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What to do with birch branches after the Trinity

What to do with birch branches after the Trinity — throw it away or keep it

Any person who observes religious traditions should know what to do with birch branches after the Trinity. Let’s try to understand this issue together.

Why do you need a birch at the Trinity?

The tradition to decorate temples, churches and houses with birch branches at the Trinity has been formed for a very long time. Let’s understand why it appeared, and where the origins of this phenomenon come from.

What to do with birch branches after the Trinity

The reasons, which are written in open sources, two — symbolic and historical.

From a historical point of view, birch branches symbolize the Mamvru oakwood. There was an oak in it where God appeared to Abraham. Not himself, but in the form of three angels.

This fact is captured on icons that you can see in churches or even buy for yourself in church shops.

Also in the Old Testament Pentecost there was a holiday. The celebration recalled the day that came after the coming of the Jews from Egypt.

And it was at that time period that Moses received from God a list of the ten sacred commandments that people use to this day.

Spring stood at that time, everything bloomed, and perhaps that is why there was a custom to decorate everything around with green branches of birch trees to emphasize the importance of a long past moment.

Which is symbolic

  1. During his life on earth, Jesus, the son of God, promised that after he left the earthly world, the Lord would send the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, to the people. Forty days after Easter, Jesus went to heaven, and ten months later, the Holy Spirit revealed his face in one of the Jerusalem houses.
  2. This event is very symbolic — it means the beginning of an auspicious time, when God himself, in the form of the holy spirit, is constantly present on earth, filling people and the world with love, gratitude, and hope for salvation and atonement for sins. His invisible presence greatly strengthens the power of prayers and the response to them. It is a symbol of powerful faith, real miracles and all kinds of divine blessings.
  3. During this period, even the most desperate sinner, upon the condition of his sincere repentance, will receive the forgiveness of God and can atone for all his sins. There will be a rebirth, a transition from a former life to a happier, more righteous, successful one. And absolutely everyone who sincerely repentant can receive such a gift of fate.

And now we will understand, that personifies the image of birch branches in the Trinity.

What to do with birch branches after the Trinity

The meanings of this symbol are as follows:

  1. They mean literally the rebirth of the soul, which comes to life after hibernation, it blooms and renews itself. Just as spring revives everything around, so does the human heart. This is the most important meaning of the symbol.
  2. As long as the branches grow on the tree, they live, feed on the energy of the tree trunk. But it is necessary to separate them from this source — they eventually dry out and become lifeless. In the same way, a person cut off from his roots, a kind of person who has bad relations with relatives and does not believe in God, loses energy and strength. Once a lost soul is separated from God, it turns into a withered branch, as once again this uncomplicated symbol of the celebration of the Trinity reminds of.
  3. It is also a symbol of the good energy of love, gratitude and acceptance. This energy fills a person, gives him the strength to live and fulfills his desires. As long as a person “feeds on” divine energy, radiates emotions of unconditional love and gratitude, he gives the world the highest frequencies of his positive emotions.
  4. It is very important for a person to always be in touch with God, to feel his invisible support and help. Be thankful and full of love. Giving, not consuming. The feast of the Trinity is another reason to remind yourself of this.

What can be done after the holiday

  • Conduct a practice of gratitude regularly. Before bed, mentally thank the past day for all that he brought to you. Every person who has been in your life has brought you lessons or experiences, even negative ones. Try to feel how many people God sends to you, for your happy life and for you to have, for which to thank.
  • Strive to radiate unconditional love for your life, people, yourself and God. Unconditional — means 100% host. Allow other people to be different from you, get rid of expectations (the main reason for all disappointments), criticism, reproaches and the desire to remake someone.

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What can and can not be done with the branches of birch after the Trinity

Bright, blooming and beautiful birch branches create a very lively atmosphere on this great holiday. But many people have a logical question: what to do with all this magnificence when the holiday is over, and the branches dry out and get an ugly look.

What to do with birch branches after the Trinity

This is what is recommended to do.

  1. In Trinity with birch branches decorate the windows. This is the most suitable place, even, perhaps, the only one that is so symbolic. No need to put branches in a vase or store in the house. Place them exclusively in window openings.
  2. After the holiday, the used branches are best burned. Divide them into small twigs and arrange an improvised bonfire in a safe place. Observe the fire prevention technique. And it is desirable to do this alone, without the presence of outsiders.

The biggest mistake that most people make is to attach some special, ritual meaning to birch branches. What you should definitely do:

  1. No need to arrange any magical rituals and «dances with a tambourine.» The Trinity is a church holiday, and the church does not approve of such actions.
  2. Also, do not use branches for making homemade tea, make amulets from them. This is a superstition that will not help you in life.
  3. Throwing away like used garbage is also not allowed. Exactly as defiantly burn in plain sight. This is simply disrespect.

We summarize

  • Used branches — burn. Alone, neatly, and without telling anyone about his intention.
  • Rituals and rituals do not hold.

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