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Why discouragement is considered a mortal sin and how to get rid of it

What is the danger of gloom and how to deal with it

If we consider the gloom, based on the biblical canons, then at all times it was ranked as the category of mortal sins. For what reason is despondency a sin, and if it is a sin, then how to overcome it?

It became very interesting for me to understand this question and I suggest you do it together.

Why discouragement is considered a mortal sin and how to get rid of it

What is dangerous gloom?

Falling into a state of sadness, sadness, sadness, sadness — a person does not think at all about the possible consequences of these negative, destructive emotions.

Some even attribute to this state some subtlety of the mysterious Russian soul. But psychiatric experts say that when a person is in a depressed state for a long time, depression develops, which means a serious danger to his health and even life.

Different researchers call the figure 20% — just as many people around the globe suffer from a depressed moral state.

As for the Church, it has long since brought despondency into the list of basic sins. Next we will understand what this was due to.

What is discouragement in Orthodoxy?

Let us turn to the statement of the professor of the Russian Orthodox University, John the Theologian, Viktor Trostenkov, who says:

“Despondency is ranked as the category of mortal sins exclusively in Orthodoxy. For comparison, the Catholics included sadness in this list, but only in Orthodoxy the despondency stands out as a single sin.

It is for this reason that in Orthodoxy there are only 8 mortal sins, not 7. At first glance, it may seem that sadness with despondency is one and the same. If, however, we understand in more detail, we establish that sadness is a passing sensation concerning some unpleasant incidents, but this feeling is temporary, passing in character.

And if we are talking about despondency, then we should note that it acts as a protracted, chronic condition, and for it there are often no obvious factors. Despondency is a state of mind, it is quite able to visit you even if it looks outwardly quite well.

At the same time, a person himself will not be able to give an intelligible answer to the question of what he really needs.

Be that as it may, the Church calls both sadness and despondency mortal sins. The lay person should perceive all types of tests sent to him, having a holistic soul, being filled with faith, hope and love in his soul. In the opposite case, he begins to renounce a single whole, does not recognize this single whole, and therefore, condemns the teaching about God, the world and humanity.

This is one of the variations of the lack of faith. When the spirit is given to itself, and the individual is automatically doomed to various pathologies and sufferings. ”

All mortal sins have a destructive effect on the physical and spiritual layers of man. It is not for nothing that the despondency is known as the “evil division”. When an individual begins to influence this passion, he becomes lazy, it is difficult for him to motivate himself to perform any actions.

Also, he does not experience any joy and comfort, he loses faith and hope in the best.

It is not for nothing that there is a saying that «a dry spirit can dry bones.»

Dull Spirit Sears Bones

Next, we consider the main features that indicate the beginning of the destructive processes in the body:

  • sleep is disturbed (a person suffers from insomnia or increased sleepiness);
  • appetite changes (increases or is lost);
  • there are intestinal problems (constipation);
  • markedly reduced sexual potential;
  • the general energy state decreases, a person begins to tire his usual physical and mental stress more strongly;
  • There are various uncomfortable pain types of sensations in the body.

As a result of this conflict with itself, even organic pathology can arise. Thus, sin begins to penetrate the physical body of a person.

In modern medicine, methods of healing for depressions are proposed, however, the famous specialist in this field, Yuriy Polishchuk, who is a doctor of medical sciences, advises to use also spiritual and religious methods of psychotherapy.

He expresses the following opinion about the treatment of despondency: “If someone who suffers from depression and asked for a way out of this state would address me, I would definitely recommend him not only to visit the church of God, but to search for his personal spiritual mentor in one of the monasteries.

Of course, this option will be more difficult, since it requires an effort to find, but as a result, they will not only listen to you for a couple of minutes, but will try to establish the true source of mental suffering. Conversations with spiritual mentors last for several hours, and sometimes the applicant is offered to stay in the monastery for a certain time to withstand fasting and begin to heal his soul. ”

Father Anatoly (Berestov), ​​who is a hieromonk and head of the Diocesan Orthodox Orthodox Center of John of Kronstadt, as well as a doctor of medical sciences, is sure that a person who dreams to heal this ailment not only on a physical but also on a spiritual level, must seek help to the Holy Church.

After all, it is Orthodox medicine that is designed to save a person, free him from internal sins that destroy the body with the soul. ”

Although from a different position, believing people who suffered from depressive states should not neglect official medicine, because, according to St. Theophan the Recluse, “medicine and medicine were given to us from the Almighty and abandon them — this means reproaching the Creator.”

What can lead a person to the mortal sin of despondency?

It becomes clear that despondency can seriously harm both our physical body and cause damage to our immortal soul.

But why does this passion arise? Among the main factors provoking gloom, we can distinguish the following:

  1. Loss of the meaning of life.
  2. A state where a person does not control his life.
  3. Lost faith in yourself and in the Almighty.
  4. Laziness.
  5. Lack of responsibility.
  6. Loss of joy
  7. Disappointment (in yourself, other people, ideals, life in general, and so on).
  8. Permanent guilt.
  9. Unwillingness to admit own mistakes.

Why discouragement is considered a mortal sin and how to get rid of it

Of course, perhaps the most important point of all listed is the meaning of life. Until a person has found the answer to the question of why he lives on Earth, what his true purpose is all attempts to achieve happiness will fail.

As a result, internal blocks of consciousness begin to emerge, manifesting themselves in the form of irresponsibility, disbelief in one’s own strength, self-hatred and total refusal to move forward, and disregard for one’s own capabilities.

What are the reasons for the sin of despondency according to Orthodoxy

The Orthodox Church calls its specific factors for the emergence of this passion:

  • the trials sent to man by God so that he can be improved spiritually;
  • the vulnerability of pride;
  • vanity;
  • loss of faith;
  • godlessness;
  • little spiritual life.

Because of the disturbed lifestyle and unwillingness to observe moral morality, people find themselves in a state of spiritual crisis, to get out of which is already quite problematic.

Discouragement provokes a vicious circle: the individual is in a depressed state, he has no desire to perform any actions, such idleness plunges him into a state of discouragement, causes even less to do something, which results in an even greater state of discouragement.

The Holy Fathers claim that from time to time each of us may be confronted with a state of natural longing. Due to spiritual suffering, moral benefactors are cultivated in the individual.

And when a person copes with a state of despondency, he begins to improve himself spiritually and becomes closer to the Creator.

Therefore, we can consider the sin of despondency in the form of a test sent from above, which must be dealt with.

How to deal with despondency

If no action is taken, a state of despondency can provoke a deep depression. Doctors say that often getting out of depressive states is quite problematic (sometimes impossible) without help.

Modern psychology and medicine offers a variety of methods and tools that eliminate these conditions. But the church has always advised those subjected to depression, to find a way out in prayers.

But after all, as a rule, all the prayers are said, alone with each other, which means that a person unconsciously becomes even more isolated from the surrounding world. Loneliness is complemented by an inner sense of guilt.

The effect of such a «therapy» will be very doubtful as a result.

What do modern physicians advise people in the fight against despondency? Famous psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and psychologists strongly recommend that you improve your life by vigorous activity — leisure, dating, entertainment.

It is very easy to trace the effect of such a recommendation — you simply do not have enough time to be sad and depressed.

Of course, there are particularly neglected situations, when a person came to the doctor too late and drug therapy is already required. In the fight against despondency, one should not forget that it often reaches a prolonged depression, and it can end in a rather pitiable way.

Therefore, contact a specialist as soon as you notice in yourself or one of your relatives, friends, the initial symptoms of this pathology.

Why discouragement is considered a mortal sin and how to get rid of it

How to protect yourself from gloom?

The most effective remedy for despondency is moderate exercise and maintaining a rolling lifestyle. When a person is under load, he gets rid of all the negative accumulated in the body, and becomes calm, plus more confident in himself and his abilities.

In addition, in the life of each athlete, no matter whether he is a professional or amateur, there is always a goal. In some cases, it does not manifest itself as vividly as in others, and has more of a character of fighting with oneself.

But even novice athletes, when they leave the gym, think: “Today I managed to do such and such a load. And tomorrow I can do more (run faster, lift more weight, and so on). And this is the goal, which serves as the main salvation from the state of despondency.

And it is completely irrelevant which goal is meant.

Also, try to surround yourself with a positive in all its signs — let in your life there will be exceptionally cheerful people, good kind films and fascinating events. If life sends you a little positive, start attracting it yourself.

Interesting expert answers to questions about despondency

It is very interesting to receive information from smart people who understand the subject of the issue. We cite the cognitive reasoning of Yuri Shcherbatykh, who is a professor of psychology at the Moscow Institute of Humanities and Economics, as well as a doctor of biological sciences and the author of the monograph «Seven Deadly Sins for Believers and Non-Believers.»

— Who is most often tempted by the sin of despondency?

— These are mostly melancholic people with reduced energy. For example, the factors leading to prolonged sadness and despondency in melancholic individuals will cause fury attacks in choleric people, and in sanguine persons — only fleeting dissatisfaction.

Many famous personalities were subject to the onset of the blues. Of the latter, we can name the famous writers and poets — Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, Nekrasov Nikolai Alekseevich and Guy de Maupassant.

— In addition to temperament, what else influences the development of mental suffering?

— The main factor can be called surrounding people, especially those close to us, who can unreasonably cause us insult, insult, slander or just inattentively treat where we want to get attention to your person. Speaking of the latter case specifically, the real reason for discouragement is a completely different sin of pride.

In addition, our physical well-being often leads to a state of hopeless longing: apathy, pathology, regular lack of sleep. It also happens that a person falls into a depressive state when he begins to place increased demands on the Universe.

Why discouragement is considered a mortal sin and how to get rid of it

Another passion of despondency often attacks people on the threshold of a certain age line — at forty, fifty or sixty years. At such moments, the person suddenly feels that she has lived her life absolutely wasted and in her there were more failures than successes.

— What is the danger of depression for physical health?

— A state of despondency becomes dangerous if it comes to depressive disorder. Indeed, as a result of this depressed state, various types of biochemical disorders begin to appear in the central nervous system — first of all, the metabolism of neurotransmitters (substances that affect mental activity indices) worsens.

It is noteworthy that the very bright and characteristic symptoms of depression are shown in the Bible by King David: “I am all bent and depressed, I have been crying all day long. I am exhausted and lament above all measures, shouting, as my heart is constantly tormented.

My heart begins to tremble, my strength has left me, I do not even have light in my eyes. ”

— Do doctors manage to heal depression?

— Yes, American researchers were able to establish serotonin, which is a biologically active substance that affects the mood of a person. And based on it, many medicines have been invented, designed to help in the fight against depression.

— How to eliminate this pathological defect?

— Do not forget that depression cannot be cured with the help of antidepressants, alcohol or drugs, on the contrary, the condition will only worsen. Also remember that your enemies and competitors will take advantage of world grief with ease.

Do not be surprised if more cheerful colleagues will easily “pull” you along the career ladder, and your girlfriend will not stand the constant grunts and complaints and will find a more cheerful and active guy. Therefore, try to live so that your enemies are discouraged, and you be a complete optimist.

Make changes to your lifestyle — instead of the usual sedentary work, find yourself something more interesting and mobile, quit drinking and spending time on the couch, and actively expand your social circle. And, of course, let your life be a maximum of sports and nature walks.

Set for yourself a life motto: «Less self-pity and smiles as much as possible!»

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