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What value is inherent in a tattoo with a lion in girls and guys

The value possessed by the tattoo lion

The world of tattoos is mysterious and fascinating. People from ancient times decorated their bodies with various tricks, wanting to protect themselves from danger and to give themselves new personality traits.

I have long and deeply studied the topic of tattoos and in this article I want to talk in detail about the meaning of the magnificent and beautiful tattoo Leo.

What value is inherent in a tattoo with a lion in girls and guys

The history of the tattoo Leo

The lion is not a new modern version of the tattoo in the art of tattooing, because this symbol was known and revered thousands of years ago. The ancient Greek mythology associated the lion with Hercules, who wore a lion’s skin like a cloak, which was a symbol of the transfer of the power of this animal to the famous demigod.

In the mythology of ancient Rome, the goddess Juno moved in a chariot drawn by lions. And in times of famous gladiator battles, lions turned into a particularly popular image.

For many African nations, the lion’s essence was perceived as a power that can be used for constructive and destructive purposes. For this reason, for example, in ancient Egypt, the goddess of peace of the dead was depicted as a lioness with a snake’s head.

Also, the Egyptians in almost all cases, statues of lions were placed parallel to each other, indicating a connection with the dark and light forces. And the Lions, one opposite to the other, were supposed to stand guard over the balance of universal energies.

In the culture of the ancient Celts, images with lions were endowed with respect and sacred value. The drawing was always combined with elements of an intricate ornament, it was filled with the energy of young and strong members of the tribe, and the wisdom of the elders was also invested in it.

Speaking about religious beliefs, it should be noted that among Buddhists the lion always associates with itself the wisdom, justice and balance of the Buddha. And for Christians, he caused impersonation with the Apostle Mark.

In addition, in the Bible, the lion is also compared to Jesus himself.

Symbolism tattoos with Leo

Ever since antiquity, the tattoo with a lion was intended to symbolize its strength, majestic energy with the power with which it was supposed to fill its owner. As a rule, this stately animal was chosen by hunters and warriors.

Representing the personification of wisdom and humility, a lion tattoo inspired respect among people. Tattoo lion and today is very popular. As a rule, it is dominated by overbearing men, who are trying once again to focus on their power, as well as invincible strength and will.

Astrologers also mention the greatness of this animal, because the patron of Lviv is the daylight itself.

Patching with Leo is classified as iconic. Therefore, choosing it, you just can not go wrong.

The lion is a symbol of solar power, which means that the value of this tattoo is associated with power, victory, masculinity, power and nobility. There is a perception that the owner of the tattoos will be able to show these qualities, and the tattoo will protect him.

There are various interesting versions for tattooed tattoo lion. You can choose the one you need from the catalog offered by the master or find an acceptable version on the Internet.

You can depict a majestic beast on your body in all its beauty with a gorgeous mane that develops in the wind. Another popular version of the image — the king of beasts, which reclines on a hill.

At what place to depict the tattoo with Leo

A lion pouch can be applied to almost any part of the body. In this case, there are no special recommendations.

Therefore, we advise you to stay on the part of the body that can maximize the value of the tattoo.

So, the representatives of the stronger sex generally put a tattoo on their back in a rather large size, so that the loins and shoulder blades with forearms are involved. This makes it possible to demonstrate the lion in all its greatness.

Also, the ankle area is no less popular with men for tattooing.

Women often want to put a tattoo with a lion on the shoulder blade. It is in this zone that the master will be able to realize all the dreams of the ladies to the maximum.

Also in demand are tattoos on the collarbone or wrist area.

The beast will look very stylish and tiny. To give yourself more confidence, fragile girls often want to decorate their backs with the image of a lion.

The predator, made in the palette of flickering and coal tones, looks especially bright and impressive when the emphasis is on the power and dexterity of this living creature.

Sexual drawings are considered the king of animals, inflicted on the ribs under the chest — they are designed to save the girl from unwanted love encroachment.

Speaking about the fantasy of girls and women, it should be noted that she simply knows no bounds. Recently, the drawing of a lion, which is applied to the index finger, has become popular. Of course, the master will have to work hard on such an image.

However, all efforts will be justified, because such a tattoo will become not just an ornament, but a real business card of an ardent temptress.

What value is inherent in a tattoo with a lion in girls and guys

The Importance of Leo Tattoos for Girls

  • Tattoo with a lion, depicted on the female body, is intended to focus on the strength and grace of this beast. Girls dream to have the same qualities.
  • Patch on the neck — will focus on the vulnerability of the young lady and her tenderness.
  • The animal sitting behind the ear is more suitable for young women, focusing on their playfulness. Ideal to complement your image with long earrings, made in ethnic style.
  • It is extremely rare for girls to want to see on their bodies a grinning lioness with a malicious look. But if they already stop at this figure, then it will symbolize the power of the ladies. And also tells that she always defends her point of view.
  • Often, girls combine tattoos with a lion with other animals. If the second animal is calm, it means that you lack inner harmony with the world and other people. A strong beast tells about the fact that a woman readily defends her ideas.

At the same time, on whatever area of ​​the body such a tattoo was applied, it will be personified in all cases with wisdom. This is the basic quality that is inherent in the representatives of this zodiac sign.

The value of tattoos for men

The tattoo of a lion, made on the male body, will focus on its special meaning. She will not just symbolize courage and fortitude, but will be able to tell about the inflexible strength of spirit, as well as the strong willed character and wisdom of a man. Moreover, each image is given properties typical only for it:

  • During the time of the royal dynasties, a strict, serious lion was chosen, which emphasized his position in society.
  • Colorfully depicted beast — will focus on male strength and moral stability.
  • The animal, depicted in a calm, proud manner, symbolizes wisdom and will. It is as if he wants to say that you can defend yourself without demonstrating the lion’s canine teeth.
  • A lion of red, golden or coal shade, having a royal paraphernalia, looks best on the chest and shoulders. He is designed to focus on the authority of a person, the steadfastness of his spirit.
  • The drawing of an attacker or a skulting beast is chosen by very strong moral personalities. The characteristic of such an image will tell that such a representative of the stronger sex tends to avoid unacceptable for themselves communication and society. And thanks to the pressure and emotionality of the animal, especially stubborn individuals can be prevented. As a rule, the areas of the wrist or of the male shoulders are decorated with similar tattoos.

What value is inherent in a tattoo with a lion in girls and guys

The same persons who are in prison are also picking up tricks with this predator. As a rule, they depict the head of a lion, having a predatory grin.

The characteristic of such a tattoo is deciphered very simply: it is intended to say that a person from childhood is pursued by misfortunes and misfortunes.

This value has a tattoo with a lion. Finally, we advise you to watch a fascinating themed video material:

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