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When is a child baptized according to Orthodox traditions?

When a child is baptized according to Orthodox traditions

The rite of baptism — the most important event in a person’s life. He acquires the church name, guardian angel and patron saint.

From this moment on, the baptized receive God’s grace and protection of the church. In the article I will tell you when a child is baptized, on what days and according to what rules. You will learn what the sacrament of baptism means, how to choose godparents and how to prepare for this procedure.

We will also consider some questions about the choice of the baptismal name and the responsibilities of godparents.

When is a child baptized according to Orthodox traditions?

Sacrament of baptism

Baptism is a sacrament, during which the soul of a person is received in the bosom of the church. From this moment a person enters the path of serving the Lord, becomes a Christian.

The soul finds eternal salvation, therefore baptism is called spiritual or second birth.

After the rite of baptism, God’s grace is enveloped.

Parents should know that baptism is not just some kind of rite in the church that everyone should do. This is not a folk tradition and not a commitment to grandparents who insist on baptism.

This is a completely voluntary act that needs to be taken with all responsibility, and not a tribute to fashion and rules.

When is a child baptized according to Orthodox traditions?

Church traditions

Priests teach that a person can be baptized any day of the year. It is not necessary to time baptism on any church holiday or memorial day.

The Lord accepts all at any time. However, the day of baptism can be transferred because the priests are busy, for example, on your chosen day, another sacrament ceremony is held.

What to do in this case? You can order the sacrament of baptism in several churches and choose the most suitable day for you.

This will solve all the issues with the organization of a home holiday.

According to the established Orthodox traditions, babies are baptized either on the eighth or on the fortieth day after birth.

After baptism, the baby acquires the guardian angel, who vigilantly protects him from the vicissitudes of life. There are cases when the crumb must be baptized immediately, without waiting for the fortieth day.

This may be due to the poor health of the newborn, the threat to his life.

The guardian angel becomes stronger with each prayer appeal to him.

Also, the baby has another patron — a saint who is honored on the day of his baptism. Usually, the baby is given a baptismal name in honor of this saint. The day of baptism is called the day of the angel and the birthday, if the baby was given a name in honor of the saint who is honored on this day.

The church name can not be reported to everyone, a narrow circle of close people should know about it.

Baptism is an important event in the life of the infant and its parents. In the old days, the baby was not even shown to outsiders before the baptismal rite. It is believed that after finding the guardian angel and patron saint, the child becomes protected in this world.

After baptism for a baby, you can put candles on the candle and read prayers, and a baptized baby can take part in the sacrament.

When is a child baptized according to Orthodox traditions?

Rules for godparents

The choice of godparents must be conscious. First, they must be churched. Secondly, to lead a pious life according to church canons.

This is very important, as spiritual parents must set an example to their godson.

Parents of a baptized infant may not be churched; this is not an obstacle to the baptism of a baby.

Becoming a godparent is a great responsibility every Christian should know about. Baptism is not just a church and home holiday, but a Sacrament. In the spiritual world, a special event occurs when a new soul is reborn to eternal life.

Angels sing a joyful song and bless the newly baptized.

The Godfather must prepare in advance for this event and take an active part in organizing the ceremony. In order to be aware of everything, the follower (godfather) must visit the church in which the ceremony is planned, and learn about his duties from the priest.

The cross for the baby should be chosen with rounded ends, so that it does not hurt.

According to the Orthodox tradition, the godfather gives his godson a cross and pays the church expenses for the celebration of the sacrament. Also, godparents give their ward a silver spoon and an icon.

It can be both a dimensional icon and the icon of the patron saint. But you can give any icon to choose from:

  • girls are given an icon of the Mother of God;
  • boys are presented with the icon of the Almighty.

Godmother gets for the rite of towels, baptismal shirts or a dress and a sheet. Also, the mother buys the kryzhma, which can later save the baby from diseases — the child is wrapped in it for speedy healing.

Kryzhmu must be protected from prying eyes, because the witches can impose damage on her.

For the baptism of a girl, you must purchase a bonnet so that the head is covered. For boys, a cap is not needed.

Do godparents need to fast, confess, and receive communion before the rite? Strict requirements for godparents do not exist, however, a believing Christian will not fail to perform these actions.

Answers on questions

Why is the baby immersed in water at baptism? Water symbolizes a new life, washes away sins and cleans the soul.

When is the best time to baptize a child? The optimal age for the Sacrament is three months.

The baby will be able to calmly go through the procedure and will behave in an appropriate manner. But it is possible to conduct the ceremony at six months, and even older.

What days can you baptize a child? It can be any day when priests conduct ceremonies in the church.

Agree on the day of the ceremony should be in advance.

Do I have to hold the sacrament in the church? You can order the service in the house, if the baby is weak or sick.

Can the baptismal name correspond to the worldly? This is allowed if the baby has been given an orthodox name after birth.

Remember that the baptismal name can no longer be replaced.

Can there be one godfather to the baby or need two parents? Godfather may be one, but then must match the floor of his godchild.

Who should pay for the rite of baptism? This can be done by the parents of the baby, this fact does not really matter.

Is it possible to refuse an offer to become a godparent? This is considered a great sin, so you can not refuse.

Could there be godparents close relatives? Yes it is allowed.

That is, you can choose a godmother and aunt, cousin or sister.

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