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What is the significance of tattoo rose in tattoo art?

The value that a majestic rose in tattoo art

The value of tattoo rose today, perhaps the most profound and diverse. Of the total number of all colors that are depicted on the body, the rose is the most beautiful and popular flower in tattoo culture.

Rose began to be used very actively in tattoos, it turned into a universally recognized symbol among both sexes.

What is the significance of tattoo rose in tattoo art?

Historical and mythological information about the tattoo rose

It is safe to say that the rose is the most common version of female tattoos, and also acts as the most popular flower for those who adore body painting. In addition, the rose is another one of the most romantic symbols in the history of mankind.

Flowers of roses have a very interesting history. Mankind knows various facts and stories in which in one way or another a symbol of a magnificent and beautiful rose appears. For example, in the 16th century, the headdress with a rose was a special mark for prisoners who were facing the death penalty.

Also about roses mentions a huge number of ancient legends.

Ancient Greek mythology personified this plant with Aphrodite, the deity of love. And the ancient Romans knew the legend of the divine Diana, jealous of his beloved person to another and turned him into a rose.

Christians have a beautiful rose — a symbol of the Savior’s blood. It is not surprising that the first beads were formed exactly by the rose buds, and the version with the use of beads appeared much later.

There are also many different parables-narratives, for example, about the nightingale, who fell in love with a white rose, who hugged her, stumbled upon its sharp thorns, after which the flower acquired a red color. In general, the rose flower has always and at all times been shrouded in different stories, attributing to it a special energetics and a mysterious meaning.

Total value

In general, the beautiful rose symbolizes love, beauty, youth, purity, holiness and rebirth. She has absorbed almost all currently known positive characteristics and properties.

In Western countries, the rose flower together with the lily flower occupies the same position as the lotus flower in the East — it is a sacred plant and has a similar symbolic meaning.

In funeral rituals, the rose is associated with immortality, eternal bliss and memory. In some cases, the rose flower is a symbol of silence and secret secrets.

The leaves of this plant are associated with joy, thorns — with sadness, and the plant itself — with glory.

  • The rose of golden hue is the emblem of the Pope and will tell about impeccable perfection.
  • Red rose — a symbol of love, desire, passion, completeness.
  • The white rose symbolizes light, and also is personified with loyalty, innocence, spiritual revelation.
  • Blue rose — personifies something unattainable and impossible.
  • Yellow — is a symbol of sadness and separation.

Among the alchemists, the rose symbolized wisdom, lack of desire, plus it was personified with a rebirth of the soul after the death of the body.

The Chinese value this amazing flower for its wonderful fragrance; in this culture, the rose symbolizes prosperity.

Among the ancient Egyptians, the rose flower was dedicated to the divine Isis, symbolizing love, free from any carnal desires.

The well-known Baghdad rose, or rather its first circle, is a symbol of the law, the second is the path, and the third is knowledge. Together they point to the truth and the name of Allah.

In addition to all the above, the rose is often a source of inspiration. She also points to the inaccessibility of the object of love.

The concepts of eternity, death and resurrection are closely connected with the flower of a rose. The inhabitants of ancient Rome withered rose flower symbolized a kingdom of shadows and transience of life.

The philosopher Omar Khayyam said that the plant would best bloom on the shed blood of a ruler.

Shakespeare wrote that the most attractive scent has a rose that dies.

For Dante, Rose began to symbolize the complete spiritual path and spiritual love.

The rose flower takes the place of honor in the official emblems and emblems of most of the states of the world.

So, a rose combined with a cross can be found in the Templar and Masonic symbolism. Its thorns are often associated with sinfulness.

For Christians, this flower was given an even greater symbolic meaning: it became associated with higher grace, mercy and forgiveness. However, during the time of medieval Catholicism, the rose was pushed into the background by the lily flower.

In Islam, the rose symbolizes the shed blood of the prophet and his two sons.

For Buddhists, the flower associates the threefold truth.

What is the significance of tattoo rose in tattoo art?

What does a rose with thorns mean?

When you have chosen the color scheme of a rose, start thinking through the design of your tattoo. Moreover, each additional detail, even of a modest size, is distinguished by an additional value.

For example, the presence of thorns on the flower indicates the masculinity. In general, any tattoos on which there are thorns, describe their owner as a morally strong, strong and stable personality.

And also act as a protective symbol.

The spike in the form of a rose with thorns has another hidden meaning: as if she wants to say that beauty is impossible without sacrifices, love — without pain and significant achievements, risk.

Flowers, closely intertwined with each other — symbolize harmony. For example, if a bouquet combines roses with thorns and devoid of thorns — they symbolize the unity of male and female energy.

Compositions of flowers in a headdress often represent a field for an inscription or some kind of plot. With the help of petals or rosebuds, silhouettes or words are laid out, which contributes to the unlimited flight of the master’s imagination.

Who is the rose tattoo for?

This symbol is equally popular with both genders. Although traditionally the rose is still more of a female symbol, it has taken a stable position in the old school style, which is very popular with men.

Where to put a tattoo?

In addition to the popular old school style, in which the rose is most often performed, the flower is also depicted in tribal and realism techniques.

The most popular places for applying such a tattoo are the area of ​​the arms, back or hips (for women).

Next, we consider the peculiarities of the meaning of the rose tattoo in representatives of both sexes.

The value of tattoos rose for girls

The image of a rose without thorns, inflicted on the back, shoulders or arm of the fair sex, tells about the passionate and real feeling that she tested towards someone. And the presence of thorns on a flower will tell about suffering or non-reciprocal love.

There is another version of the interpretation of such a tattoo: it shows that true love will require sacrifices and the girl is ready to go for them for the sake of her chosen one.

Patching a rose with a cross indicates grief for someone from the family who died.

What does tattoo mean for guys

Interestingly, the original rose, grown in Persia, was a typical male flower. And the first who began to put a tattoo with a rose on his body, it was men — seafarers, who left for a long time on sea voyages.

They tattooed symbolized a longing for their spouses and spoke of loyalty and devotion to them.

What is the significance of tattoo rose in tattoo art?

To date, the tattoo with a rose choose for themselves those guys for whom their beloved is very important. Therefore, if you see this image on the body of a man, know that his heart is not free, he feels a strong feeling for some person.

It can be summed up that a rose tattoo has an incredibly deep and interesting meaning. The rose is, perhaps, the most adorable and mysterious plant, its beauty and perfection do not cease to amaze and impress in mythology and real life, and now they are also actively used in modern tattoo culture.

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