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What is useful practice yoga ayengara for the body

What is the value of Iyengar Yoga

Do you know how important physical activity is for a person? It not only supports the muscles of the body in tone, but also has a positive effect on memory, thinking, and psycho-emotional state.

Many go for physical activity to the gym, exhausting themselves with hard workouts, but this is definitely not for me. I like something more measured and harmonious, for example, yoga practice.

And if you’re still a beginner, then yoga Iyengar is most suitable for you.

What is useful practice yoga ayengara for the body

What is Iyengar Yoga?

The basis of the method of yoga Iyengari traditional Hatha Yoga. And it is named after its founder, B.K.S.

Iyengar, who presumed and successfully proved that if one competently concentrated his attention and intelligently stretched various parts of his body, then complete peace and harmony became real.

It is believed that Iyengar yoga is best suited for all those who suffer from some kind of health problem (and therefore, almost every person). This is due to the very positive therapeutic effect of the exercises, which is achieved as a result of a smooth and gradual effect.

Also, this yoga is perhaps the most delicate for use by people of age: therefore, if you want to send your parents or grandparents to a yoga class for a long time, then be sure to keep this moment in mind.

In my opinion, Iyengar yoga is the most real alphabet, not knowing that a person will not be able to learn the art of yoga. After all, knowledge of Iyengari yoga will allow to orient in the variable world of yoga of the twenty-first century.

If you explain it differently — it is Iyengar Yoga that is able to fill you with the knowledge and basics that you can use for a very long time, even if you decide to explore other directions. Therefore, if you really want to start practicing yoga, but do not know where to start, start with Iyengar yoga.

Interesting features of Iyengar Yoga

  • In this practice, asanas are performed statically and accurately, with various auxiliary materials being used: blankets, chairs, slats, bricks, belts, and others. It is because of this that studios for Iyengari yoga are often similar to torture chambers. But such props make Iyengar practice acceptable to all people, regardless of their age, flexibility and state of health.

Also, due to the auxiliary materials, relaxation is achieved much more effectively, a person does not feel pain discomfort and can go deep into his personality as much as possible.

Over time, the period of performance of each of the asanas increases and the person quickly turns out to be his own consciousness in each of the areas of the body, realizing the various internal vibrations with changes and spills. At the same time, there is an increase in the healing effects of asanas.

  • Each asana should be performed for five to eight cycles of breathing with a measured and not abrupt transition to the next position. Many people think that this makes Iyengar yoga rather dull. For them, it should be recalled that self-perfection cannot be boring by default (unless, of course, you are not bored with life, being alone with yourself).

Naturally, a yoga teacher plays a very important role, as well as the manner of his teaching: the voice that dictates the instructions, the associations he uses, and so on.

  • Informative and detailed decoding of each asana. If earlier you didn’t think at all about the location of your “crests of air bones”, “inner heel”, “outer thighs”, “diaphragms” and others, then now all this knowledge will be revealed to you.

First, of course, a real brain explosion can occur on how much of your body contains all that is interesting and how you can collect, tighten and control all this. But over time you will get used to and learn how to properly concentrate.

For a total of one and a half to two hours, your brain will be able to completely forget about all the thoughts that constantly disturb you, as your head will be busy digesting new information. This is perhaps the best technique that allows you to harmonize your mind, better understand yourself and learn to listen and understand your own body.

  • The method of Iyengar yoga is based on maximum concentration of attention within oneself, which in turn is a remarkable prevention of stress factors. This action will occur from the above, because your attention, traveling behind the teacher’s voice, concentrates as much as possible on your body and all the processes that take place in it. As a result, you can completely abandon everything that is happening and really stay only in a state of «here and now.»

What is useful practice yoga ayengara for the body

As a rule, in studios for Iyengar, yoga practices alternate by weeks. Everything works according to the principle “seven days we carry out a specific group of asanas”.

In general, there are such types of asanas:

  1. Exercises that are performed in a standing position.
  2. Tilts forward with twists.
  3. Backbends.
  4. Practice for recovery, relaxation, pranayama.
  5. Exercises selected by the teacher at his discretion.
  6. Inverted postures.
  • Another, the last feature of Iyengar Yoga practice is a personal approach to each of the practitioners. Therefore, one should not be surprised if during the exercises two bricks with a blanket will be placed on your neighbor on the left side, and five blankets with a belt, a bar and two bolsters on the neighbor on the right side.

If you suddenly have any serious health problems, it is important to notify your teacher about them. Then he will choose the right props so that you can achieve exactly the same action as if you were completely healthy.

The only negative that you can see in the method of Iyengar yoga — after you get so much attention to all the little things in the process of training, if you decide to do a different style of yoga, you will feel a clear lack of attention to your person. In any case, you can get a baggage of knowledge and muscle memory, which will serve you for a very long time.

And your life after Iyengar yoga simply can not be the same!

Features yoga ayengara for the fair sex

Separately, such an area of ​​Iyengar Yoga as yoga for girls and women is distinguished. Here, the innovation of Sri BKS Iyengar, who was the first to invent the beautiful sex to teach yoga, can be traced.

It should be noted, he was able to seriously succeed in this, leaving behind many worthy followers.

Why is Yoga Iyengar so attractive to women? Because it takes into account all the features of the female body, the load is distributed evenly during times of hormonal changes.

And the main goal of the practice is to achieve inner harmony and learn how to correctly control and direct your energy.

What is useful practice yoga ayengara for the body

At the same time, Iyengar did not stop only on the physical side of the aspect, because he had published the book “Yoga Deepika. Clarification of Yoga ”, which provides detailed instructions regarding the performance of two hundred main asanas.

The edition is illustrated with 592 photos, plus detailed descriptions of the main bands, kriyas and pranayamas.

In addition, the book provides several interesting legends regarding the origin of most asanas that have come down to us since the days of antiquity with the decoding of their names.

Now in our material we will not begin to sort these characteristics, and we will stop on the basic principles of the practice sounded by Iyengar.

  1. By analogy with the fact that any home cannot be sustainable if it does not have a solid foundation, just as a person cannot begin his self-development without observing moral principles (pit and niyama). Yoga-Iyengar is based on the above principles, because without them it becomes just an ordinary gymnastics.
  2. If you want to successfully practice yoga Iyengaru, it is important to unconditionally believe in the result, to observe discipline, and also to show enough perseverance and constancy in the implementation of asanas.

When you practice any of the asanas, try to immerse yourself in this process as much as possible, do not feel sorry for yourself, show enough perseverance and attentiveness. The main thing is that you should be honest, first of all, with yourself, plus you should show enough courage and awareness.

Learn to immerse yourself in everything that you do, because only in this way can you develop your integrity.

  1. Control your breathing process. In Yoga Iyengar, you can fully stretch the body only if you synchronize the mobility of the body and the course of your breathing.

When you go out into the asana while holding your breath, you need to make some muscular effort not to relax too much.

If you perform an asana while inhaling, it will have an effect only as an exercise and will not be able to bring you the desired result. And if the asana was performed on the exhale, it becomes viable and organic and can affect you on the physical plane, making the cells more healthy.

An exhalation will also be useful provided that the position is properly executed, as it will help the body to eliminate the tension accumulated in it.

  1. Each asana should be studied from the perspective of arithmetic and geometry in order to reveal its real form, — so said Iyengar. Study the configuration of the asana. So asanas can be triangular, round, arcuate, oval, straight or diagonal.

Mark the forms of asanas in the process of their implementation, watch them, study them and perform the appropriate actions to perform the exercise in its original form. Surrender to this process as much as possible, engaging the body in it with the senses with your mind and consciousness — let your whole being work.

  1. It is important to learn how to distribute the mass of the body evenly on the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones. Keep a balance between movement and resistance. Indeed, as a result of the incorrect performance of asanas, you will very quickly encounter tension. And their competent performance will give you lightness and vigor all day ahead.
  2. As a rule, all newcomers make the main mistake — their minds cannot work holistically, and their thinking is completely dissected.

Therefore, it is extremely important for them to learn to realize first the individual areas of their body. Due to the alternate concentration on each individual part of the body, the mind will switch from a state when the concentration is dispersed to a state when it is unidirectional.

What is useful practice yoga ayengara for the body

After that, it is already allowed to delicately adapt the mind to the sensation of movements and the awareness of one’s body as a whole.

The next stage will be personal knowledge, when in addition to the knowledge of the body, you also use your mind. Iyengar wrote about this the following: “Similarly, as two strangers appear to each other as a third person, the mind also appears to the mind in the process of training, and after all, as you know, this is the third person’s weapon.

The mind says to the mind: “Look at what is happening here. Let me introduce you to your knee.

Let me imagine the body shoulders. Let me introduce you to your feet. ”

In this way, the mind and body become familiar in which the mind contributes.

Iyengar talked about the fact that in the process of doing this work, the mind seems to disappear, and your mind and body are able to make friends, that is, turn into a single whole.

  1. The creator of the Iyengar method spoke about the fact that there are two methods of practicing yoga. The first is a complete immersion, when past experiences are erased, however, classes occur regularly with the correction of all errors and a gradual desire for accuracy and self-improvement. This is the practice of spiritual yoga.

If you fluctuate, your mind will begin to wander or there will be discord between your “I”, organism, mind and thoughts — this is already a variant of sensual practice.

Iyengar wrote the following:

“Each of us is new to yoga. I am also new to the moment at which I completed my practice yesterday. I do not strive to transfer yesterday’s postures to today’s practice.

I keep them in my memory, and today, when I perform yesterday’s poses, I again fall into the state of a beginner.

I do not need yesterday’s experience. I want to re-experience that new awareness, inspiration, which can visit me today, besides that which I felt yesterday.

Do not forget that experience and knowledge, born from experience, is millions of times stronger than acquired and accumulated knowledge. The knowledge, which is based on experience, is subjective and real, at the same time as acquired knowledge, although it is objective, can lead us into doubts.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn, do, and study again, having confidence in your soul, courage and clear thinking. ”

Now you know what features different Iyengar-yoga style. And, as it becomes clear, even this, at first glance, a sufficiently therapeutic method has its own deeper principles and ideas.

Another positive point — in this method there are no restrictions. The most important condition — the presence of sincere desire.

And the effect will depend on your motivation and the goal that you set for yourself.

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