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Who is Lucifer in the Bible: the Orthodox interpretation

Who is Lucifer in the Bible: the Orthodox interpretation

Lucifer is the main opponent of God, the fallen angel of light. However, modern people underestimate the danger of Satan being seduced and do not understand who Lucifer really is. My friend’s daughter told her that she had become a member of satanic society.

The woman received a stroke from grief, but it had little effect on the hard-hearted daughter. Nowadays, young people are attracted to exotic teachings, which lead to the death of the soul and the body. How to prevent the corruption of morals?

Parents should tell children about the biblical principles of the world, lead them to church and lead a godly life themselves.

Who is Lucifer in the Bible: the Orthodox interpretation

Heavenly hierarchy

According to the Bible, God created a host of angels and divided them into hierarchies. Seraphim (fiery) are most close to the throne, their functions include the glorification of God.

Lucifer, the angel of light, also belonged to the rank of seraphim. It was the bearer of the light of truth, God’s servant.

But once Lucifer was indignant in his heart and decided to become equal to God. The most beautiful of the angels of God turned into the devil, the father of lies and temptations.

The fallen angel, Lucifer the Dennica, gathered an army of followers and decided to fight for the throne of God.

What was the cause of resistance to the will of God? Fathers of the church say that the decree of God became the reason for resistance to the will of God to bow to man.

When the Most High created Adam, Lucifer felt jealous of him. He was not going to serve Adam, much less bow to him.

According to Lucifer, Adam was like an animal and was unworthy of admiration. The angel’s heart was filled with hatred and malice, and he turned into an evil being.

After the story of Lucifer ends with the overthrow from heaven and eternal damnation. Since then, he is in the sky and became the ruler of the underworld.

Together with the once radiant archangel and his associates, angels, were cast down from heaven. They all turned into demons and devils, in accordance with the heavenly hierarchy and belonging to a particular order.

Bible story

In the book of the prophet Zechariah, Satan is mentioned as the accuser of a man in court. However, even in the book of Genesis, we can recognize the enemy of man in the form of a serpent, seducing Eve with an apple. The curiosity of Adam and Eve to the forbidden fruit led them to fall and be cast out of paradise.

Satan exulted, because he managed to defame man in the eyes of God.

Since the expulsion from Eden, man has led a difficult and dangerous life on earth. This was due to the curse of God for disobedience.

In addition, man has become a mortal being, completely dependent on disease and adversity. The serpent was also punished for its negative role in the story of Eden, and since then has become reptile — crawling over the stones on his stomach.

In the book of Job, you can see Satan, who came to the throne of God along with the angels (sons of God). There, he was assigned the role of accuser of the righteous Job, Satan invites God to test Job’s loyalty.

God agrees and permits Satan to harm Job.

In the book of the Prophet Isaiah, the devil is referred to as a fallen angel, who turned into a prince of darkness. The prophet says that the cause of the fall of Lucifer’s hostels was the exorbitant pride and rebellion against God.

It is in this book that the name Lucifer is first mentioned.

In the book of the prophet Ezekiel, Satan is called God’s favorite, transgressing his law.

Who is Lucifer in the Bible: the Orthodox interpretation

Gospel story

In the New Testament, Satan appears as the bearer of world evil. It was he who tempted Christ in the wilderness when he fasted for 40 days without food and water.

Jesus himself called proud people the children of the devil, the father of lies. The savior of mankind saw the fall of Lucifer’s hostage from heaven and described this phenomenon as lightning.

It was Satan who defeated Jesus on the cross, when he fully fulfilled the will of God and did not resist a terrible and shameful death.

The evangelists tell us that after the death of the body, Christ descended into hell, trampled Satan and brought the souls of the righteous out of hell. By his resurrection, the Savior proved the victory of life over death and bestowed on all mankind a chance to find eternal life from the palace of God, from which Adam and Eve were cast out.

The apostle Paul speaks about Satan, he calls him the spirit of evil. The goal of Satan is to seduce the sons of men and turn them away from serving God.

The dwelling place of the evil spirit is airspace.

The sacrament of baptism provides for a complete renunciation of the devil and his works.

John the Theologian tells what Lucifer looks like. He appeared before him in the form of a fiery dragon with ten horns and seven heads.

John the Theologian says that Satan will lose the battle to Archangel Michael and his army again — on the Day of Judgment. After the Doomsday, Satan will be dropped for a thousand years to the earth, after which another battle will take place between the forces of good and evil.

After the victory of the forces of good, Satan will be dumped into the lake of sulfur and fire.

Who is Lucifer in other religions

According to the Jewish tradition, Satan is in full power with God and serves as an angel to accuse people. His mission is fully justified, since, thanks to Satan, man has a choice between good and evil.

In its power, Satan is equal to God, but does not compete with him. The Jews call Satan Satanel or Samael.

He is associated with evil in man and personifies the evil of the world, is also the angel of death.

Islamic interpretation

Muslims call Satan Iblis. In the Koran, you can read the story of the fall of Iblis, very similar to the Christian. Gd was very fond of Iblis, until he became proud and fell into disobedience.

For this, the Almighty cursed Iblis and cast him down from heaven.

In the modern world there are Satanists who worship the evil inclination in man. They believe that Satan is in every person, and their task is to fully reveal the satanic principle in themselves.

Satanists believe that the discovery of the satanic essence will give a person power and strength. They dedicate their ministries to this, recite mystical spells and conduct ceremonies.

In the worldview of Satanists, the devil is the natural force of man, who opposes God.

Iconography and art

So who is he really, Lucifer? In the Middle Ages, his image was described in some detail.

In the view of medieval people, Satan combined the properties of man and animal. Often medieval artists depicted the mouth of Satan as a gate to hell.

It symbolized the notion of being eaten by the devil.

Many writers and directors created works of art on the theme of the fall of Lucifer:

  • Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy;
  • Milton «Paradise Lost»;
  • Bulgakov «The Master and Margarita»;
  • Goethe’s Mephistopheles.

Dante describes Lucifer as a fallen angel who has a terrifying appearance. Milton has Satan depicted as an epic hero of a gloomy look. In Bulgakov, we see the devil in the form of the dreamy philosopher Woland, who cynically criticizes contemporary reality.

In the poem of Goethe, the devil takes the form of Mephistopheles and tempts Dr. Faust.

About Satan make films, in some of them he is presented as a hero of adventure. In a Hollywood film, Satan enters Los Angeles and leads the human way of life, using his supernatural powers.

However, these films do not bear in themselves the disclosure of the true nature of Satan; therefore, they are completely useless for the spiritual development of man.

Who is Lucifer in the Bible: the Orthodox interpretation

An Orthodox believer should know that Lucifer was called the angel of light. After the fall, he was deprived of his angelic rank and became known as the devil and Satan.

Satan is the one who prevents people from living normally. It is called by different names:

  • tempter;
  • sly;
  • Beelzebub;
  • father of lies;
  • prince of demons;
  • deceitful spirit

For an Orthodox Christian, you need to learn a lesson from the history of a fallen angel, so as not to repeat his mistake. Pride and exaltation — the most dangerous sins leading to the fall and eternal death.

Lucifer will never be able to repent and regain his former status as the pet of God, because in heaven it is impossible to change thoughts and intentions for the opposite. So man has only one chance to go to heaven — while living on earth.

After the death of this chance will not.

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