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White magic plots for self-fulfillment

The plots of white magic are extraordinarily diverse. They can be used for all occasions, for solving a variety of problems that arise in our lives.

Moreover, unlike black magic, which uses the power of the forces of evil, and therefore is extremely dangerous for those to whom it is directed to the magician himself, white magic is safe enough for the magician and those around him.

White magic helps people cope with troubles and achieve success. It is no coincidence that for thousands of years the secrets of conspiracies were handed down from generation to generation, and healers and sorcerers, masters of white magic, enjoyed great respect and reverence.

Below we look at some of the varieties of white magic.

White magic plots for self-fulfillment

As mentioned above, the conspiracies of white magic are very diverse and are aimed at solving different problems. One of the important directions is conspiracy against the evil eye and the evil eye.

Such conspiracies, as a rule, are simple, but at the same time they reliably help to protect a person from the harmful magical effects of a detractor.

If you know this adversary, you need to look him straight in the eye and silently speak a conspiracy.

If you pronounce this conspiracy clearly and with due feeling, it will become a reliable defense against the misfortune that your foe is trying to impose on you, and return this evil to him.

Every person outside their own home becomes subject to a certain degree of negative impact. Of course, the natural protective field partially repels the negative and does not allow much harm to humans.

But you can enhance your own protective properties with the help of a magical conspiracy.

To do this, before leaving the house with the following words, a napkin or towel speaks:

Wipe your face with this towel and only then leave the house.

White magic plots for self-fulfillment

From ancient times, it has become a tradition for the modern world to take a little native land with them on a long journey. This is a very powerful amulet that can protect from trouble away from home, and even save lives.

To strengthen the magical power of the native land, it is necessary, while picking it up, to conspire.

His words are:

It is important to carry such a land always with you in a tight tissue bag. Plastic bag for these purposes can not be used.

White plots on peace and well-being in the family are no less useful and popular. After all, when peace and harmony reign among family members, any difficulties are not so terrible.

A family discord, on the contrary, not only delivers constant grief, but also attracts all the new troubles to the family.

Conspiracies of white magic aimed at bringing peace and well-being to the family always work without fail. Their results appear almost immediately.

In order to increase their effectiveness, one should tune in to the rite positively and resolve all existing problems.

To avoid discord, resentment and distrust between loved ones, use this plot:

The plot to keep peace in the house is very much in demand. It allows you to save family relationships and protect your own house from the negative.

It is necessary on the day of the ceremony to visit the temple and purchase three candles there, two of which should be placed near the icon of Jesus Christ, and two should be brought home. After returning from church you should not wash, and it is also forbidden to eat or drink until the end of the day. The ceremony is held in a separate room at midnight.

On the table you need to install a candle and next to it put a loaf of bread and put the holy water.

Then you should light a candle and read this plot 40 times:

After that, you need to eat a piece of bread and drink it with holy water. The remaining bread should be covered with a towel and left until morning. The next day, it should be used to make breakfast for the whole family.

Conspired bread can not be thrown away, you need to finish it.

White magic plots for self-fulfillment

Another type of conspiracy, especially popular among young people, is love plots of white magic. These conspiracies can have different goals (to bind a specific person, to find his betrothed, marriage, sex, and so on), means and strength.

White love plots are recommended on Fridays during the rising moon.

If a girl wants to find love, she must hammer a nail into the threshold of her own house.

While uttering the words:

Soon a person will appear in your environment with whom you will have a desire to build a serious relationship.

There is another stronger conspiracy to attract love. The rite is rather complicated in execution, but always effective with a sincere belief in magic.

For the ritual in this case will need to use:

  • Five candles: red, white, green, pink and astrological;
  • Various incense and it is necessary that among them were: rose, carnation, ylang-ylang, orange, patchouli;
  • Crystals: amethyst, lapis lazuli, quartz;
  • Rose petals and basil;
  • Amber and clove oil.

All listed attributes can be purchased at the exoteric store. Having retired in a separate room, you must first light the astrological candle and burn incense.

Cooked herbs should be scattered in a row, and the crystals should be placed next to them. Also in a row you need to install colored candles in the candlesticks and set fire to them.

After the candles burn out, you should read this plot:

After the plot, you need to sit in complete silence and wait until the candles burn out. All this time you need to represent your loved one and how you will meet with him, as well as play scenes for the development of future prosperous relationships.

All remaining attributes, including candle stubs, after the ceremony should be collected and hidden away from other places.

Conspiracies of white magic have no negative consequences. But at the same time, they will be effective only with a sincere belief in the power of magic. These directional influences harmonize the world around us and do not suppress the will of other people.

That is why they can be quite easily carried out independently at home. But if you want to get a guaranteed result, it is better to turn to a professional magician.

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