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What is the meaning of the mysterious orchid flowers?

What are the mystical significance of orchid flowers?

An orchid is a flower that almost everyone and always causes positive emotions, brings to amazement and delight. But not all amateur growers and budding florists know that they started planting this extraordinarily beautiful plant quite by accident.

In addition, residents of Western countries until recently attributed the flowers of orchids to the category of nondescript and absolutely did not appreciate them. But today the orchid is an ideal variant of an extraordinary and memorable present.

This plant often decorate the interior of the house or office space.

In this article we will tell you about the meaning of orchid flowers and provide a lot of other interesting information.

What is the meaning of the mysterious orchid flowers?

General Orchid Information

The Latin version of the name «Orchidaceae» in the approximate translation means «originating from God.» The main feature of orchids are infinitely varied colors and unusual shapes.

For the most part, it is precisely due to these features that these amazing plants are so highly valued by growers.

Although there are quite ordinary-looking plants. There are types of varieties reaching two millimeters in diameter.

Another difference in orchids is the way they reproduce. In the seed capsules of these plants more than two million seeds, which the wind carries over a large distance and which later turn into new flowering plants.

Orchid has an unusual beauty, but at the same time they have no pollen, which attract pollinating insects. In addition, not all of the varieties of orchids have nectar.

Therefore, the main advantage of these plants is their unusual beauty, ability to mimic and delicious aroma.

Historical inquiries about flowers

At the very beginning of the 19th century, one European importer of tropical plants received in a simple package very interesting bulbous stems, which were used as standard packaging material. Out of ordinary curiosity, he landed these stalks.

As a result, quite unusual, but very attractive flowers of soft lilac color grew.

After some time, these plants began to grow at a fairly high commercial level. Many people who wanted to cash in began to travel to the tropical jungle to find new unusual species.

But most of the plants did not reach their destination because of the need to transport plants across the sea.

The same copies, which still reached Europe, were very expensive. A little later, growers were able to learn how to grow artificial hybrids, and then many of the orchid varieties fell dramatically in their price.

Even today, one can find quite rare and exotic variants of such orchids, the price of which exceeds twenty thousand dollars for one plant.

What symbolism does an orchid have? Its use in magic

In Vietnam, on New Year’s Eve, according to the lunar calendar, the time of flowering of orchids begins. This is the beginning of spring, and the orchid, just the same, symbolizes this wonderful time of the year.

It is in the spring that everything starts to bloom, feelings become aggravated, that is why the orchid is a symbol of youth and love at the expense of its amazing aroma and passion. The symbolism of the orchid flower was borrowed by many other states.

For example, in Europe, orchid personifies perfection and elegance. And in parts of Latin America, orchids have a large symbolic load, they are honored as national symbols.

In China, with the help of orchids, dark forces are dispersed, while among the ancient Greeks, it was the orchid that was the most sacred flower.

Also, the color of a flower is strongly influenced by its color:

  • The white orchid is a symbol of pure creativity, and also enhances the understanding of the benefits and harm that are caused by certain words and deeds. White orchid can be safely presented to the artist, musician, in whose work notes of sadness and sadness can be traced. Also white orchid personifies purity, innocence and tenderness.
  • An orchid of red or ruby ​​color — tells about the purity of thoughts and passion. Getting such a flower was similar to getting a love confession. To achieve favor from the deities of love, a ritual using an orchid root is recommended. With it, you can attract your soul mate and gain mutual love.

What is the meaning of the mysterious orchid flowers?

Also the saturated red shade pushes the person on prompt actions. Therefore, a blood-red orchid motivates even very lazy personalities to act.

  • Orchid is also considered a magical plant, and also the most erotic flower. The value that a delicate pink orchid possesses is the filling of human life with beauty, pleasures and other benefits.
  • The orchid of yellow and orange color — provokes the need for decisive action without further thought. These are sunny shades that are able to inspire people and increase the flow of creative energy, with which this plant quite successfully copes.

Astrologically, this flower is filled with solar energy, which means that it is responsible for creativity and creation. Since the orchid is a very delicate plant, it has an absolutely unobtrusive influence on the mood with the desires of the person.

Argued that the orchid patronizes the fair sex in that our world is brighter and cleaner, as well as in facilitating life. The flower can be a real talisman of long-term love relationships.

And the bouquets made up of orchids represent the perfect wedding talisman that enhances the feelings in the guy and makes him feel enchanted by his girlfriend.

The rite of «sacrificing» orchids of fire, air, earth and water elements is designed to help achieve the desired goal and bring great luck into your life.

It is also believed that with the help of an orchid flower a person copes more easily with the pain of loss, rather, grief passes. And if you are prone to depressive states, you are overwhelmed by pessimism, have lost the taste of life — you must buy an orchid flower.

It will fill your home with solar energy, as well as give you bright and joyful feelings and thoughts, will push you to new achievements.

Good signs regarding orchids

According to the famous teachings, feng shui orchids can be bred at home, but some precautions must be taken. Only in this case, they will not have a negative value and will turn into a real talisman of any woman, will contribute to the development of her talents and creative abilities.

To achieve the location of an orchid — treat it with proper care, prevent diseases in time and make sure that the flower does not wilt.

What is the meaning of the mysterious orchid flowers?

Mystics are confident that with the help of an orchid flower, the extension and even the return of their youth, health and good mood is real. The flower makes the girl more attractive and contributes to the enhancement of female energy and all female characteristics. Using this home plant really get rid of negative energy in the home and fill it with a stream of positive energy.

Also pay attention to the color, because plants of different shades have different effects.

Orchid can turn into your personal protector. For example, if a person comes to your dwelling who has thought about something bad about you — the flower will surely chase him away, provoking an attack of bad health and a desire to leave your apartment as soon as possible.

Secret and obvious enemies that will be under the influence of orchids, will face bouts of headaches, various anxiety states and other types of violations.

Now you know how important a beautiful orchid flower is. You can get even more interesting information from the following video material:

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