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What to do if depression, how to solve the problem

What to do if you have depression — how to heal

What if depression? How to cope with the depressed state, when you don’t want to do anything and return your happy life?

With these questions we will understand the following material.

What to do if depression, how to solve the problem

Where Depression Feet Grow

The first to mention the manifestations of depressive disorders was Hippocrates, a famous antiquity doctor. It was he who isolated her symptoms from a huge number of moods.

Over time, the study of this pathological condition involved many experts.

Today we can say that depression has been studied well enough. But still, still a large number of people from time to time are exposed to a period of great despondency, when you do not want to do anything, there is no motivation.

What if you are depressed? We will understand further.

It used to be considered that depressive disorder is scary only for people with an unstable psyche, losers. Today, scientists have concluded that neither social status, nor life merit, nor anything else can become a 100% guarantee that you will not be despondent.

And this is known for many confirmations — life stories of celebrities who achieved success and world vocation, but ended their lives by suicide, as they suffered from a prolonged depression. It was also found that female individuals are the most depressed due to their natural emotionality.

Causes of depressive disorders

All factors that provoked depression can be divided into 2 categories: endogenous and reactive.

  1. Endogenous — provoked by genetic predisposition. In this case, a violation of neurotransmitter metabolism occurs in the brain. Neurotransmitters — special substances that are responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses, plus affect the coordinated activity of the process of excitation and inhibition.
  2. Reactive — provoked by external stressful situations: rupture of relationships, loss of work, death of a loved one and other similar ones.

And it does not really matter for what reason depression occurred. At the biochemical level, it indicates a violation of mediator metabolism, which in turn arises due to a lack of dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine.

This information is important to the attending physician, as it helps to choose the right medication to even out the imbalance of the mediators. But initially, the doctor must find out which specific mediator is in insufficient quantity.

This is where depressive symptoms come to the rescue.

  • So, in case of lack of serotonin — anxiety disorder occurs. Then a bad mood is accompanied by a gratuitous feeling of anxiety, anxiety over trifles.
  • Norepinephrine deficiency — leads to a breakdown, lack of energy and too much fatigue.
  • Dopamine in its deficiency — provokes a lost feeling of pleasure: everything that previously gave positive emotions, now seems bland / tasteless / boring / unfunny — in general, it seems in an extremely negative light.

What to do if depression, how to solve the problem

It is worth noting that the representatives of the fair sex depression can be triggered by disruptions in the hormonal sphere of the body. Therefore, before visiting a psychotherapist, it is not superfluous to pay a visit to the gynecologist and donate blood for hormones.

The following factors also contribute to the development of depression:

  • wrong sleep mode (lack of it or overabundance);
  • poor nutrition (deficiency of nutrients);
  • constantly being in stressful situations, which is exhausting much: for example, nervous work;
  • poor relations with relatives, lack of moral support;
  • loneliness in personal life;
  • too much or, conversely, too little activity, when a person has plenty of free time, but he does not use it wisely.

This list can be continued further, but we will not focus now on the causes of depression, focusing on getting rid of it.

What to do when depression: recommendations

Before settling on the Internet forums dedicated to this disorder and tearfully write: “Help, I am depressed”, try to follow the general recommendations of psychologists. They, by the way, will also become a remarkable prevention of the problem.

Get enough sleep

Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, and at regular hours (preferably go to bed no later than 23 o’clock at night). It is important that during sleep you do not get in the way (light, extraneous sounds, smells, and so on).

In a dream, our body recovers its energy, so if we sleep a little — the energy membrane is gradually depleted, which causes depression.

In the movements — life

If you have a bluesy, apathy, then you need to urgently provide yourself more physical activity! Do not go on about your Ego, which advises to turn into a sad seal and not get up from the couch, occasionally showing signs of life.

Otherwise, the situation will only worsen!

On the contrary, start exercising in the mornings, arrange jogging for yourself, sign up for the pool, gymnasium — all this will disperse blood through your body, fill you with vitality and help you feel the taste of life again.

What to do if depression, how to solve the problem

Walk a lot in the fresh air

Even an ordinary sun deficiency can aggravate a depressive disorder. Not for nothing, the apathy attacks most of all lean on us in the fall and winter, when there is not enough sunlight in nature.

Therefore, as soon as the weather on the street begins to please, immediately go for a walk to a nearby park. And more often arrange for yourself forays into the nature with friends with hot kebabs and other kinds of pleasant pastime.

Eat right

To increase the production of serotonin, known as the «hormone of happiness» will help the use of the right products:

  • legumes;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • chocolate;
  • bananas;
  • orange and red vegetables and fruits;
  • spices;
  • shrimp and other seafood.

Praise yourself

Suffering from depression, it is important to increase their self-esteem, self-love. You can do this if you regularly notice your even minor achievements and praise yourself for them.

Avoid other «depressive»

People «radishes» — not the most appropriate environment for those who are already in complete dismay. On the contrary, it is necessary to communicate more with optimistic, cheerful personalities, from which the aura of positive spreads in the air.

Connect with nature and animals

Four-legged friends will become faithful helpers in the fight against sadness. Their funny behavior, cute immediacy will help to forget about their own problems, and charge them with positive emotions!

It is also recommended to find your natural “places of power” by visiting them every time a wave of bad state of health rolls around. This may be a forest, sea, mountains, river and any other natural landscapes.

Shows a change of scenery

In the case of depression, it is highly recommended to change the situation for a while. To this end, urgently purchase a ticket to the overseas resort, or remember the addresses of their foreign relatives, for whom it is time to get a visit.

Avoid inaction

It is interesting, but very often apathy and blues arise precisely because of lack of activity. If you think that this is your case — solve the problem actively!

Get settled on a new, interesting job, find something to your liking, for example, thematic courses, in general, shift your focus to useful things.

What to do if depression, how to solve the problem

Notice the good

The human brain, as we know, cannot think of two things at the same time. A great reason to stop noticing the shortcomings in other people, emphasizing the advantages!

Therefore, it is better not to scold your kid for a bad grade in school, but sincerely rejoice at the beautifully drawn drawing. Noticing more positive than negative, we automatically move to the reality in which depression and bad mood simply does not exist.

Eliminate alcohol and cigarettes from your life

Alcohol and tobacco extremely negatively affect the state of the nervous system, which only aggravates depression. Look for ways to please yourself without addictions.

Love yourself and take care of yourself

It is important for a person to love and fill with energy not only his inner circle, but, above all, himself. Therefore, show a little common egoism and immediately go shopping for a new collection of clothes or to cut and put in a beauty salon.

Let depression be afraid of your good mood and leave forever!

In conclusion, I would like to say that all the recommendations described above are suitable only for mild forms of depression. If you are in a state of deep frustration — do not do without the help of a specialist!

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