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Whispers for all occasions — different types and techniques

Whispers for all occasions: feel like a magician

Let’s tell about simple and effective whispers for all occasions. This is an option of conspiracies that help to find happiness, restore health and beauty, gain success or achieve any other goals.

What are whispers?

Whispers is the common name for short conspiracies or affirmations. Small sentences contain positive statements that you can use in different life situations.

Whispers for all occasions - different types and techniques

Our great-grandmothers used the whispers when they wanted to enlist the help and support of the Higher Forces. They whispered «magic» words in everyday life: during cooking, harvesting, harvesting and so on.

The simplest options from the ancient collection of whispers:

  • We know that water and any other liquid is an excellent conductor of energy. Therefore, you can slander whispers in a mug of morning coffee or tea, say magic words before drinking juice or milk. For example, such a conspiracy: «I drink strength, I drink health, I drink the energy of this day»
  • Each person also interacts with water during morning and evening hygiene procedures. When taking a shower or bath, you can imagine how water washes away streams of negative energy accumulated during the day. Sentence at the same time: “I wash away the negative, erase insults, wash out the longing”

This is enough to understand the simple principle of working with whispers.

For beauty and weight loss

Every girl wants to be slim and attractive, so a whisper for weight loss and beauty is one of the most popular. They were most often used by our great-grandmothers.

Whispers for all occasions - different types and techniques

To enhance the effectiveness of the magic spell, some rituals will have to be performed:

  1. For example, if you dream of beautiful, long and healthy hair, cut a little strand from your head on the night of the growing Moon. Then throw a curl into the water. Ideally, if it is a river or stream, in extreme cases, throw it into the toilet, whispering: “Grow the spit as quickly as this water flows away”
  2. Whispers for preserving youth and female attractiveness can be read while washing. Spend with wet hands on the face, saying: «Water-water, give health and beauty, vigor and freshness, smooth out wrinkles»
  3. To prevent and eliminate wrinkles, slander on water intended for washing: “Smooth, delicate, my skin is similar to infant skin”

We should also mention the magic plots for weight loss. If you constantly repeat the whispers, but there is too much and a sedentary lifestyle, no magic spells will not work.

But to accelerate the process of losing weight pinch quite under force. Read these words on the night of the waning moon: “As the moon wanes, so do I shrink.

Fat goes, goes to the ground. «

Whispering to always be lucky

Very often a person makes a lot of efforts, but unforeseen circumstances constantly prevent him from achieving success. In this case, just need to enlist the luck.

Whispers for all occasions - different types and techniques

These rituals will help:

  • A simple whispering repetition: «My guardian angel is always there, helps me in everything, sends luck and luck»
  • Hex on water (more effective way, because water saves and multiplies the information message embedded in it): “I repeat the words loudly, I am sending luck into the water. How to drink, so luck will stick to me. Let it be so»
  • On the eve of an important event, when luck is necessary: ​​“I tried a lot, but remained without result. I want to call luck to experience success

The most interesting thing about whispers is that you can invent them yourself. Enough to turn on the imagination.

Imagine yourself a wizard who invents a new magic spell. If you put an element of your own creativity into conspiracies, they will work even faster and better.

Whispers to work

No less popular whispers — to attract good luck in trade, business and career affairs. If you want to get new customers, profitable partners, increase income and move to a more prestigious position, try to spur luck with the help of magic plots.

  • A whisper to trade can be pronounced before eating for the food you are going to eat: “As my table is abundant, the food is tasty, so the profit will be big, there are many buyers”
  • For career growth (to pronounce over a young tree): “As the tree grows taller and stronger every day, so I move up the career ladder, I gain authority and respect”
  • And just for successful work — men can use during shaving: “My face becomes smooth, and in the service everything is fine and smooth”

Watch the video with whispers and plots from Vanga:

Whispers in the back

Whispers in the back are used when it is necessary to influence another person. For example:

  • Protect from the evil eye and someone else’s negative
  • Protect yourself from gossip and wiles of detractors
  • Return husband’s love
  • Make children be more obedient
  • Accelerate the recovery of ill family members

It is better to invent such mini-conspiracies yourself using a certain algorithm:

  1. At the beginning of the phrase put your emotions (this is a prerequisite). For example: «I am happy that …», «I am glad …», «I love when ..», «I am grateful that …»
  2. Insert your desire in the middle: “my children are completely healthy,” “my husband loves me and is ready to carry on his hands,” “the gossipers have ceased to spread rumors,” “detractors have reconciled with me”

In the end, it is desirable to designate that “my desire is fulfilled for my and the common good” in order not to harm anyone and make the plot environmentally friendly from the point of view of the laws of the Higher Forces.

Example: «I am glad that only people with good intentions step on my threshold, this desire will be fulfilled for my and the common good.» Or: “I am happy that the enemies and detractors have lost the opportunity to harm me.

So be it for my and the common good. ”

The use of whispers in small daily affairs allows you to feel like a real wizard. Try and write in the comments how quickly your wishes fulfilled.

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