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What is the evil eye, how is it manifested and eliminated

What is the evil eye and how to get rid of it

What is the evil eye — if you are interested in this question and you want to find an answer to it — we advise you to read this article, which tells the differences between the evil eye and the damage, describes the main signs of the evil eye, and also reveals ways to combat negative impact.

What is the evil eye, how is it manifested and eliminated

The evil eye is different from damage

There is much in common between the evil eye and the damage, but as far as their influence on the human body is concerned, they differ considerably in this indicator.

The evil eye acts as an influence committed at the level of information. It is a negative program that can begin to act on a person.

For example, you may be jinxed, but for a certain time you will not notice any strange symptoms, your condition will be the same as your internal energy resists external influence.

But if something unpleasant happens in your life or you get sick — your emotional state will immediately worsen, the physical potential will weaken, because a hole in your energy body will form, into which the energy of the evil eye will penetrate. Then it will begin its action, gradually destroying the aura.

Damage is induced on a completely different principle. In this case, the person is directed so powerful negative energy flow that it is impossible to resist. Only a person who has a strong defense and who uses it properly when danger approaches can cope with this.

But this requires a powerful intuition.

The evil eye is not a deliberate magical effect, because it has a not so detrimental effect on the human body as damage. But almost every person can jinx it; for this reason, it is often difficult to determine the nature of a negative program and select the most appropriate ritual to eliminate it.

The main signs of the evil eye

At the physical level, the evil eye manifests itself with such signs:

  • the state of health is sharply worsening;
  • frequent headache or toothache is characteristic;
  • a person becomes nervous and irritable;
  • gets tired quickly even from insignificant loads;
  • dizziness occurs;
  • difficulty falling asleep or increased sleepiness;
  • man is afraid of the sun’s rays;
  • his mood changes dramatically;
  • career or personal relationship failures.

What is the evil eye, how is it manifested and eliminated

The positive point is that the evil eye has, for the most part, a short-term effect, which means that the symptoms mentioned above are prone, as they quickly appear, to also quickly disappear.

Usually, a person who has suffered from the evil eye is sure that he has faced pathology or suffered from severe overwork. Although there are difficult situations when the evil eye is able to provoke a complete degradation of the individual and even cause death.

How to remove the evil eye rituals

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rites by which the elimination of negative impact is possible.

Ritual of removing the evil eye

For him, you need to prepare a glass in which you pour the purified water (you can replace with a cup) and a box of matches.

Burn nine matches to the ground, each subsequent ignites from the previous one. And each burnt match rushes into the water, while it should be said:

«Not the eighth … not the seventh … not the sixth …». You need to immerse all the matches in the water.

Then you need to wait a minute: if at least one of the burnt matches is in an upright position — you definitely have the evil eye. The greater the number of matches «worth» — the stronger and more destructive the negative impact.

In the case where the matches continue to be on top — the evil eye is absent.

You will need to say:

«Good at the gate, evil is gone forever!»

With water from a glass, small crosses are drawn on the forehead, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists and in the solar plexus. Then sip three times from the glass, and pour the remaining water.

How to urgently protect yourself from the evil eye

Salt will help to take away the negative impact of your person. To do this, you will need to always carry a small amount of it with you.

And as soon as you feel an uncomfortable phenomenon — anxiety in the presence of some personality, it means that this person is an energy vampire that feeds on your energy.

Also on the vampire indicates the appearance of a yawn in his presence. If you notice such a symptom — you will need to quickly get the salt out of the scarf and hold it in the right fist.

At the same time, lay the left brush on the solar plexus area. You silently pronounce the phrase: “I don’t give” (meaning energy).

Conspiracy to not jinx yourself

What is the evil eye, how is it manifested and eliminated

Self-eye is an overly active reaction of a relative pleasant event that happened to you, about which you constantly tell others.

You, for certain, noticed that as soon as you praised someone for doing a good deed, he immediately spoiled his behavior and began to unpleasantly surprise you.

Or they just told a friend about a successfully acquired dress — as they found marriage on it and there are a huge number of such examples. Protect the salt from the self-eyes.

You will need to stand at the mirror, pick up a pinch of salt and, peering at your reflection, say three times:

What is the evil eye, how is it manifested and eliminated

Ritual of removing the evil eye

The patient, who will remove the evil eye, is planted so that his face is turned to the icons. With their absence, sit the person so that the face looks towards the window. Stand behind him, take a raw egg and lead them clockwise around the head.

Make just a few approaches.

Pay attention to some points:

  • processing of the head in this ritual should be given special attention, because when the evil eye is most affected upper energy centers;
  • after the head, begin to spiral down along the spinal column — this is another favorite place for the accumulation of negative energy;
  • then move to the upper and lower limbs. Do not tear the egg from the body, even when you return to the hands from the bottom of the spinal column;
  • during the performance of the ceremony it is necessary to read the appropriate prayers: to remove damage, fear, the evil eye (you can use others, the most important thing is to have a sincere desire to help the person affected by the evil eye);
  • when the ceremony is completed (its duration ranges from ten to fifteen minutes), you need to take a glass, pour 100 milliliters of water into it and say:

What is the evil eye, how is it manifested and eliminated

And when you finish reading, you need to break an egg and pour it into a glass. It is important not to damage the yolk.

The shell gags in the hand and throws itself on a piece of paper. When the manipulation is complete, burn this paper on the ground and bury it.

In the process, read the famous prayers: «Our Father,» «The Life-giving Cross.»

In conclusion, it is important to put your hands on the elbow in cool water.

Now you know what the evil eye is and how to get rid of this negative impact. Try to share your joyful news with others less, tell only what has already happened, and not what is planned.

Finally, watch the video on the subject of the evil eye

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