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Why is Easter every year on different days

Why is Easter every year on different days

Being a great “why-bad man”, I try to be interested in everything in the world: it’s nice to know something that others do not suspect or think about. I was fascinated by Orthodox themes, even went to church several times to get a deeper insight.

After talking with Father Nikolai, I found the answer to one burning question: why is Easter every year on different days, and I’m happy to share information with you.

How is the celebration of Easter with the solar-lunar calendar

What do we know about the Bright Resurrection of Christ, except that this is the name that Easter bears, the celebration of which always falls on Sunday, but different dates? Easter is considered one of the major carry-over events of the Orthodox calendar, simultaneously tied to the incredibly complex lunar-solar calculus adopted among the Jewish people.

Easter: the transformation of the date that has passed through the centuries

Many years ago, Jesus Christ took the crucifixion for the sins of mankind and was resurrected on the third day. The lunar calendar, used in ancient times, called for the celebration of Christ’s day on Sunday, which was considered the first day of the week, and was celebrated on the 14th day of the initial month of spring. Before the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, this month was called Aviv, after — Nisan.

General calendar did not exist, so the Israelis used the lunar calendar, the Egyptians and the Romans determined the time by the solar.

The main characteristics of the lunar and solar calendars

What is the lunar calendar:

  • Includes 12 months;
  • A month consists of 29 or 30 days;
  • The calendar year lasts 354 days.

Features of the solar calendar:

  • Divides the year by 12 months;
  • Every month for 30 days;
  • The total number of days in a calendar year is 365.

As you can see, the difference in the duration of the calendar year is 11 days, so in order to balance the total number of days, the Jewish people came up with the idea of ​​adding Ad-Adar to the month that it had accumulated. In our usual world of understanding, this year would fall on what we call “leap year”.

The Jews still have not changed the traditions that have developed over the centuries: 14 Nisan is calculated from the day of the equinox in spring, according to the Julian calendar, not the Gregorian calendar, adopted in the world. Due to this circumstance, Easter of Catholics and Jews may coincide, and the first may even precede the second, disrupting the natural course of biblical history.

Representatives of some other nations took it for granted that the calendar year contains only 10 months, only 304 days. March was considered the beginning of the year (January and February were considered the last of the year).

How do the dates of the Holy Resurrection

The resurrection of Christ took place on the day when the Jews celebrated their own Easter. She associated with the exodus from the Egyptian state. In their version of calculus, Easter is not considered passing.

The celebration takes place on the 14-21 of the number of Aviv (Nisan). The 14th coincided with the first full moon from the day of the equinox.

At the time of the earthly existence of Jesus Christ, this event, as now, took place on March 21 according to the calculation of the Julian calendar (it was named after the Roman general and ruler Julius Caesar).

The modern calculus of time strictly limits the scope of the possible celebration of the passing Easter: in Orthodoxy 4.04 — 8.05 in the new style and in the old 22.03 — 25.04 (with a difference of 13 days between Julian and Gregorian styles) for Roman Catholics, Jews and most Protestants.

Passover Jews today are held on the day of the first full moon after the equinox. It is noteworthy that the date is determined by the Julian calendar ..

Christians celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord on the day after the Jews (however, if March 21 turned out to be Sunday, and even with the full moon, Easter should be scheduled for March 28).

As a rule, the day of the first full moon falls on the interval from 21.03 to 18.04. However, in the event of coincidence of the full moon, Sunday and the date of April 18, Christians will have to celebrate the holiday only in a week — the 25th day, since biblical chronology and church rules require the holding of the Jewish Easter before the Resurrection of Christ.

As for me, all this is very confused, but the rules are established by the Church, and it is not for me to judge them.

Easter date: how to calculate

Having listened to the somewhat confused story of the priest, I came to the conclusion that determining the date of Orthodox Easter is a very difficult task, I did not try it myself, but I’ll tell you the theory now.

The alternation of the dates of the Bright Resurrection of Christ is associated with difficult moments of coordinating the dating of the solar and lunar calendars, so the interval from 4.04 to 8.05 is subject to a number of laws.

The minimum number of years for which Easter takes all possible temporary positions is 532. This array is called the Great Indication, after which the date and month of Easter will alternate, so to speak, “by thumb,” in the same order, so if you have there is a fully calculated Easter, to monitor the progress of further changes is not difficult.

For those who are too lazy to calculate such a huge stratum of dates, I suggest using the formula of Karl Gauss, derived in the 19th century. What and how to do is shown in the figure.

Why is Easter every year on different days

In addition, I share a small cheat sheet for those who want to keep abreast of the dates of Easter for the next few years.

Why is Easter every year on different days

I hope, now you, like me, will know the answer to the question “Why is Easter on different days?”, And share your knowledge with loved ones.

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