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What you can eat in the post: a list of basic products

What you can eat in the post: a list of basic products

Having voluntarily given up food and not taking part in entertainment, a person fasts. Usually, such a decision is made by Christians, knowing that you can eat in fasting and adhering to the correct diet, you can even maintain vigor and strength for work and a full life without food that is needed.

What you can eat in the post: a list of basic products

What is the essence of fasting

Some novice Orthodox sometimes make the mistake of thinking that fasting means refusing to eat. Not at all. To begin with, you should avoid all sorts of activities where a person just having fun, doing nothing:

  • no holiday festivities;
  • do not watch entertainment;
  • avoid all sorts of negative actions and misconduct;
  • not making love;
  • do not swear;
  • Do not discuss anyone and do not gossip.

Only after that you need to eat in the post specified food, abandoning the meager.

What to eat during the post — a list of basic products

Anyone who wanted to be fasting does not interfere with getting acquainted with the list of the most popular products allowed for consumption.

You can eat in the post the following:

  • Almost all types of cereals: from semolina to pearl barley.
  • All possible vegetables.
  • Dishes from fruits and berries in any form (raw, fried, baked, boiled, canned).
  • Nuts that are in stock.
  • Any mushrooms.
  • Spices from plants and vegetables (ground and whole pepper, herbs, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, etc.).
  • Honey and other bee products.

It is necessary to eat during the period of fasting, because no one forces you to pass a strict survival test. This is just a certain test for the believer.

In order for the body to work properly even these days, it will need protein. What could be the sources if food of animal origin is prohibited?

It’s simple. The magic wand will be the vegetable protein.

In the diet include peas, beans and other legumes available. They will help to fast delicious.

It is not difficult to cook a pleasant vegetable soup, some cereals, chickpeas and fill it with your favorite spices. However, even such a dish should be eaten in moderation, using it only to satisfy hunger.

When is it allowed to eat fish while fasting?

What you can eat in the post: a list of basic products

This product is in some cases prohibited. This applies to days in strict post.

To avoid mistakes, you need to know how to use it properly.

The inclusion of fish products in the lean diet is not forbidden, if there is a coincidence of the post itself with a big church holiday. Usually this

  • The Annunciation
  • Lazarev saturday
  • Sunday before Easter
  • Transfiguration

On the days of Advent, the fish is allowed on the dinner table on Saturday and Sunday. On the same days of the week you can eat it in Petrov fasting, plus on Thursday and Tuesday.

If the health is too weak, it is better to eat fish all the days, having previously discussed it with the priest.

Meals on different days of the week

There are some rules that dictate food intake on different days in different ways. In some cases, do not eat at all.

Sometimes a relaxation is possible.

The strictest post falls on three odd days:

If there is strength, it is better to give up food or eat raw foods without adding any vegetable oil.

The main thing that will consist of a meal:

  • bread, better than rye;
  • jelly or fruit drinks, without sweet additives;
  • fruits vegetables.

Days allowing boiled or fried food without vegetable oils are Thursday and Tuesday.

On weekends, you can indulge yourself with a soup cooked using sunflower oil or any other vegetable oil. Fish is not forbidden.

What you can eat in the post: a list of basic products

Some rules for eating in Lent

For. in order to comply with the strictest fasting, first of all you need to calculate your strength A large role is played by the health of the person who is going to withstand it.

Sometimes moms who breastfeed babies are allowed a small amount of meat products. The same applies to those suffering from serious diseases.

What is refused in the days of Lent?

  • seafood;
  • meat;
  • any fish;
  • milt and all that is produced from it
  • egg;
  • any pastry with additives from the above;
  • sauces, mayonnaise of any kind, if they contain milk or eggs, egg powder;
  • alcohol.

An important rule: do not eat food on Fridays and on the first day. The first and final week is the most difficult. They drink only water, eat fruits and vegetables.

At other times, honey is allowed, in some cases fish dishes with vegetable oil.

Is it possible sweets?

Sometimes the question arises, is it allowed to drink tea with sweets or chocolate? Yes.

If bitter, without milk and in small quantities. It is not forbidden to eat kozinaki, dried berries, marmalade.

More strict orthodox, especially monastic, against the use of honey. However, the clergy do not prohibit.

According to their advice, to have a good source of vitamins, it is better to eat lime honey or buckwheat.

Approximate one-day menu

Those who have decided to endure fasting can recommend a proven eating pattern:

  • In the morning breakfast porridge (250 g) of any cereal, boiled in water and a piece of bread, preferably black.
  • You can dine with a light salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, salted and sprinkled with lemon juice.
  • Mid-morning fruit, berry compote.
  • Dinner is recommended stew from a combination of potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

By abstaining physically and spiritually, a person becomes closer to the Creator.

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