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What is yoga nidra and how does it affect a person?

Yoga Nidra: what it is and how it can help you

Yoga nidra is the best practice of relaxation known today. It contributes to an easier solution of numerous problems and even the power to change the fate of a person.

You will learn more about the features of yoga nidra from this material.

What is yoga nidra and how does it affect a person?

What is yoga nidra

Modern man, in his striving to achieve success and a higher social position, is in a state of constant tension. The process of continuous race not only drains morally, but also provokes various health problems, for example, exhaustion.

And when a man filled up with work finally gets the opportunity to rest, he is simply physically no longer able to relax.

Then psychotherapy, tranquilizers and other medical preparations come to the rescue. They, as a rule, cannot solve your problem, but only mask it, creating a whole “bunch” of additional health problems.

Of course, a visit to a psychoanalyst is also sometimes necessary, but such “dates” can last for a very long time, and for some reason a positive result is not achieved.

It turns out that modern man needs vital, effective and safe means that would help restore his psyche. It is about one such tool — a rather unusual relaxation technique, we will tell further.

Deep relaxation technique — yoga nidra was created by Swami Satyananda, who founded the Bihar School of Yoga. Yoga Nidra is designed to bring consciousness into the border phase of a state on the verge of sleep and wakefulness.

In this case, the practitioner listens to the voice of the presenter, who establishes the sequence of movement.

Suggestion becomes possible solely because the brain is in a phase of «partial inhibition» (Tibetan Buddhism calls this state «being in between»). In general, between the phase of sleep and wakefulness, human consciousness goes through various stages of inhibition:

  • consciousness is awake: while the tone remains normal, the indicators of arousal are the same as inhibition;
  • equalizing phase: the same reactions are provoked by the action of weak and powerful stimuli;
  • transition phase (also known by the concept of paradoxical) — weak stimuli provoke a strong reaction or no reaction in principle;
  • ultra paradoscale — a positive stimulus does not receive an answer, and the answer to a negative stimulus is positive;
  • drug stage — the reaction remains equally weakened for any kinds of effects;
  • phase of complete inhibition — or deep sleep.

The practice of yoga nidra allows you to reach a state where consciousness becomes attention. From the outside, it looks as if a person has fallen asleep, but in reality it’s not at all like that.

If nidra is a common dream, then yoga-nidra implies short cuts of consciousness, during which internal stress is removed.

At the same time, the assimilation of information obtained by the consciousness in the phase of deep relaxation improves significantly. In Western states, this condition is known as hypnotic — when internal censorship is eliminated and the mind is as sensitive as possible.

Then the hypnotized person gets different attitudes and can get rid of the blocks of his consciousness.

What is yoga nidra and how does it affect a person?

What will yoga nidra do for you?

  • allows you to fully relax the muscles of the body;
  • will help get rid of emotional tension, will bring the mind into a harmonious state;
  • minimizes stress indicators and reduces its negative impact on you;
  • allows you to quickly restore strength and energy;
  • is a great way to fast and high-quality rest;
  • eliminate insomnia, positively affect the quality of sleep, increasing its duration;
  • start the body’s self-healing, normalize blood pressure, help to cope with heart pathologies, asthma, migraine, skin and nerve pathologies, and so on;
  • Yoga Nidra will be the best way to consolidate positive attitudes in your subconscious;
  • contributes to a change in the habit of thinking and reacting in a negative context, which will develop positive thinking in the end.

Yoga nidra is a unique technique that came to us from ancient times, which can even save a person by improving his life, health and mental state.

How is yoga nidra

In practice, it will look like this: the practitioner lays down in the posture of the corpse (Shavasana), covers his eyes (in some cases use special dressings for yoga nidra) and follows the voice of his teacher, moving his attention through the body or consciously changing the sensations in his body.

The medical effect of practicing nidra yoga

Psychotherapists from all over the world are trying hard to make people eliminate from their subconscious, negative attitudes tightly entrenched in it and learn to live a peaceful and happy life, finally allowing themselves health, wealth and creativity.

The complexity of this process is due to the fact that the disclosure of the depths of the subconscious occurs during sleep, and when awake, mental activity blocks the ability to understand the subconscious.

With the help of yoga nidra, a person gets a unique opportunity to fall asleep, while remaining in a conscious state of consciousness. When this happens, the student is immersed in the twilight state, border wakefulness and falling asleep.

Remaining conscious, a practitioner can travel through his body, his feelings, memories, habits, complexes, fears, anxieties and joys and successfully eliminate them.

A person begins to realize the true causes of his life difficulties (diseases, conflicts, failures in a particular area of ​​life) and is gradually released from them. This is the most important in the practice of nidra yoga — to understand and get rid of excess!

What is yoga nidra and how does it affect a person?

After all, the bulk of people throughout their lives trying to eliminate their own shortcomings — fullness, envy, greed, disease, and so on. But if you accept the need for this internal battle, then the person agrees that he is imperfect.

And he continues to live in the same way about himself! He believes that he is poor, sick, sinful, and so on, and thinking so, he begins to act and feel that way.

Today, many different healers and psychologists try to convince people that they should just think in a positive context and then everything will be decided by itself. But in practice this is quite problematic.

It is difficult to imagine yourself completely healthy if you are seriously ill or rich — if you have a shortage of finances.

And trying to make violence against oneself means once again recognizing one’s own imperfection and accepting it.

The practice of yoga Nidra invites you to stop fighting with your mind, to give it complete relaxation, but with the preservation of active consciousness — the ability to observe and remember, but without eternal analysis. But while yoga nidra is not hypnosis.

The main difference is that the practitioner does not lose his free will. And if he does not like something in the process of practice — he may well stop it.

Who should / should not do yoga nidra

This practice has no physiological contraindications, since it lacks strength exercises. But there is a risk that a newcomer without proper preparation may just fall asleep (after all, the brain is used to the fact that if you lie down and close your eyes, it means you need to fall asleep).

Sleep — this, of course, is also very useful, but the effect of it is not at all what you need.

For this reason, before practicing yoga nidra, you must actively practice hatha yoga. This will help you relax better, but with full awareness.

Now you know what yoga nidra is and how to properly prepare for it. We recommend that you view the video with the base complex of this technique further:

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