsible for strength and longevity.

The respect for spruce continued even much later, when paganism, as a religion, left the world arena. The tree symbolized fertility and eternal life, as a result of which the custom of decorating its branches with all kinds of gifts arose..

The first who made the ancestors of this custom, became the Germanic peoples, and after some time he was borrowed by the British and the Dutch.

As for Russia, the New Year tradition was officially established thanks to the efforts of Peter I. Surprisingly, before this, the New Year was celebrated not in winter, but in spring: people believed that when nature was renewed, a new life stage began. Then the holiday activities also involved a tree, but not a spruce, but a birch.

But in the 1700th year, everything changed after the publication of the famous decree of Peter the Great, which was called “About the celebration of the New Year”.

According to the latter, noble people, as well as spiritual and worldly order, were obliged to install various decorations at their gates, which were made of pine, spruce, juniper twigs. Also, without fail, shooting from cannons and guns was done.

Those who did not allow his financial situation to acquire a whole tree should buy at least a branch or a small tree and put it next to their dwelling.

Why is the Christmas tree traditionally set for the New Year

Initially, the innovations of Peter did not please the population (which, incidentally, happened with all his reforms), however, after only a few years the ritual to decorate the New Year tree became a mandatory attribute of the holiday.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the ancient custom fell into disgrace due to the fault of the Bolsheviks. Therefore, right up to 1935 for the Soviet people, the New Year was no longer a holiday. But all the same, the people could not forget the magic and the magical atmosphere of this amazing winter celebration and the evergreen beauty was again returned to the building.

And in 1949, the first of January at the official level received the status of a non-working day, which continues to this day.

How to decorate spruce at different times

Now, having understood the history of the appearance of the tradition of setting up the New Year tree, I suggest you to talk about the features of the decoration of this evergreen tree.

  • Initially, when the tree began to appear as a mandatory element for the New Year, it was decorated with a variety of delicacies: nuts, which were worn with a bright wrapper, dried fruit.
  • Over time, more fantasy and diversity in the subject of Christmas tree decorations can be traced. Then the conifer tree was decorated with candies, which were cut out of cardboard, with figures of people and living beings, angels and bells. And at the very top began to put the Star of Bethlehem.
  • A little later, European glass blowers begin to make special Christmas balls. And to replace the wax candles, used earlier to illuminate the room, modern versions of electric lights began to come.
  • As for the Soviet Union, here Christmas tree decorations traditionally acted as a symbol of the spirit of the time. Therefore, cute angels and bells were replaced by glass soldiers, astronauts and parachutists. And instead of the biblical Bethlehem star, they began to use the Soviet alternative — the red five-pointed one.
  • Today, thanks to the variety of Christmas tree accessories, the satisfaction of even the most demanding and capricious taste is real. Popular as handicraft, a variety of texture, as well as very interesting options, differing in their form and style. Decorating the Christmas tree is now becoming the real art in which everyone gets the opportunity to realize their creative abilities.
  • Artificial versions of Christmas trees are quite popular at this time. The latter differ in their height, volume, material from which they are made. The obvious advantage of non-natural Christmas trees and pines in front of their natural counterparts is the maximum manifestation in them of all the power of design ideas. And besides this, the problem of illegal destruction of a forest is being solved in this way — that is, the preservation of natural resources takes place. And yet it is a significant savings — after buying once an artificial beauty, you will not have to acquire it for at least several years. So you will save yourself from additional troubles on the eve of the New Year holidays!

Why is the Christmas tree traditionally set for the New Year

At the end of the topic

In the end, we can summarize that:

  1. The original custom of decorating fir trees for the New Year originated in paganism. Then the New Year holiday was celebrated not in winter, but in spring. Then this tradition gradually spread throughout the world.
  2. In Russia, Peter the Great motivated people to decorate their homes with fir trees and pines with their respective decree. Subsequently, the custom disappeared briefly in Soviet Russia, but since 1949 it has returned again and was consolidated at the official level.
  3. Candy, Christmas tree toys, nuts, dried fruit, bells, stars and the like can be used as decorative elements for fir trees.

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