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What to give a girl for the New Year

What to give a girl for the New Year — gift ideas

Many friends consult me ​​about giving a girl for the New Year. It is unlikely to answer this question.

After all, you need to know what she likes, what she would like to receive as a gift. In this article, I will share universal tips, and you choose.

Gift Ideas for New Year

Before you go to the store, answer a few questions. This will help you find the perfect gift that will cause the girl only positive emotions and sincere joy.

What to give a girl for the New Year

  • How much are you willing to spend on a gift?
  • What girl hobbies, hobbies, interests?
  • Remember, maybe once she mentioned that she wants to receive?
  • Ask her to make a wish-list of desirable gifts and choose from it the option that you can afford.
  • Ask if she prefers to receive money or certificates as a gift, or is she waiting for a surprise?
  • What does she get more pleasure from?
  • What dreams?
  • Who do you have it?

And now — ideas. Choose from the list what is right for you:

  1. Intellectual gifts. Everything connected with self-development or education. Online or offline courses, trainings, seminars, books, certificates in bookstores, master classes with masters who teach her hobbies. It can also be refresher courses.
  2. Beauty products. It can be certificates in the shops of cosmetics and perfumery, payment of spa, manicure, hairdresser, pedicure, shugaring. Certificates in beauty salons. Perfume, cosmetics, bath and «bath» accessories. It is better to ask in advance what exactly she needs.
  3. Culinary. You can cook dinner especially for her, give certificates to restaurants, a master class in the cooking studio, all kinds of kitchen utensils. Unless, of course, she really enjoys it and gets great pleasure from cooking and tasting food.
  4. Clothing. Winter clothes — fur coat, boots, ski suit. Certificates in lingerie stores. Hats, scarves, pajamas, cozy slippers or even nice warm socks. It all depends on your budget and the relationship you have with this girl.
  5. Souvenirs. This option is suitable for a gift to a colleague, a friend, but you should not give souvenirs to your beloved girlfriend. It is unlikely that she will be pleased with such a trifle.
  6. Electronics and gadgets. The new iPhone, if the budget allows, is almost a win-win. Here too — phones, laptops, headphones, smart watches, fitness bracelets and much more. It is better to ask in advance what a girl would like to receive as a gift.
  7. Jewelry or certificates to jewelry stores. Why not combine the New Year with the engagement? If you are ready for a serious step, buy a ring and make a favorite offer. Memories will be invaluable.
  8. Romantic travel. Also we select for your budget — from Paris to renting a country house this coming weekend. After the New Year just come a long weekend, why not spend them together in a romantic atmosphere.
  9. Unusual emotional gifts that will be remembered for a long time. This could be a visit to the horror quest room, flying in an aerotube, parachuting, flying in a balloon, and so on.

Win-win gift options

And now I will tell about those gift options that will appeal to almost any girl. They do not fit one hundred percent of people, but ninety — just fit.

What to give a girl for the New Year

What can be given so as not to be mistaken:

  • Certificates in chain stores of cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Certificates in lingerie stores.
  • Certificates in spas and beauty salons, massage.
  • Certificates in the girl’s favorite clothing stores.
  • Certificates in jewelry stores.
  • Jewelry.
  • Travels.
  • Favorite perfume.
  • Gadgets.
  • Car. Well, of course, if the budget allows, and you want to give your girlfriend such an expensive gift.

Creative Gift Options

And now ideas for creative and non-standard-minded:

  • Issue or do-it-yourself magazine about the girl. Design ideas can be found online or search for companies that provide such services.
  • Certificate for registration of a star «from the sky» under her name. You also need to search the network where you can buy this.
  • A disc with a recorded song or video dedicated to the girl.
  • Named site.
  • Organize a quest with mini-tasks, at the end of which is waiting for a gift.

Watch the video on:

How to ask for the right gift

And if you are a girl, and want to receive only necessary and useful gifts in the New Year? It’s very simple — ask directly. If this approach you do not like. try the following methods:

  1. Make a list of desired gifts and post it on your social network page. Friends, colleagues, parents and your beloved men can use the lists and choose what they have enough money for. Important: include in the list of gifts with different cost, from pleasant things to expensive gadgets.
  2. Ask. Do not want straight? Then at least hint. For example, a man can send a link to the vending ring, and say that this is what you dream. Mom say — listen, I don’t have enough of such a frying pan here for the house, can Santa Claus bring it?
  3. Write a wish list and “forget” to remove it, leaving it on the desk. Your man can see and read it, and at the same time fulfill some dream from the list.

What to give a girl for the New Year

  • When choosing a gift be sure to consider the personal preferences of the girl.
  • To begin with, try to ask directly what gift is it waiting for?
  • Ask for a wish list, and select something from it.
  • If you are not sure of the choice, give something from a win-win option.

And what would you like to receive in the New Year as a gift?

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