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What to give to your boyfriend for the New Year

Interesting ideas — what to give your boyfriend for the New 2019 year

On the eve of the New Year, the issue of gifts becomes more relevant than ever. And we, of course, do not want to be trite, but we dream of presenting something as a gift that can not only please, but also remain in memory for a long time.

This is especially true of a loved one. Still no idea what to give a guy for the New Year?

Then you need to urgently read this article.

What to give to your boyfriend for the New Year

How to please your loved one?

Although the New Year is traditionally a family celebration, but the presents are presented not only to family members, but also to all people dear to our hearts. Of course, the beloved person in the list of donee is far from the last place.

For many girls, the head starts spinning when they are trying to figure out what to give their boyfriend for the New Year?

No one argues with the fact that it is much easier to make a surprise to a girlfriend, since girls are mainly presented with gifts of cosmetics, perfumes or various interesting knick-knacks. It is more difficult to find a gift for a man — the mission is an order of magnitude more difficult, because you want to do without the banality of buying razors or foot creams, and all the girls dream of being original in this matter.

Are you going to pick up a present for your boyfriend for the New Year? First of all, think about what place in your life is given to this young man. Will you wear a wedding dress soon?

Then the gift can be made more personal. Thanks to close communication with your chosen one, you must be well aware of his preferences and will be able to please him without much effort.

Your relationship is still at the initial stage? Then stop your choice on a neutral gift — too exquisite or personal gifts can be considered excessive obsession.

Varieties of Gifts

Now let’s analyze in detail all kinds of suitable gifts for your loved one.

Classic Presents

Classic these gifts are magnified due to the fact that they are acceptable and are likely to appeal to the bulk of men.

What kinds of classic gifts can you think of?

  • Stylish tie haute couture. Of course, such a gift can not be called the most unusual, but it will be useful. An exception is the case if your chosen one is dressed in a sporty or free style and in his wardrobe suits are absent in principle.
  • A bottle of elite alcohol. Such a gift is also not too personal and will be a wonderful decision if you and a young man know each other quite a bit of time.
  • Perfume The smell of good men’s perfume simply can not leave indifferent any girl. So why not please your loved one by presenting him with a perfume composition? The main thing is that you guess with the scent and he will be liked by the donee.
  • Accessory in the car. Does your boyfriend drive? Then he will surely like a stylish souvenir purchased at an auto shop. You can give him an original keychain, a holder for the phone, a cape for the driver’s seat, and so on. The seller will help you with the choice.

What to give to your boyfriend for the New Year

Gifts for hobbies

Do you want to make it nice to your boyfriend, but so that later he can use your gift for a long time? Then look at the things that will be useful to him in his hobby.

  1. For example, athletes You can present a comfortable bag for training clothes.
  2. Your favorite does the workout yourself at home? Get him something from sports equipment — a set of dumbbells, a home horizontal bar or a punching bag.
  3. The guy is not so much involved in sports, how much love to watch sports competitions? Then he will surely be delighted with a gift in the form of a folding seat or a special helmet of a fan with holders, which allows you to place canned drinks with convenience.
  4. And, perhaps, your loved one has not yet discovered sporting talents., but you really don’t mind telling him to do it? Present him a subscription to the gym or swimming pool. If you wish, you can buy two subscriptions at once for joint attendance of classes.
  5. The same young men who are prone to active pastime in nature (those who love fishing or participating in hiking, mountain climbing, and so on) will be pleased with objects that add more comfort to their rest. Therefore, girls can think about buying a convenient folding chair, a metal unbreakable thermos or a backpack, in which there is a solar battery that will allow you to charge your cell phone — and then your chosen one can always answer your call, wherever it is.
  6. It is no secret that many modern representatives of the stronger sex like to just sit at the computer, playing games or watching various videos.

If this is all about your faithful, then you can present him with a very useful gadget for the New Year. And now we are not talking about a new laptop or tablet — after all, these are quite expensive gifts that girls don’t have to do.

But here you can buy, for example, stand with a cooling effect under the laptop, heater for cups, a set for cleaning the monitor and keyboard, and so on.

What to give to your boyfriend for the New Year

Also, in many shops with computer equipment, if desired, a variety of useful things are found that perform several functions at once. For example, a rather interesting gift variant is the purchase of a small-sized interactive aquarium that combines the functions of a stand for office items and watches.

  1. If your darling is the soul of the company, If you like spending evenings surrounded by friends, buy him a karaoke microphone or a disco ball. In addition, a good presentation option is a board game that will add variety to any company.
  2. It may happen that fascination with a guy is a real «dense forest» for his girlfriend. It is unlikely that a non-specialist will succeed, for example, in acquiring a worthwhile gift for a tattoo guy, or a professional photographer, or a musician, and so on.

In this case, the surest decision if you decide to please your loved one is in his hobby — consult with him about what he would like the most. Of course, then the surprise will not work, but you will give a person what he really needs, and do not buy a thing that will gather dust in a cupboard on a shelf for years.

Romantic Presents

If you have strong feelings for a person, then you have a desire to make for him a special gift and it is true. And a romantic gift can be either material or not.

Do you want your favorite guy to enjoy your surprise for a long time? Then you should look at such original gifts for your beloved:

  • pair of T-shirts with funny inscriptions;
  • interesting mittens for lovers;
  • pair of key chains or jewelry (bracelets, pendants and so on);
  • paired personal gowns (such a gift will not only be beautiful and sweet, but also very practical).

Also, a girl can present a photo frame with an interesting engraving to her faithful for the New Year, in which their joint photo is framed. If you want to show even more originality — then use not just a photo, but, for example, stylize your photo for your phone.

Of course, you can always think of a variant of an intangible, but memorable present. For example, as such a successful performance performed by his beloved erotic dance. Be creative — the benefit of the modern range of online stores is replete with various interesting things, another popular gift option — the Kama Sutra, but not traditional, but made on a chocolate bar.

Such a gift will certainly be appreciated.

What to give to your boyfriend for the New Year

Presents a practical plan

Is your young man different economical and practical? Buy him for the holiday something from the ordinary, but necessary things to him.

As the last fit and parts of clothing (pullover, shirt) and some everyday items (electric kettle, toaster).

Please note that such gifts will be perceived correctly only if you meet enough time and are sure that your loved one is not against such a gift.

Cool Gifts

When your faithful has an excellent sense of humor — a cool gift option will suit you.

For example, you can invite Santa Claus to your home by ordering a greeting from him. Let the magic grandfather give your beloved a task, as in childhood, to tell some poem, and then give him a present.

As one more unusual variant of an intangible gift, you can call the order of congratulations by phone from celebrities. This will definitely remain in memory for a very long time.

And you can stop at more practical things, but with an unusual performance — an original alarm clock, which you can throw on the wall or a memory card with an unusual design. Include fantasy and invent interesting options for the gifts, based on the preferences of your betrothed.

Emotions as a gift

Want to bring diversity and creativity into your life? Then opt for an unforgettable adventure.

Here you also need to think first about the tastes of your boyfriend in order to choose the most suitable option for him.

Well, for example, if a young man is just crazy about the thrill, then as a present, present him with a certificate that allows you to participate in a buggy race, or play airsoft or go on an original motorcycle safari.

And if your martyr loves to learn new things, stop at a gift in the form of a certificate for attending interesting master classes (fencing lessons, horse riding or even dancing classes — here everything depends on his tastes).

Another memorable gift — buying tickets for some interesting event. So you can invite your beloved to the concert of his beloved performer or to attend a performance or exhibition. It is important that in the process of choosing an event, you no longer take into account your own preferences, but be guided by your boyfriend’s interests.

After all, if he is interested in football, it is unlikely that he will be delighted to see tickets to the conservatory.

What to give to your boyfriend for the New Year

Just a delightful gift — a joint trip somewhere. Of course, you should decide on it only if you have the appropriate financial capacity.

And if there are no problems with this and you have been in a relationship for a long time, then this is a great reason to please your loved one in this way.

Pay your attention to the fact that buying a certificate of an entertainment or training plan, stop at the option that can be activated for several months. As it sometimes happens that in the near future the recipient will not be able to use his gift.

And the availability of extra time will be a great bonus.

Presents made with their own pens

In case you have the ability to do needlework, then it is quite possible to present as a present a hand-made product. Good and beautiful knit?

Just super, then stop on knitted things or cozy accessories, besides, in the winter season, such gifts simply will not be the price.

Traditional types of needlework is not about you, but do you draw well? Take advantage of this, purchase a cup or a plate or a glass of white and paint it with special dyes.

At worst, special stencils were invented for those who couldn’t draw, allowing them to “create” a picture according to ready-made outlines.

Conclusions on the topic:

  • In fact, there are countless variations of the gifts to his beloved boyfriend for the New Year. The main thing is to show imagination and take into account the taste preferences of a person so that the gift is not subsequently covered with dust on the furthest shelf in the closet.
  • You can choose a gift by category — choosing from classic, gifts for hobbies, romantic gifts, practical gifts, ending with the emotions presented as a gift, as well as cool little things and gifts made by his own.
  • If you don’t know what to give at all, ask the guy better than present something that you don’t need and will only be in the closet.

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