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Whispers for good luck: examples, as well as the rules for their reading

Whispers for good luck: features of the application and examples

There are varieties of conspiracy that can fit in one phrase and which should be used only in special cases. They are known in the common people as Word Rapid or whispers.

A distinctive feature of whispers is that their use is not tied to the phases of the moon, the days of the week, or the time of day, and it is possible to obtain an almost instant effect.

But with this, whispers take away a lot of energy from the person who utters them. Texts of whispers are drawn up in Old Russian or modern Russian. On the subject of whispers can be love, protective, specific, designed for different needs of life.

In this article we will examine in detail the whispers for good luck.

Whispers for good luck: examples, as well as the rules for their reading

Whispers for good luck and luck

The following whispers are designed to help in difficult situations, to give its owner a harmonious mood and make him more fortunate. Pay your attention to the fact that the pronunciation of various conspiracies with whispers will require you to maximize your personal energy.

Without this, they simply will not work.

Whispers uttered in the morning

  • In the morning, you must stand on your right foot, touch it to the floor and say the following saying: “I get up to meet my happiness!”
  • It is proposed and the second version of a whisper for a good start to the day. Similarly, the first version of a person must step on his right foot and utter such a whisper: “Where the right foot, there and left. Where I am, there and my luck for me. «
  • In the morning leaving your home, look at yourself in the mirror smooth surface, having spoken the following phrase: “My reflection is good luck attraction”, after which you should smile.
  • Do you pamper yourself with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning to ensure the flow of vitality? Then you should say this to the cup: “I drink strength, I drink health, I drink the energy of this day.”

Whispers pronounced in the evening

  • When you begin to wash your face or bathe, you need to say the following magic phrase: “All negative is washed off, all insults are erased, all longing is washed away.” Using this whisper you save yourself from any negative energy that has beaten you for a hard day and harmonize your emotional sphere.
  • When preparing the bed for the night, you should say: “A blanket, a sheet is my protection, and a pillow is my girlfriend, everything that I don’t tell her will surely come true.” After uttering this speech, you can fall asleep without worrying about anything — from now on, neither lack of sleep nor bad dreams will have power over you. It is also recommended in the process of falling asleep to remember their most intimate desires for their speedy implementation.
  • Before going to sleep, you should close your eyes and say the following phrase: «Let it be in a dream and reality be as I wish.»

Whispers for good luck: examples, as well as the rules for their reading

Whispers for any time of the day

  • Wanting to win the favor of Mrs. Luck, one should step over the threshold of one’s dwelling with such a saying: “The truth is that there is a force behind my threshold.”
  • Do you want to protect yourself from the attacks of an evil boss? Then say the following text: “I am on the left bank, you are on the right bank. Shout — do not shout, still do not scream. » You can resort to this whisper on the eve of a conversation with your chef if you are sure that she will become unpleasant.

Lucky whisper on thing

Surely, you have heard about things that attract good luck to their owners. Did you know that almost any of the things can acquire magical properties? And all that is needed for this is the uttering of a special whisper-hex.

The number of repetitions should be equal to twelve. The text will be as follows:

Whispers for good luck: examples, as well as the rules for their reading

Attraction of good luck in housing

If you want to lure happiness and good luck into your home, you need to take a dusty rug, a little skin from potatoes and a broom. Rinse the skin well under running water, squeeze and scatter on the carpet, and then collect with a broom.

But it is forbidden to revenge towards the entrance to the house!

Performing the specified manipulation, it is necessary to sing in chant:

Whispers for good luck: examples, as well as the rules for their reading

It is believed that the spirit of housing will coax from such a speech and will certainly prepare something pleasant for you.

Whisper for a successful acquisition

It is pronounced over the purse, in which the notes are placed 7 times: “Everything bad is forgotten, everything that is planned is bought. Let it be so! (the last phrase must be repeated three times) «

It is shown to do before each visit to the store.

Whisper for money

To secure a constant inflow of financial resources, after each monetary expenditure, become so that the face looks in the direction against the wind (if there is no wind at all, you need to turn so that the face looks west) and say such magic words that attract wealth:

“It is twisting, blowing, balamut, it will come and it will leave, carry it, return it back. Amen!»

Whisper to get rich

If you want to significantly increase the level of your income, you should stock up on the New Moon with a bucket, into which you pour quite a bit of water (the size of a coin). After that, a small amount of water is poured out on the threshold of their housing with the phrase: “Water is water, and money is a river. Amen!»

Whispers for good luck: examples, as well as the rules for their reading

Whisper for increased luck

Those who want to bring good luck into their lives need to step over the threshold of their housing with the following utterance:

“The truth is that beyond this is my power.”

Plot for good luck

Read only in a quiet voice. The time of pronunciation is earlier morning, when it is only beginning to get light.

Periodicity — once per 30 days. It is necessary to throw a pinch of salt into a glass of water and utter the following magic sentence:

Whispers for good luck: examples, as well as the rules for their reading

After reading, you should hide the glass in a secret place, but so that it is not covered with anything. It is important to control that the water is not accidentally poured or drunk by someone.

After a month, the water flows into the ground, and the ritual is repeated.

Whisper in the back for luck

There is a whisper, which must be pronounced after a person, it is a kind of amulet. It is recommended to resort to it in those situations when your relatives are in danger of some kind of danger (for example, they are forced to do risky work).

The words whisper are as follows:

“At your mercy, Lord, I hope and trust you, our Guardian, the servant of God (name). Amen».

And if they tell you something offensive, you should not boil, it is better to say this phrase:

«What do you want me, take yourself.»

Whisper working conditions

For any magic to work, it is important to adhere to certain conditions. In the case of whispers, they will be as follows:

  • pronounce the words clearly so that they can be understood correctly;
  • unconditionally believe in their power;
  • fill the whispers to the maximum with your personal strength and energy.

Only if these conditions are met, one can expect to get a good effect. It is also important in the process of reading to have exclusively positive thoughts, not to conceive anything bad, not to feel feelings of envy or hatred.

Keep a neutral mood.

Another important point in the effectiveness of whispers and conspiracies will be adherence to the principle of magical secrets. You should not devote anyone to the actions you perform, do not draw attention to your person. And when you get a positive result in any case, do not brag to them and do not tell anyone about how you have achieved the desired.

Remember our ancestors, who pronounced whispers only being alone with themselves and in a very quiet voice. And may happiness and good luck be with you always and everywhere!

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