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What is the affirmation of the top 10 best affirmations for all occasions

What is this «affirmation» + TOP 10 best affirmations for all occasions

Do you dream to change your life for the better and create an image of the ideal yourself? Then you will come to the aid of short phrases installation, designed to tune a person to the correct vibrations and leading to success.

This is affirmations and what it is, how it works and the top 10 best affirmations for all occasions you can find out after reading this article.

What is the affirmation of the top 10 best affirmations for all occasions

What are affirmations really

Affirmation is a positive statement that expresses what a person wants to have or what he wants to become. Based on specific life circumstances, affirmations can either be spoken out loud, or used mentally.

It does not affect the final result.

The method of affirmations was known to people from very ancient times, as it represents the simplest and most effective way for a person to become more successful, healthy and open a stream of well-being for himself.

There is a famous law, according to which — what is inside will manifest itself outside. It is he who allows to understand the principle of operation of positive installations.

And to make it more clear, this law can be interpreted as follows: thinking about luck, you attract good luck into your life, just like vice versa — bad thoughts will attract flows of negative energy.

The first time in history, when a positive action from self-suggestion was officially recorded, falls on the beginning of the twentieth century. The founder of this technique becomes Emile Couet, who began to successfully use it in his medical center (France). The doctor “assigned” to his patients the regular pronunciation of the statement:

«Every day, my state of health is improving and improving.»

Patients began to pronounce affirmations every day in the morning and before going to bed for a few minutes. Cue’s therapy helped to achieve truly impressive results — patients began to recover much faster and their health began to improve and improve.

All results of the experiment were recorded officially and at that time became a real sensation for the scientific community.

Did you know that the famous phrase “I am the most charming and attractive” is the real affirmation. Of course, few take it seriously.

And it may even in vain?

Now I invite you to familiarize yourself with the mechanism of action of positive attitudes — by the way, brilliantly simple, but no less effective. The thing is that when we pronounce affirmations, we begin to “bring” positive statements to our brain, due to which the flow of negative thoughts disappears from our heads.

To make it more understandable for you to accept this process, I cite a concrete and very simple example. Imagine a glass in which poured muddy water and which was placed under a stream of clean water flowing from the tap.

What will happen to him?

It is quite logical that the flow of clean water within a fairly quick time will displace all the dirt and only clean water will remain in the glass. The same thing happens with affirmations — when you regularly pronounce them, you more and more eliminate the negative from your head and only positive thoughts remain in it.

Secrets of the work of affirmations

Why do affirmations really work? Let’s try to figure it out.

From the currently popular trainings, we learn that the human brain works according to the programs that the person himself puts into it.

Therefore, when we, without attaching special significance to it, say that we are sick, unattractive, nobody loves us — automatically our words and thoughts begin to gradually manifest in life.

In the same way, telling ourselves that we are on the wave of success, we are distinguished by huge attractiveness, we have a lot of money — we start to fill with all these qualities, and we can realize them in real life.

From childhood, parents unleashed a number of different programs that later greatly influence our whole life.

Moreover, in some cases, the inspired programs are so heavy that a person cannot cope with them on his own, and he is forced to live by someone else’s, not his own personal principles and attitudes. He lives such a life and cannot understand why he has things not going the way he would like.

Of course, he is unlikely to think that once, when he was small, his parents told him that he was a loser, ignorant, incompetent, and so on … All these attitudes managed to take root very firmly in the human subconscious and his brain began to perceive them in as a program to act and began to implement in reality.

Such programs can be very variable and affect absolutely any area of ​​life.

Some people live according to the programs, that it is impossible to find love in this world and that they will never be loved, they will not find their soul mate. Others are coded for the need to work hard, while receiving meager wages.

And someone else, on the contrary, has a darling of fate program who is able to cope with any difficulties, which leaves absolutely everything that he only thinks about, is sure that he can win a beauty contest, even with curved legs by nature and starts to realize these dreams in your life, not limiting yourself in anything. You can even be sure that this happens.

What is the affirmation of the top 10 best affirmations for all occasions

“All my dreams become reality”

It turns out that if everything inherent in our brain is nothing more and nothing less than just a program, it means that we can change everything and bring everything into our life, what we passionately dream about.

To do this, you just need to remove the old program and install a new one — reprogramming yourself for everything that our soul desires.

Of course, it only sounds so easy and simple, but in practice the task can be quite complicated, especially if the installations are outdated, they are supported by various facts and life experience, and also if there is no belief in yourself, in your abilities and your inner strength.

That’s what affirmations exist for. With their help, you will be able to eliminate hidden negative attitudes at the subconscious level and bring into your life everything that you need.

The right plan for making your personal affirmations

Now it would be appropriate to try to make affirmations for yourself personally using a concrete example. For example, we are in dire need of finance — that is, money.

Initially, it is important to find out which of the negative attitudes are capable of blocking the flow of monetary energy to you.

This happens every time the following thoughts come to your head:

  1. Material goods (money) are evil.
  2. Having a lot of money is bad in all cases.
  3. All money cannot be earned.
  4. Money does not bring happiness (the last statement is indisputable, true, but one should not think only in this context. Otherwise, money can not be seen for a very long time).
  5. Money can be earned solely through hard labor or through dishonest means (crime, theft, and so on).
  6. I will not be able to get a job, too old for work, not a good education, not enough experience, it is too late to start, there is not enough money (again!) To open my business, there are no opportunities and so on and so forth.

Surely, many feel the presence of such attitudes in themselves, although they are carefully masked by our subconscious. It is these negative beliefs that steal our faith in ourselves, our own strength, do not allow us to consider current new methods of earnings, which could really bring a good income.

This is also a kind of affirmations, but only negative ones, which block our money channels and force us to work for a fixed payment. Therefore, often people, not properly assessing their inner potential, agree to work at work with low pay.

The reason for this is still the same negative attitudes. Their presence hinders the search for decent work for us and the maintenance of the life we ​​dream of.

Of course, to eliminate all this negativity from your subconscious you have to do titanic work and apply a lot of energy. However, if you really have a strong desire and you show enough persistence — with the help of positive affirmations you will definitely achieve your goals.

Next, let’s deal with the main rules for the preparation of affirmations.

  1. Be sure to form your statement in the form of a fact that is happening at the present time.

“I attract”, “Appears in my life”

  1. Affirmations should contain only positive words, and there should be no negative statements and a bit of denial (“not”).

That is, it is impossible to say “I am not ill” in a positive setting, you need to pronounce the correct version of affirmation:

  1. Do not make too long affirmations — limit to two — maximum five words. But it is important that the statement be short and bright, cutting into the memory.
  1. Of course, it is not unimportant that a positive statement should be to your liking, it will bring joy. Follow your inner feelings in the process of pronouncing affirmations — you should face only positive emotions.

Suppose if you are sick of something and it is morally difficult for you to constantly say “I am healthy”, then try replacing this affirmation with a similar meaning, but more pleasant for hearing:

«I am feeling better».

You can choose for yourself any one affirmation that will become your favorite and which you will use most often. Believe me, as soon as it takes root in your subconscious, your brain will automatically begin to prompt you with new and new ideas for earnings, so it just starts to feel dizzy.

You will not have time to digest old ideas, as more and more new ones will constantly arise!

Why affirmations may not work?

Positive settings will work only if they are regularly pronounced.

There are also mistakes made by many practitioners, namely:

  • Drafting statements;
  • Incorrectly formed coding phrases;
  • Changing the surrounding reality.

All those who use affirmations need to remember that changing their worldview and attitude to the world around them contributes to changing the world around you. With the help of word encodings, you can change yourself and your worldview, but you can not influence other people.

Until such time as people themselves begin to believe in self-coding, they will not be able to change their lives.

It is for this reason that affirmations that involve specific people who need to do something for you will not be workers.

What is the affirmation of the top 10 best affirmations for all occasions

For example, the wrong setting:

«The boss appreciates me, and the employees respect me.»

«I am a respected person in the team.»

Practice frequency

Many of those who start working with affirmations make a popular mistake — they turn to them for help irregularly and haphazardly. And in order for the installation to begin to act, it will take a long time.

For the correct distribution of efforts and the calculation of time, until the first results appear, it is necessary to use 5 such rules:

  1. Want to get success as soon as possible? Then you need every day to make some effort. Due to the systematic work of the effect of the affirmations will increase.
  2. Reach your goal in small steps. Let the first be a simple step, and behind it already — more complicated.
  3. Set a final goal, develop a plan of action and define a specific timeline at each stage.
  4. Do not expect instant results, you will need enough patience.
  5. Do not be distracted by trifles, let your action be focused with careful consideration of each next stage.

And besides that, you need the most complete information about the goal that you would like to achieve.

The first visible results will be obtained at the end of the 3rd month of systematic exercises.

For some reason, still may not work or not always work affirmations?

  • Because of your immoderation. If you want to solve all your problems at once, then you start to use an excessively large number of statements, which in the end get confused. Ten positive attitudes at the initial stage — that’s enough. In the future, you can start using other settings, but you should always start with something small.
  • Due to internal doubts. Feeling inner disharmony with lined up phrases, when you do not find a response to them in your soul — think about the reasons. There may be only two: you want to get something that is in conflict with your beliefs and views, or you do not finally believe that the affirmation really works.

No matter which situation of the above applies to you, in any case, you need to think over and form a goal, study it from a different position and form an affirmation with the help of such words that you will feel an internal response.

Feeling inner dissatisfaction and not fully understanding the results of your efforts, you will achieve the exact opposite result than the one you dream of. It is important that when you pronounce your installation, inside you feel joyful and inspired.

  • New experience. Over time, people get used to everything. However, affirmations are not something to be dismissive of. When you say the phrases, you need to feel the full effect of the presence and attention to them. Therefore, always speak the main words with the same force as you did for the first time.
  • Concretized goals. The goal can be formed correctly, and you — sincerely want to achieve it, but instead get farther and farther from the result. What is the reason for this phenomenon? The answer will be the following — you need to set yourself global goals, the achievement of which will require many small but concrete steps. It is on these steps that you will be able to advance further.
  • The unattainability of the desired. It is important that the goals set before you, for which you decide to use affirmations, are completely realistic and achievable.

What is the affirmation of the top 10 best affirmations for all occasions

To make it clearer, let’s look at a specific example:

«I find a bag in which gold bars lie (or a million dollars, as an option).»

It is clear that such a dream belongs to the category of ghostly and it is unlikely that it will be realized, however, you can still try. You can always add to the affirmation of additional specifying words in order to increase the likelihood of its implementation.

For example, add the following to the statement in question:

«There was a gangster disassembly, due to which a bag with gold bars was lost and I find it!»

Of course, this example is rather fantastic, but it contributes to the construction of a chain with reflections, plans and actions.

Work with positive settings

How to use affirmations correctly?

First you need to make a list of affirmations that will be used most often. This can be done in any way convenient for you: with the help of reading aloud, pronunciation in mental form, multiple recording and rehearing, and even singing!

There are no clear rules, you just need to do what your soul needs.

In addition, positive installations can be printed and hung in your home, installed on the screen saver on your desktop laptop or phone. In this case, the installation will start automatically, each time it appears before your eyes.

An important nuance. Affirmations must be used every day, deliberately, eliminating any doubts and internal differences.

Give the practice of affirmations for at least ten minutes daily.

Also remember that:

«All thoughts are valid, provided that they are reinforced by the senses.»

And when you try very hard, sincerely believe in it, over time, your new positive beliefs can take weight over those negative stereotypes that you have diligently “accumulated” over the years.

As a result, your life will be able to change in the most radical way, and you will be able to create for yourself exactly the kind of reality that you really dream of.

I know that reading this post will definitely change my life and your life for the better. If you still do not believe this, then the best time to start trying.

Finally, do not forget to watch an interesting video about the power of affirmations:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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