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White magic, conspiracy on love, how to conspire on love with the help of white magic

Love is a beautiful and strong feeling. Without it, it is very difficult to live in the world, but it cannot be “done” alone.

The happiness of love can be known only by joining with your betrothed or betrothed. But what do people who have not been able to find their love for a very long time and have already despaired of meeting their “soul mate”?

For such people white magic offers conspiracy to love, that allow you to speed up a meeting with a betrothed He is also desperately seeking his love, but does it blindly.

Magic will show him the way to happiness and he will unconsciously but surely look for you.

White magic, conspiracy on love, how to conspire on love with the help of white magic

The best time to bewitch the one who is betrayed is the second half of June. Especially favorable June 20-22, when the summer solstice occurs. These days, the longest of the year, many other, otherworldly dormant, forces are becoming more active.

This makes it as efficient as possible. white magic and conspiracy to love especially strong. If you want to attract the boyfriend, weave a wreath of wild flowers these days and throw it into the river, saying this plot:

Usually, such rituals are dedicated to the holiday of Ivan Kupala. However, it is better to use them two or three days earlier, because, first, your plot is more difficult to find a way to the betrothed because of the noise of millions of “voices”, and secondly, white magic is more effective during the solstice.

Besides the conspiracy with the wreath, white magic has and conspiracy to love, not confined to a specific period. Such, for example, is a conspiracy with pigeons that can be used on any given day. If you have pigeons living in the yard, scatter grain for them and, while they peck at it, speak the plot quietly:

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