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What is unification in the church: how to prepare, what prayers to read

What is unification in the church: how to prepare, what prayers to read

Unction (unification) is one of the seven sacraments of the Church. I participate in the Epiphany for several priests, so this Sacrament is called uncommon — from the word «cathedral.»

I heard from my acquaintance that every Orthodox Christian must undergo an unction, and this is very important. But she could not explain to me why. In the article I will tell you what the unction in the church is, why this Sacrament is performed, what it gives to a person.

We will find out the rules of preparation for the rite, the list of prayers and dangerous superstitions. I personally heard how people were afraid to undergo the unction because of the fear of death.

What is unification in the church: how to prepare, what prayers to read

The meaning of the unction

Let’s look at why the Orthodox worship of the Orthodox Church is necessary. During the Sacrament, the priest blesses his forehead with the consecrated oil, as a result of which the believer finds God’s grace and spiritual healing. Together with mental healing, a person acquires bodily, as the source of any disease is sin.

An example of the first consecration we can find in the gospel. When a paralyzed (relaxed) man was brought to Jesus, he released his sins and said:

What is unification in the church: how to prepare, what prayers to read

Of course, not all bodily ills are a consequence of sins, but most of this is precisely what happens. Therefore, the Church conducts the Sacrament of Unction to release sins and help in the healing of diseases.

The sacrament of the unction does not replace or abolish the sacrament of confession.

The question arises, does not confession let go of our sins? On this, the fathers of the church explain that the person is not always aware of all the sins that he committed.

There are also unconscious sins that are hidden from understanding. It is because of this that man is unable to produce true repentance.

During the sacrament of Yeososvycheniya for a person asks the council of priests, intercede with the Lord for mercy.

What sins are forgiven when unction:

  • old forgotten sins;
  • committed in ignorance;
  • sins unknown to man.

These sins are released to a person during the Mystery of the Unction. If a person is in serious condition due to illness and cannot repent, the unction removes all sins from it. The consecration is always carried out in the case of a serious deadly affliction, so that a person does not die without repentance.

This is a very important church rite, which has a deep spiritual meaning.

Blessing is the complete healing of a person.

At the end of the sacrament, the Holy Mysteries of Christ should be given communion. After the ceremony, a person remains consecrated oil, which can be used at home.

Oil anoint sore spots crosswise. If there is no sore spot, oil lubricate:

It can also be added to food a little.

Is unification a guarantee of recovery? It is entirely dependent on the will of God.

The purpose of the Sacrament is to change a person’s perception of suffering and sickness, changing his thinking and life values. One should not confuse a sacrament with a magical rite or medical procedure — this is, first of all, repentance and correction of the soul.

Some fainthearted Christians may even grow cold to faith without receiving the long-awaited healing.

Why a person does not always receive healing after unction? Because it is a gift from God, and this gift does not depend on the actions of the clergy or any actions.

Therefore, we should not expect a miracle, but simply strengthen the faith and try to live according to the commandments of God.

What is unification in the church: how to prepare, what prayers to read

Dangerous Superstitions

Many have heard that the unction is carried out before death itself, so they are afraid of this rite. Faint-hearted Christians believe that consecration will inevitably bring their death closer. But these are just prejudices that have no meaning.

Unction removes unrepentant sins, but does not prepare a person for death.

Life and death are in the hands of God and do not depend on the Mystery of the Unction.

There are also other superstitions related to the Unction of the Unction:

  • you can not eat meat;
  • need to fast three times a week;
  • can not perform marital duty;
  • It is forbidden to take medication and steam in the bath.

These superstitions are extremely dangerous and undermine faith in receiving God’s grace. If the seriously ill recovered after the unction, he can lead a normal, righteous life without additional restrictions.

What is unification in the church: how to prepare, what prayers to read

Conducting ceremony

How to prepare for the unction? First of all, the priest should bless at the unction. Then you need to buy a candle in the candle shop and sign up for participation in the ceremony.

Before the Unction, one should confess sins, which are remembered, in order to remove from the soul an extra burden. You can not confess, but the priests recommend to do it.

When do they lead the unction? On the eve of Easter, the Sacrament of the Unction is performed several times in a row, however, this ceremony can be held at any other time as necessary.

For example, for a bed patient, you can invite priests home.

How often can you gather? This Sacrament is performed only once a year.

If a person suddenly gets sick, the unction will be repeated.

Does the preparation for the cathedral include fasting? Especially fasting before the sacrament is not necessary, because seriously ill people need a special nutritional regime.

However, healthy Christians who wish to receive the Great Unction on the eve of Easter are obliged to follow the rules of Great Lent.

Do I need to read prayers before the unction? It is necessary to read the penitential canon recorded in the prayer book.

A person should evade evil and evil thoughts, try to do more godly deeds.

Who can take part in the rite? This right has any person baptized in the Orthodox Church at the age of 7 years.

Babies are not collected. Forget that the unction is carried out only with a dying person. This covenant is made by the apostles of the first church:

What is unification in the church: how to prepare, what prayers to read

Relatives of seriously ill people are interested, Is it possible to congregate a person in a coma? This need to talk in detail with the priest.

If a person previously took part in church life, was a conscious Christian, the clergy will surely go to meet the requests of relatives.

Who needs unification? Not only physical ailments are caused by unrepentant sin, but also mental.

A person who is in despair and despair is considered spiritually weak, and therefore needs absolution.

Sometimes anointing is confused with Confirmation. These are two different rites. Confirmation is performed after the baptism of a person; the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are in it.

The consecration is carried out according to the commandment of the Apostle James. who instructed to heal the sick of repentance.

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