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What is the significance of dragon tattoo in guys and girls?

Who is he — the great and terrible dragon in tattoo art

Each tattoo has a certain meaning, it is designed to symbolize something and attract people to life. Therefore, it is very important to always carefully study the value of the tattoo you liked, before you decide to perform it on your body.

After all, you do not know how it can affect you. From this material, you will learn about the meaning of the dragon tattoo.

What is the significance of dragon tattoo in guys and girls?

Who is he — the great and terrible dragon

It is safe to say that the dragon is the most famous, popular and respectable mythical entity in the whole world. The image of a dragon is found in the main part of Asian and European states.

For this reason, and became popular tattoo with a dragon, the characteristics of which reveal the above culture with the mythology.

Today, the dragon tattoo is a classic version of the tattoo, which looks equally good on both sexes.

Tattoos depicting this mythical essence are associated with nobility, mystery, power and mysticism, stubbornness, loyalty and attractiveness, as well as the ability to leave within acceptable limits. There are a huge number of versions of dragon drawings, but in any culture this essence is very wise, thanks to which the dragon is often associated with great wisdom.

This type of tattoos often represents power and might. The rulers of China and their spouses were supposed to have a dragon tattoo on their back, along the spinal column. So, the dragon tattoo has a strong connection with the power of the emperor.

In addition, this mythological creature has always acted as a symbol of mystical characteristics.

The Chinese horoscope claims that a person born in the year of the dragon will have strong leadership abilities.

In the mythology of the peoples of the Far East, dragons personified the four natural elements: earthly, aquatic, fire and air. Or they correlated with 4 directions of the world — east, west, north and south.

For Buddhists, the dragon is the guardian of the Buddha and his holy sermons. This mythical creature is depicted on the arches of temples and on gravestones, where it protects the souls of the dead from evil forces.

In ancient Greek and Roman cultures, dragons were depicted on military armor, symbolizing terror.

Images with dragons you can find on the boats of the Vikings. The Celts believed that the dragon personifies the power of the sovereign and represents the «circle of life.»

In Western countries, the symbol of the dragon, as a rule, personifies an evil force with which to fight. No wonder that there is the face of St. George, who slays the dragon.

The inhabitants of Russia was also known for the image of the dragon, but here it was called differently, namely — Serpent Gorynych.

Dragons neither belong to the good or the evil side, as they are represented as simply natural forces, which can be either good or evil, destructive. Due to this, the characteristic of tattoos will be very ambiguous: the dragon personifies the earth, sky, water and the underworld.

Characteristics and position of the dragon tattoo

For each person, the dragon tattoo will be filled with its own meaning and value. You can still highlight the main aspects of the values ​​of this tattoo:

  • majesty;
  • power;
  • great wisdom;
  • courage;
  • long years of life;
  • mystery;
  • power of authority.

With regards to the countries of Western Europe, the symbol of the dragon has the opposite characteristic and corresponds to such associations:

What is the significance of dragon tattoo in guys and girls?

The famous criminal organizations of East Asia (for example, the Triad or the Yakuza) bright dragon tattoo design is a very respected and revered symbolism.

In general, the characteristics of the Dragon tattoo has a huge list of characteristics, both negative and positive. Everything here is dependent on the stylistics of the tattoos, the sketch and the color scheme chosen.

Based on the characteristics of the Dragon tattoo, there are many interpretations of this image:

  • the dragon that sleeps — symbolizes harmony;
  • color dragon (often white, black, red and blue) — will tell you about the relationship with the elements of nature;
  • the dragon and the tiger are a version of the symbol Yin and Yang;
  • the dragon rushing up — talks about friendly intentions;
  • dragon with horns — will tell about the determination of the owner tattoos
  • winged dragon — says about strong faith and strong spirit;
  • the dragon crawling on the ground symbolizes the connection between the elements of earth and sky;
  • the dragon who bares his teeth is a symbol of aggressive behavior and danger;
  • the dragon, made in the golden color scheme — tells about the wisdom and aspiration to learn new things;
  • a dragon that flies down indicates an unfriendly intention;
  • dragon and money — a symbol of wealth and success;
  • dragon, made in the Celtic theme — says about power, power and soulfulness.

Before you decide to make a dragon tattoo on your body, carefully select the appropriate place for the tattoo. Then take care of the most acceptable parameters and style of tattoo.

The dragon is a very majestic creature, therefore, as a rule, it is performed in a sufficiently large size and is applied to large areas of the body, namely:

  • on the back;
  • on the chest;
  • combined (the image goes to the shoulder, arm, neck, collarbone or hips).

The rich imagination of tattoo artists will help to depict a mythological creature in such a bright, attractive and harmonious form that it will be difficult for you to tear your eyes away from such an amazing sight.

Please note that tattoo masters are not advised to perform dragon tattoos on small areas of the body (feet, calves, forearms or wrists). This is simply explained — a small area of ​​the body can not fully tell about all the power and beauty of the dragon.

However, if you still want to perform a tattoo on only one of the above-mentioned parts of the body, then turn your attention to the Chinese version of tattoos. Thin lines and expressiveness will add to the image of the dragon even more organic and believable.

What is the significance of dragon tattoo in guys and girls?

What is the significance of dragon tattoo for girls and for men

The design and design of dragon tattoos are almost the same for representatives of both strong and weaker sex.

Of course, the guys give their preference to more aggressive tattoos: the one where the dragon opens its mouth wide, the dragon breathes fire, the dragon holds a sword in his teeth and so on. In such tattoos, the main range of shades is dark, although, of course, other colors are also present.

With regards to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, in most cases they stop at elegant sketches and patterns that have several shades and different inscriptions at once. A very unusual version of the tattoo — a dragon, made in a cartoon style.

In conclusion

In the end, you can only say that a noble and majestic dragon will be an excellent option for decorating your body. And you, for your part, have to pick up a sketch of the tattoo very responsibly, so that it is just such a design that will please you, and harmoniously complement your inner world.

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