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What promises us the predictions of the great Vanga in 2019

Vanga’s predictions for the 2019th year: what to prepare for

Although the famous Bulgarian visionary Vanga was blind, she was perfectly able to see the future and during her lifetime made a great number of predictions that subsequently came true. Some predictions concerned a rather distant future — for example, Vanga’s predictions for 2019 are well known, which I invite you to make out in this material.

What promises us the predictions of the great Vanga in 2019

What will happen in the world during 2019?

Wang said that in the coming year in the world there will be a violation of the order established since ancient times. People will feel an inner desire to find spiritual harmony, to change for the better, to eliminate from their life any kind of negative relationships and internal doubts.

A large number of people will experience the need to receive support from above, from the Creator. In this case, Wang did not promise something extra-surprising: you should not expect that there will be any dizzying surprises from fate, fireworks or salutes.

People can simply enjoy the results of their previous efforts and actions.

It does not exclude the onset of a global crisis with massive losses of everything that has been accumulated. There are both jobs and interpersonal relationships between people. A series of rather serious deprivations is predicted that will cause stress and popular unrest.

America and the states of western Europe will suffer the most.

But the Russian Federation, according to the predictions of Vanga, in 2019 should not suffer too much. Obvious evidence for this hypothesis is found in the following lines, said by the seer, «Thrown into disarray the actions of a vast country.» Russia will not show efforts to get involved in world conflicts.

Even quite the opposite — the American authorities will want to intervene in the internal politics of our state. America’s indiscretion in this matter will cause a detailed response and repulse from Russia.

Further more — by the beginning of the autumn of 2019, the soothsayer foreshadowed a large-scale war. But do not rush to panic — Wang has already put forward more than one version about military conflicts, which, fortunately, did not become a reality.

So, we have a chance to hope and believe that no war threatens us and we can protect ourselves from such a terrifying event.

Not everyone will be pleased with the following news, but Vanga’s predictions regarding the military actions on the territory of Ukraine were not so bright. So, the fortune teller said that this state expects an unpleasant forecast and it foresees a rather difficult period of time.

Although, of course, again it is impossible to tune in exclusively to the bad, because at least some time in Ukraine a more or less calm situation can remain.

How Wang speaks about ecology and nature in 2019

Attracts attention and prediction of the famous Bulgarian prophetess regarding the ecological situation on our planet. So Vanga said about the fact that by 2019 our planet would be very exhausted, tired of human activity and begin to show its “discontent”.

A whole series of large-scale cataclysms, which provoke devastation and human suffering, is foreshadowed.

For example, Vanga predicted the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. And this incident alone, by its scale and power, can lead to the death of 50% of animals and plants. Another version of the prediction states that space aliens should “park” on our planet.

Most likely, it will be a giant celestial body capable of destroying our entire Earth.

What promises us the predictions of the great Vanga in 2019

Many geniuses of science, by the way, have already confirmed this hypothesis of Vanga. Today we can only believe and hope that in reality the situation will not look so sad, and that there is still a chance to avoid this danger.

Features of technological changes in 2019

The great blind visionary attached particular importance to this topic. The only caveat — she did not call specific dates, limited to approximate figures. But despite this, the predictions were quite interesting.

For example, according to one of them: “trains will fly to the Sun”. Those who are knowledgeable in this area of ​​life, hypothesize that Wang said about the transport of air cushion.

In confirmation of the fact that this prediction may well come true, research by scientists who have been engaged in the development of such technological advances for more than five years will also come true. Of course, no one can now give specific guarantees on this matter.

There are risks of slowing down the process, since at the moment the described sphere has not yet been very well studied.

What promises us the predictions of the great Vanga in 2019

Vanga’s promises for Russia for 2019

Having dealt with the predictions of Vanga for the 2019th for the Russian Federation, we find that our country is waiting for a time of bright changes. However, these changes promise to be not too significant and they are all planned in advance.

For the most part, they will affect the external political sphere, as well as the relations between the Russian Federation and neighboring states.

Russia in 2019 will take a kind of «exam» of strength, to finally confirm its status as a great and mighty empire in the whole world. If we turn to history, we find that once upon a time this is exactly what happened.

As for the negative aspects that await Russia in the coming year, they will mainly concern unpredictable «behavior» of the elements. The latter will greatly affect the state of the crop.

At the end of the topic

Based on the predictions of Vanga for the 2019th year, we can summarize the following results:

  • Great changes are foreseen in the world that motivate people to spiritual growth and improvement.
  • The risks of natural disasters and military actions are not excluded.
  • Russia, like other countries, awaits a rather difficult time. To a happy and cloudless future is still very far away. But still there is a chance of positive changes and a global solution to the problems. Russia will be able to cope with all the adversities that will fall to its share. No wonder because I remember the words of Vanga about Russia «a mighty and strong power.»

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