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What is the meaning of the noble blue color?

Divine Blue: What does this beautiful color mean?

Our distant ancestors began to think about the sacred meaning of flowers. Since the times of antiquity, they have given a special semantic characteristic to different shades, which can be well overlooked in most of the mystical teachings, myths, folk tales and legends.

What characteristic of psychology does a noble blue have? About this you can learn from this material.

What is the meaning of the noble blue color?

What did blue color mean in ancient times

People began to think about the symbolic designation of the blue hue long ago. The ancient Egyptians gave a special meaning to the blue: so all the sacrifices and offerings to the deities were always depicted in blue tones.

Blue was also used to decorate wigs that were worn by deities, pharaohs and queens to emphasize their higher, divine origin. At the ceremony and various important events were also put on wigs, decorated in blue shades.

The ancient Mayas also associated blue with sacrifices. It could be found on wooden and ceramic objects, wall murals, aromatic resin, and everything related to ritual sacrifices.

Since the Mayan tribe was offered an offering of doomed people, they were also decorated with a blue dye before the murder.

Christian teaching relates the blue to the eternal divine power and the most important secrets of the universe.

As for the ancient Slavs, the blue color for them signified sorrow, sadness, signified the kingdom of demons. Ancient legends tell about blue and black demonic creatures.

Many nationalities correlate blue with the sky, eternity, stability and loyalty. It is believed that this shade is able to pacify and also cause deep philosophical reflections.

Heraldry considers a blue hue to denote with its help chastity, honesty, positive fame and loyalty.

Eastern people are convinced that with the help of blue one can protect oneself from evil power, and also from destructive external influence (damage, evil eyes).

Characteristic blue

A blue tone means good luck. It relates to stability, kindness and good reputation.

It also helps to heal from scattered attention, eliminates diarrhea, relieves nervous tension, lowers blood pressure.

In Europe, we learned about blue due to the Eastern world (most likely, India). Apparently from there comes the famous word «indigo.»

Indigo was brought by Portuguese merchants from distant states, and soon they learned how to make it using plants growing in different regions of our country.

Ultramarine was the rarest and most attractive shade, it was mined using lapis powder (having a base of minerals).

What does the blue tint in psychology

In psychology, a blue tint will tell about the following:

  • about faith in one’s own strength, determination, dedication, diplomatic approach to conflict situations;
  • inflexibility, the presence of the rod;
  • perfectionism, the desire to idealize everything;
  • strong spirit, strong-willed abilities of a leader;
  • organization and responsibility — shades of blue at the subconscious level will help a person to focus on important goals for himself, to structure the information received;
  • Psychologically, the blue tint will tell you about the tendency to make decisions using your sixth sense, as well as about calmness and the ability to find smart compromise solutions.

What is the meaning of the noble blue color?

Characteristics of different shades of blue

In many ways, the value and effect of blue on a person will depend on the type of his shade:

  • Indigo (dark blue) is a shade of dreams. It is a very serious color, which is able to provoke depressive states, to drive a person into sadness. If this color is absolutely antipathetic to you, it means that you dream of relaxation and rest from everything;
  • blue — symbolizes carelessness. He is able to calm, give a person hope, and more — improves vision. But there is a blue and one negative side — color contributes to the dispersion of attention and violates the concentration, and in addition — slows down growth and development. Also, blue hue is associated with dreams and dreams;
  • Since blue is very akin to black, it was filled with some meanings of its fellow. Therefore, it is not surprising that demons were black and blue in the stories. And many nationalities believed that blue symbolizes mourning. For the French, blue evokes an association with “blue horror” (a fairy tale about “Blue beard”).

An interesting nuance. Predators scare all that is painted in blue tones.

If you are crazy about blue

Those individuals who are attracted to the blue hue, are melancholic, modesty, self-doubt, honesty, and peace is vital for them. They are capable of self-sacrifice, they like reading, and they also give more than they receive.

«Blue» does not like conflicts and scandals. Such people can feel lonely, even being in society.

If, on the contrary, the blue tint causes antipathy, then the person dreams of putting his nervous system in order. He is frightened by the routine and monotony of any kind. Such a person will constantly strive to change his life.

He can be angry with responsibility, he wants to get light wealth and fame.

People begin to have a heightened need for blue when they are sick or offended by someone.

Blue is able to fill a person with power, although it is quite powerful and narcissistic shade. It is very multifaceted: it can, if necessary, show tenderness, and can — recalcitrance and steadfastness.

Characteristic blue in the wardrobe

Are there many dark blue items in your closet? In this case, you can be characterized as follows: you are a very intelligent and integral person, who needs spiritual warmth, affection and attention.

You are also distinguished by impressive patience, restraint and moderation. You tend to dive into yourself, because in such a state you concentrate better on what is happening, which helps you make the right decisions in different life situations.

Wearing blue clothes is very much shown for all those who often face mood swings.

What is the meaning of the noble blue color?

If blue shades are more attractive to you, then you cannot imagine your life without dreams and a world of dreams. Such individuals are decided on any kind of sacrifice, in order to at least somehow manifest themselves as an individual.

It is extremely important for them to be noticed by others.

It should also be noted that the same practicality as that of black is inherent in the blue tint. For example, it also has slimming properties.

You can check it out for yourself: in a dress or a blue suit you will look much more elegant.

Are you an incorrigible romantic who dreams of true love and feelings? Then you need to opt for the cornflower-blue shades.

If in your arsenal there are no skirts and dresses, and instead of them there are jeans, you can be sure that they combine nobleness and quality.

Often suffer from heat and need coolness? Then you should go into the room with a noticeable content of «blue» and you can immediately feel the pleasant coolness.

Therefore, blue is a very beneficial color for hot, sultry summertime.

This dual blue

Blue has both good and negative characteristics, namely:

  • positive meaning: tells about high spirituality, wisdom, patience, truth, calmness and tranquility. The hue will inspire greater accomplishments, purify the soul, and also this is the shade of the sixth sense and secret knowledge;
  • negative characteristics of blue: it speaks of weakness, emotional cold and an unbalanced nervous system, rancor, complacency. Another blue is able to provoke a loss of a sense of reality, fraught with the development of drug addiction and depression.

Here it is — deep and majestic blue. The following video will tell you more information about this shade:

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