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What is the Holy Grail and did it exist?

What is the Holy Grail and did it really exist?

The Holy Grail (or otherwise the Holy Grail) is a mystical Christian relic that never ceases to excite the mind of researchers around the world. Sometimes the word «Holy Grail» can be used in the figurative meaning of the word, then it means some cherished goal, unattainable or difficult to achieve.

In more detail about this mysterious subject you can learn from this article.

What is the Holy Grail and did it exist?

What is the Holy Grail

It is traditionally considered that the myth of the Holy Grail is based on the Christian apocrypha (a book that tells about the objects contained in the Holy Scripture, but not received official church recognition) about the arrival in Britain of Joseph of Arimathea.

Another legend about the Holy Grail is connected with the mythological ancient Queltic legends.

And according to the third legend, the myth about the Holy Grail has a connection with a secret occult organization that existed in ancient times. Her followers had secret knowledge, carefully transferred from one generation to another.

Combining all the versions relating to the origin of the Holy Grail to one, we find that initially this mysterious artifact acted as a precious emerald that adorned Lucifer’s crown.

But the archangel Michael gathered an army of angels and attacked Lucifer with his legions of spirits. When the battle took place, Michael, using his fiery sword, managed to dislodge the mineral from the crown of his enemy and the stone was swallowed up by the Abyss.

After that, in the future, a bowl was made of stone, which they called the “Holy Grail” or “Grail”.

Subsequently, the cup was used by Jesus Christ and his disciples. She was an attribute of the Last Supper.

After the Savior’s death, his followers were able to collect a few drops of his blood into it. The cup, along with the spear that wounded Jesus, was brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea.

There is another version concerning the origin of this artifact. She calls the Holy Grail a precious mystical relic that survived the time when the Great Flood happened.

What is the mystery associated with the Holy Grail

Legends say that the person who drinks from the grail will receive absolution from all his sins, and will also be able to enjoy eternal life. Some versions suggest that even just seeing this sacred object at close range is already capable of bestowing immortality on a person, however, only for a certain period of time.

There is a very interesting version of the interpretation of the Holy Grail, which stands out markedly among others. He calls the notorious cup not a material substance, but a special state of the soul when it unites with the Supreme.

So, to discover the Grail in this version means to become enlightened.

There is an atheistic version of this version. This is the Vellerian idea of ​​the Grail, implying it as the ultimate goal of human development. In the above understanding, the Grail is a human civilization that has developed so much that it can create new realities with new Universes.

That is, the Grail is a cup in which the maturation of new worlds is possible.

What is the Holy Grail and did it exist?

Of course, such a shrine can not be in the hands of a simple (and also sinful) mortal. Therefore, anyone who is unworthy, but approaching a sacred object, immediately receives a punishment in the form of a serious wound or illness.

Where is the holy grail?

In what place is this ancient legendary relic hidden? There are many answers to this question, but it is very difficult to understand whether the right one is among them …

The most common theory says that Joseph of Arimathea, following what St. Philip told him, left Jerusalem and took the relics entrusted to him, which he was to take to the lands of Britain.

When he reached his destination, Joseph placed his staff in the ground, which had taken root and turned into a magnificent thorn bush. Twice a year flowers appeared on this bush.

Joseph understood that this was a sign from the Higher Forces and began construction on the place of the church, which later became an abbey. Argued that the Holy Grail is hiding somewhere in the dungeon of some of the abbey of Glanstonbury.

According to other sources, the bowl can be searched for in the magical castle of Salvat (Spain), which was allegedly erected by angelic beings during one night.

A medieval novels about Persifal, talk about the hero who searches and finds the mystical castle Munsalves, in which the Grail is kept, securely guarded by the Templars. A very large number of legends from different times asserts that the Holy Grail is carefully kept by representatives of this secret order.

Quest for the sacred bowl

People began to be puzzled by the search for mystical relics for a very long time. In the 9th century, the “hunting” of relics concerning the Savior’s earthly life intensified in Europe.

This trend reaches its peak by the 13th century. Then the ruler of France, Louis Saints, brought various instruments of Passion from Constantinople to Paris, which they placed in the specially built Holy Chapel.

At that time, no one doubted the authenticity of the guns.

However, despite the fact that there were many instruments of Passion, the sacred cup from which the Savior drank at the last evening was absent among them. Therefore, different versions of its finding began to appear.

That area of ​​France, which was under the control of the English crown, said that the legendary cup should be sought precisely on British lands.

Some descriptions compare the Grail to an inexhaustible vessel belonging to ancient Celtic legends. Its functionality is very similar to similar items from the myths of other Indo-European nations (for example, the famous Horn of Plenty).

What kind of Holy Grail looked like?

You can not find a description of the appearance of the famous artifact in any of the literary sources. The books tell the story of the origin and location of the subject, but they do not provide a specific description for it.

Thus, ancient legends and apocrypha claim that the basis for the cup was a precious mineral that fell from the head decoration of Lucifer himself (it could be turquoise or emerald).

Taking into account the Jewish tradition, scientists come to the conclusion that the bowl should have a rather big size, and also have a base in the shape of a leg with a stand. Notable, of course, are no longer the external characteristics of the cup, but its properties to healing and blessing.

What is the Holy Grail and did it exist?

Holy Grail: is myth or reality

For centuries, the geniuses of science have been fighting over the mystery of the Holy Grail. The main question is: did the cup really exist?

Numerous adventurers attempted to enter the mythical bowl, but their searches did not yield any result, and the bowl continues to be a mystery to this day.

Information about her is stored exclusively in the apocrypha, legends and artistic sources. Not a single scientific work mentions this artifact, which never gives an opportunity to unambiguously answer the question posed above.

Holy Grail and Hitler

Adolf Hitler also searched for famous Christian relics. Why did he need her?

To understand this, you need to turn to the magical properties of the bowl.

We have already mentioned above that the cup was designed to give its owner the power and make it immortal. And since Hitler dreamed of conquering the whole world, he set himself the goal of finding a magic cup, no matter what the cost.

And besides, according to the legends, the cup was hidden not by itself, but along with other rare treasures.

Therefore, Hitler created a special group to search for treasure. Her head was Otto Skorzeny.

On the further information can not say anything unequivocally.

It is only known for certain that the group discovered the treasures in the castle of Montsegur (France), however, whether they found the Grail is already unknown. Towards the end of the war, people living near this castle could observe how the SS soldiers hid something in the tunnels of this structure.

There are suggestions that they returned to the place of the holy grail ..

Wikipedia will tell you more about the famous Holy Grail.

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