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Where to sleep with your head correctly: to the north, east, west or south

Heading during sleep — the influence of the sides of the world on a person’s life

Sleep is an insanely important phenomenon for the entire human body. That is how we get all the necessary vital energy, which diverges in all parts of the body, forcing them to work every day. However, many believe that only the position of the body is key in this matter, which is absolutely wrong.

It is also important to observe the position of the head relative to the cardinal points! We will tell you about it now!

Where to sleep with your head correctly: to the north, east, west or south

Head position relative to cardinal points

Many teachings around the world describe the importance of this phenomenon. Somewhere it is indicated that with the correct position of the head we receive the energy of the Universe, which later reincarnates into life and gives us the strength to work hard.

Also, some say that it allows us to receive from life all that is so necessary. There are many options, but they are united by division into 4 directions: south, north, west, east.

Experiments were carried out, according to which it was noted that people with severe fatigue, obtained during the day, purely intuitively went to the east. Similar was noted with strong anger and agitation, only the direction of the head was — north.

The southern direction of the head is most often interpreted as the path of longevity and health.. In most legends, the rulers of many countries slept that way.

It was believed that this helps them to live a long and happy life, the energy of which they will be able to give to their country and people.

Most often, a dream towards the south alternates with other parts of the world. Day after day, the side was changed to get a combination of the two effects.

Such an approach, according to practitioners, brings an unprecedented and unprecedented result, which they were not able to get anywhere else before.

North — healing, both physical and moral. It helps the body get rid of harmful toxins, viruses and emotional disorders. In difficult times, when moral pressure on you is especially great, this side of the world is most suitable for alleviating this influence.

Undoubtedly, this will greatly improve your well-being and mood, which will affect all types of activities.

Where to sleep with your head correctly: to the north, east, west or south

It is also worth mentioning the fact that many doctors put patients in this way, complementing the standard treatment with this technique. Until now, in many countries it is practiced (of course, in combination with standard procedures, and not instead of them).

The western direction of the head during sleep is the most unpleasant and terrible choice. It brings the body the appearance of vanity, envy and selfishness.

It is clear that these manifestations of the body’s emotional activity are absolutely not needed by anyone, so it would be wise to refrain from this form of sleep.

He will bring you not only what was said above. Most often, this also affects relationships with people: you will be rude and cruel that will only alienate your loved ones from you.

Do you need it?

This is justified by the energy of the setting sun. Life extinction and darkness are what will characterize you if you decide to sleep with your head to the west.

East — spirituality, consciousness and wisdom, the development of the divine principle. This method is considered the most versatile and popular.

In many currents, only he is recognized because of his relationship with the sun, which is a key figure in many religions.

East is the side of the sunrise. The day begins with it, life on Earth is reborn, flowers bloom and living organisms wake up.

Undoubtedly, this surge of vital energy can and should affect everyone. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep with your head to the east.

So, you get the opportunity in the morning to be fresh, sensible and spiritually crowded.

Where to sleep with your head correctly: to the north, east, west or south

Also, of course, it is worth noting that many families put their children head only towards the east. According to ancient legends, it is believed that the child will grow up intelligent and active, which will help him achieve unprecedented heights.

The sun will literally leave an imprint in his soul that will be with him all his life, like a guardian angel.

To an adult, this method promises a healthy sleep, a vigorous start to the day and its active holding. Bright thoughts, wise decisions and ease of recovery are uniquely guaranteed!

As a result, it is worthwhile to outline the main provisions of this article in summary. Of course, they will not convey all the versatility of the material, but they will serve as a source for a quick answer to the question “Which side of the world should the head be facing when sleeping? «.

  • South — longevity and health. Thanks to the choice of this particular direction, you can «rebuild» the body’s energy for a long life and bright thoughts. This rule was used by many authorities to make their rule as long as possible and useful to the country;
  • North is the side of healing, both physical (wounds, injuries) and moral (mental illness, stress). Many physicians used (and even now) this technique in order to add effectiveness to standard treatment. It was believed that this is how the body will quickly return to normal;
  • West — the appearance of vanity, jealousy and anger. This is the worst direction when choosing the side of the world to sleep, because it does not carry positive qualities. It is recommended to refrain from such a dream;
  • East — the emergence of the divine principle, wisdom. Eastern direction is considered the most correct when choosing the side to sleep. It will bring activity to the body and the brightness of the mind!

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