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What really stands Agni Yoga and why it is needed

Agni Yoga practice: how did it appear and what is needed

Agni yoga is a mystical doctrine created by the Roerichs in the time interval from 1924 to 1938. The authors assured that they received this doctrine from the mysterious «Mahatma» living in the Himalayan region in the famous «Shambhala».

“Mahatma” — in Agni Yoga — is a spiritual teacher who has occult power and consciously participates in the spiritual evolution of our planet.

What really stands Agni Yoga and why it is needed

Agni yoga — what is it?

Agni Yoga is a Living Ethics doctrine that gathered all the knowledge of age-old practices. The complete formation of this direction, which synthesizes all religions and yoga in itself, occurred in the 20th century.

It is noteworthy that Agni yoga has very deep meaningful concepts in itself, but at the same time it is incredibly simple, everyone who has a desire for it can understand it.

Agni in Ayurveda

Ayurveda (an ancient teaching about a healthy and long life) considers the concept of «Agni» as a biological fire that participates in the metabolic processes of the body and can change more dense states in the body and mind into more subtle.

Changes to this plan include the following:

  • the process of digesting food and assimilating nutrients;
  • screening out unnecessary information coming from the senses;
  • changes in the mental plan, as well as psycho-emotional experiences;
  • changes at the cellular level.

The power of Agni fire involves the function of digesting food, it is its activator. Biological fire is characterized by acidic nature.

With a balanced fire a person will feel healthy. And the appearance of an imbalance here is fraught with the development of various pathologies.

Ayurveda tells that the mind and body consist of thirteen Agni and one of them, Jatharagni, is responsible for the process of digesting food.

Although Agni is able to manifest itself in 4 forms (heavenly fire, animal, earth and mineral), it performs the same functions:

  • cooks, burns, transforms (Pac);
  • colors mainly in shades of red (raga);
  • gives a feeling of heat (Ushma);
  • gives the mind (Medha);
  • fills a person with courage and strength (Ojas-Tejas).

In the case of the harmonious functioning of Agni, if it is balanced and there are enough of it in quantity, everything will be normal in the body. This condition is known as Agnisamya.

And with a disproportionate decrease or increase in fire in at least one of the aspects, Agnivashamyya sets in — an imbalance of biological fire, which is fraught with various diseases.

In total, Agni manifests itself in 4 types of states: Samagni, Vishamagni, Tikshnagni and Mandagni. The first is a fully balanced normal fire, and the remaining three are manifested in different types of deviations.

All deviations correlate with certain diseases and disorders.

Features of Agni Yoga

The teachings of Agni Yoga states that Cosmic Fire or Agni is the source of life. The fire is everywhere and everywhere in each of us.

He is able to connect everything, and if he leaves — the processes of decay and decomposition begin.

Teaching Living Ethics was able to absorb all the experience and knowledge that has accumulated over many centuries with the help of the experience of different people. If the student perceives this many years of experience with thoughtfulness and greed, he will be able to find answers to even the most difficult life questions.
In the 20th century, the study of Agni yoga began to spread thanks to the efforts of the Roerich family. In particular, Elena Ivanovna Roerich wrote fourteen editions devoted to the teaching of Living Ethics.

And Nicholas Roerich portrayed this philosophy on his canvases. The Roerichs tried to fill people’s minds with bright thoughts and revelations from above.

What really stands Agni Yoga and why it is needed

More detailed information about Agni Yoga can be obtained from books written by S. V. Stulginskis and A. I. Klizovsky.

«The Edge of Agni Yoga»

“The Edge of Agni Yoga” is a series of publishers that include records by B. N. Abramov — the closest student of N. K. Roerich. The publication will be useful for readers that will help find answers to questions about why we live in the world, as well as the level of human responsibility to the Universe.

The records of Abramov represent a kind of repository of ideas of the Roerich family regarding the Living Ethics Teaching.

Tejas Agni — fire of reason

Tejas Agni in ayurveda is a manifestation of God, a subtle form of Agni. If a person is in a state of goodness and goodness (Sattva), the Creator is pleased with him and his mind is pure.

He has the ability to fully analyze, ignore any negative and the difference between what helps to achieve spiritual well-being and what is an obstacle to this. Then a person does not perform wrong actions, which are fraught with suffering.

In this case, we can talk about the balance of the bodily doshas, ​​thanks to which, with the passage of time, Samagnais descends into the human body in the form of fire. Due to all this, we get a normal digestion of food and metabolism and as a result we become beautiful, healthy and happy.

About balanced Agni can speak of the presence of the following symptoms:

  • a person does not feel discomfort after eating;
  • body and breath has a pleasant smell;
  • a person has a good appetite;
  • excellent state of the immune system;
  • a person becomes cheerful and active.

However, it happens that people begin to overcome passions (Rajas) or ignorance (Tamas). This is the name of the doshas of the mind according to the Ayurvedic system; they are the lower modes of nature.

Rajas and Tamas can cause Tejas to imbalance, which is why Agni either fades away completely or, on the contrary, flares up brightly. Because of all this, the following happens:

  • begins the accumulation of metabolic products in the tissues of the body;
  • endangered system;
  • various pathologies appear.

In the case when a person is faced with an unbalanced Agni (its excess) due to the prevalence of Rajas (passion), these symptoms will indicate this:

  • the appearance of sour belching, heartburn;
  • diarrhea;
  • excessive sweating, fever;
  • state of emotional agitation;
  • the desire to command others;
  • jealousy;
  • envy;
  • eating disorders (food abuse, eating stale food, haste or slowness in eating and so on).

And when Agni is deficient because of the effects of Tamas (ignorance), we note the following:

  • digestion slows down, a musty belching appears, a person feels heaviness after eating;
  • suffers from constipation;
  • feels apathetic and lazy;
  • is in a state of emotional lethargy;
  • suffers from extra pounds;
  • faced with greed.

Therefore, each of us must extremely carefully perceive and control our thoughts, words and actions, as well as our diet.

What really stands Agni Yoga and why it is needed

What is useful asana Agni Stambhasana and how to perform it

This asana is of great benefit for the blood supply to the organs of the small pelvis, for normalizing the state of the hip and shoulder joint, it helps to eliminate lumbar pains and normalize digestion.

Agni Stambhasana is a posture that intensifies the fire. It is great for meditative practices, contributes to the restoration of emotional balance in depression and stress due to effective calm, getting rid of emotional problems.

Asana is performed like this:

  1. First, the Baddha Konasana 1 posture is accepted (it is a fixed angle posture).
  2. Then the ankles with the left foot should be transferred to the area of ​​the right knee. At the same time, you need to open your feet as much as possible and put your palms on the floor.
  3. It should slowly bend forward, while stretching the spine and focusing on the ischial bones.
  4. If you have a good enough stretch — you can go deep into this position.
  5. Lock in a similar position for thirty to sixty seconds, cross your legs from a different angle.

Please note that Agni Stambhasana is not recommended for performance in the presence of knee injuries. Also in the process of its implementation, carefully monitor your feelings, strong discomfort is not the norm.

In conclusion, we also recommend that you view an informative video about Agni Yoga:

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