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What values ​​characterize the tender and comely lily

Gentle and stately lily: how important is this flower

Flowers are the undoubted decoration of our world, which delight the eyes, and also fill with positive emotions. In addition, each flower has its own special meaning.

In this article we will reveal to you the meaning of the flower lily.

What values ​​characterize the tender and comely lily

Noble plant that managed to conquer humanity

The name “lily” acquired a flower due to its dazzling white flowers (which, in translation from Old Gol, means “li-li”, that is, “white-white”). Under natural conditions, flowers have a slightly pinkish or even yellowish shade. This royal plant has a rich history, because the first sources about lily tell these sources:

  • myths of the ancient Greeks, in which she is patronized by the gods Zeus with Hera and Aphrodite;
  • the coats of arms of the rulers of France (their lily symbolized the ruling dynasty);
  • medieval painting, in particular, images of famous ladies;
  • religious creations — saints usually hold a lily flower in their hands.

Since times of distant antiquity, the lily flower has been personified with innocence and intactness. It is for this reason that her image can be seen in the hands of the Holy Virgin Mary or the Archangel Gabriel.

According to one beautiful German belief, an elf living in this plant appears in the light of a snow-white lily. In the daytime he sleeps peacefully in a flower cup, and at night he swings it, so the lily at night sounds very nice and gently ringing.

Another of the symbolic characteristics of lily flowers is grandeur with glory. Therefore, it becomes clear that earlier it was the lily that was used as the main decorative element of the palaces.

The ancient Romans associated lily with material luxury, wealth, success, therefore with its help rich people decorated not only their dwelling, but also clothes, as well as chariots.

Lily in plant language

The most popular meaning of the lily flower is majesty with glory. Thanks to this, you can present lily flowers as a present to those personalities that you admire.

Often, fans try to give their artists bouquets consisting of white lilies, the significance of which is not difficult to guess. They will reveal the depth and sincere feelings of the giver better than any other plant.

They are also associated with greatness.

But do not forget that the symbolic meaning of the lily flower will vary based on the variety of lily, its color, and more — the amount.

What do different varieties of lilies and their number

  1. For example, the Asian hybrid is the most common version of the flower. She tells about the worship of the giver to the donee. Therefore, if a man gives a girl such flowers, it means that he is trying to demonstrate his complete affection to his beloved woman.
  2. Lily of white color Candidum — tells about respect. It is ideal as a gift for people in the age — teachers, colleagues, friends and so on.
  3. Lily Apollo in the language of flowers is associated with harmony. When a husband presents such a flower to his lady, it means that he wants to show that family relationships are in the first place on the list of life values.
  4. Lily American hybrid — can be the perfect gift for a girl that a man is trying to seduce. By value, such a lily is associated with frivolity.

What values ​​characterize the tender and comely lily

Also, the value depends not only on the variety of the flower, but also on its quantity. Traditionally it is believed that an even amount of flowers can be given only to the dead, therefore, take this long tradition very seriously and responsibly.

Although lily was never associated with death, during solemn events it is better to present flowers in an odd number.

What do the different colors of lilies mean

Studying the language of flowers it should be noted that the various shades of the plant are distinguished by absolutely polar values. What color lily can be found in nature and what will it mean?

  • Pink — tells about the romantic feelings that are tested to the one who is endowed with a bouquet.
  • Red — will tell about the passion and deep feelings, the desire to fully master your partner.
  • Yellow — prove that you feel calm next to the person that you present lilies.
  • Purple — talk about love.
  • Blue — they talk about serious intentions.
  • Orange — associated with tenderness, which is transmitted through such a flower arrangement.

Interesting about lily flowers

Enchanting with its attractiveness, the lily has a rich history. Few people know that this magnificent plant used to decorate portraits of famous girls from the pores of the Middle Ages.

Ancient Greek myths associated lilies with Hera, Zeus and Aphrodite. Their beauty was very much appreciated by the gods and these flowers were allowed to be given exclusively to high-ranking officials.

A lily flower will look equally good in the form of a bouquet, and standing in a pot on the window. Lilies are real guardians of family happiness, they will delight your eye every day and fill your home with a festive atmosphere.

Composition of lilies

Lily, along with other flowers, is often presented to girls as a gift. Based on the characteristics of the flower presented as a gift, the encrypted message you received will vary.

  • The “traditional” version of the bride’s bouquet consists of lily flowers, because their snow-white hue is associated with purity, integrity, nobility, grandeur. White lilies are allowed to give only to those people to whom you feel a sense of love.
  • Presented lilies of yellow color, most likely, will be an attempt of a man to draw attention to his person, because they will focus on his originality.
  • Particular caution are red lilies. They symbolically correlate with wealth, pride, and in some cases — with contempt and hatred. The composition of lilies of red color, more likely, is intended to alarm, than to please.
  • Orange lilies are a symbol of a man’s interest in a girl, and also the desire to find out whether she likes him. They are a kind of dumb question: «Is your heart now occupied?»
  • Tiger lily is associated with abundance and prosperity. The composition of tiger lilies will tell about the arrogance of the donator, as well as about the contentment of themselves and their success.

What values ​​characterize the tender and comely lily

According to an ancient legend on the night before the crucifixion, when Jesus Christ was walking in the Garden of Gethsemane, all the flowers expressed his compassion to him and drove in a sign of sadness. And only a lily flower was so proud at the expense of its beauty that it did not bow its head to the Savior.

But shameful, the petals of the lily became red.

Lily and man

A lily flower can be bought at a flower shop, or it can be grown in your garden or planted on a windowsill.

You can purchase paintings depicting this elegant plant, use clothing with floral prints or embroidery.

Even more popular are the decorations in the form of lily flowers or its buds. Also, as an option, you can permanently capture the image of a lily flower on your body with a tattoo.

Then the flower will protect you and will be able to please not just a unique aroma, but fill it with a powerful charge of energy.

Here she is such a beautiful and mysterious lily. You can get even more interesting information about this plant from the following video material:

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