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Why can not photograph sleeping people

Why can not photograph sleeping people

Why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people and what it can be fraught with? Let’s find out this, to never repeat the mistakes of others in this material.

Superstitions associated with photographing sleeping people

Today we live in a seemingly modern world, but still some beliefs and superstitions do not lose their relevance.

Although the camera came into being only in the nineteenth century, various types of superstitions are associated with it. One of them is about taking pictures of sleeping people.

So why not do it? Let’s understand further.

Why can not photograph sleeping people

The reasons for the ban on shooting sleeping people

There are more than enough reasons explaining why you shouldn’t take pictures of sleeping people. Conventionally, all the reasons are divided into three main categories:

  • mystical character;
  • medical value;
  • ethical meaning.

Consider all three categories in more detail.

Ethical bans on shooting sleeping

In the first place is the moral and ethical side of the issue. It is unlikely that a sleeping person, when he wakes up, will be too happy to see his photo in a dream: sleep is a rather personal, intimate process, during which we do not control ourselves at all, which means we can remain in a very impartial way.

Who would like to subsequently view their photos with an open mouth or hand, convulsively compressing a pillow?

Of course, all the “humorous” situations are not limited to the above. Sleeping people are completely defenseless in front of the photographer, they do not have the opportunity to change something in this situation.

Therefore, you should not use someone else’s vulnerability. Even if you really want to take a photo of such a plan — at least warn the person in advance about this and get his consent to the shooting.

As the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed,” even if in this case we are talking only about the photo.

Suddenly waking up is harmful to health

And children, and adults who usually sleep sensitively, may well wake up the click of the camera or flash. You can talk about the bad consequences of this for a long time: let’s start with the easiest — the fear and end with a stutter, which we will have to ask for help from a specialist.

Also in science such phenomena as micro-awakenings are known. They have no physical manifestations either for the one who sleeps or for other people.

But at the same time it is highly undesirable for someone to take a photo of the sleeper in this brief moment of awakening.

It is not possible to say for certain about the likely consequences of this, however, there is an opinion that a person subsequently runs the risk of facing an unconscious, animal sense of fear, nightmares and difficulty falling asleep. So be careful.

Why can not photograph sleeping people

The energy body in a dream is vulnerable

Esotericists do not cease to reiterate about the presence in people of a protective energy envelope — in a different way a biofield or aura. And if such a biofield exists, then it can be destroyed under certain circumstances.

One of these circumstances is the state of sleep.

Resting at night, we are all very defenseless from extraneous energy effects. So, on the sly, a photo taken may be fraught with a pathology, misfortune or even a change in the fate of a person for the worse.

At the same time with particular trepidation should relate to the children’s energy field. Baby energy is much weaker than that of an adult.

So, taking pictures of sleeping or even just dormant kids is under strict prohibition.

Of course, there are no scientifically confirmed explanations for this phenomenon. Therefore, the only solution here is your personal faith (or disbelief) in what is happening.

Sense of superstitious horror

According to yet another superstition, in a dream, our souls leave bodies and travel through various worlds and spaces until an awakening occurs on the physical level.

And if you take a picture of a person at this moment and he suddenly wakes up, but his soul has not yet had time to return to the body, it will be fraught with sad consequences. It is said that people after such often become themselves not their own, they can be seriously ill, go insane, and in the most difficult case even die.

Fortunately, such statements did not find any recorded confirmation. But still risk with such a few people want.

Sleeping people remind the dead

This is really true, because it is difficult to argue with the fact that those who sleep are very similar to the dead: the same motionless posture, covered eyelids, lack of movement.

And if you are shooting a person in such a state, it is as if you are capturing his dead energy.

But everything that was recorded with the help of equipment, may well become a reality. Not too tempting prospect, is it?

Why can not photograph sleeping people

Possible evil eye

People who are not too keen on esotericism may not be in the know, but many black magicians offer the following service — to damage you with the use of a photo. And it is quite logical that the infliction of such harm is much easier to perform by applying a photograph of a person in a state of sleep — after all, his energy protection at this time is considerably weakened.

Therefore, even if you made such a photo “from the heart”, think about it, and what will happen if it suddenly turns out to be in the hands of not quite benevolently-minded individuals? I don’t want to think about the bad consequences of such a thing.

In conclusion

The following conclusions can be drawn:

  • It is undesirable to take a photo of a sleeping person for a variety of reasons of a medical, esoteric and just moral nature.
  • From the standpoint of esotericism, the photographs of sleeping extremely negatively affect their energy field, depleting it.
  • A person does not look very favorably on such a photograph, and it may be trivially frightened by the click of a camera.
  • So why bother your relatives and friends once more — don’t take pictures of them asleep, but rather present a certificate for a photo session in a state of vigor and activity!

Would you like more information on this topic? Then be sure to watch the following video and do not forget to share your comments with us at the end of the article!

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