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What is studying parapsychology and methods of its research

What does parapsychology, the main areas of its study

Parapsychology is a research area that studies various abnormal phenomena concerning the supernatural capabilities of humans and animals. In its attempts to explain many unexplored phenomena of this world, parapsychology relies on scientific methodology, which makes the results obtained more reliable than in the case of many similar areas.

What is studying parapsychology and methods of its research

The history of parapsychology

Parapsychology is rooted in the nineteenth century. It was at this time that the first societies involved in the study of mental processes appeared in England and America.

Among the founders of science should be mentioned a psychologist and philosopher from the United States of America — William James.

Parapsychological research in London was founded by philosophers, scientists, teachers and politicians. They studied telepathy, hypnosis, clairvoyance, spiritualism and other similar phenomena.

One of the important achievements of the Society is that it carried out a census of the population, which was supposedly confronted with the phenomenon of hallucination (haunted). This was the first serious study of the paranormal phenomenon, which had a scientific basis.

In the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century, parapsychological research at Stanford University developed rapidly. A little later, Duke University was involved in the process.

And in 1957, the United States (North Carolina) created the Association of Parapsychology.

But this science reached its heyday in the seventies of the last century. At this time, a huge number of institutions and other organizations studying it appeared.

Also at this time, parapsychology for beginners began to enjoy great popularity; ordinary people in many countries of the world began to actively study it.

After the 1980s, interest in parapsychology declined somewhat. For this reason, a sufficient number of research centers were closed.

But despite this, parapsychology has already managed to firmly establish itself as a scientific direction. And the training of parapsychology for many has turned from fiction into reality.

What is studying parapsychology

Parapsychology is engaged in the study of various forms of sensitivity, which ensure the reception of information not through traditional organs of sense. This includes the ability of some living beings to influence the phenomena of the physical world that occur outside the body (without muscular effort — with the help of desires, mental energy, and so on).

Today, parapsychology specialists call such forms of sensitivity that can be developed by each person, but are currently unclaimed and therefore are lost.

  • Telepathy is the ability to transmit and receive information through thought.
  • Clairvoyance is the process of obtaining information about specific incidents of the surrounding reality, without the participation of traditional feelings and reasoning of the mind.
  • Foresight (proscopy) is a type of clairvoyance in which it becomes possible to predict what will happen.
  • Dowsing — finding a cluster of groundwater, ore, voids when using special indicators (metal wire, rod and the like)
  • Paradiagnostics — a medical diagnosis, for the formulation of which there is no need to contact with the patient.

What is studying parapsychology and methods of its research

All of these forms of sensitivity often form the basis of extrasensory perception. In addition, forms of influence on the external phenomena of the physical world are popular.

These include psychokinesis, which is the mental influence of a person on objects around him.

It also includes paramedicine, which is a field of activity related to parapsychology. Paramedics use specific methods of therapy that cannot be explained from a scientific point of view (treatment through the imposition of hands, mental suggestion, and the like).

It should be noted that most scientists are quite skeptical of parapsychology and the results of its research, it considers it pseudo-science, and those who practice it are classified as charlatans.

As for parapsychologists, they argue that all abnormal phenomena do exist, but due to the lack of their research, it is not yet possible to definitively establish their nature.

Scientists, representing the official science, argue that to date there are no scientific evidence that could confirm the abnormal capabilities of man. And all parapsychological studies are conducted in violation of scientific methodology.

According to the third point of view (which representatives of esoteric teachings have), the phenomena described above belong to the spiritual realm, which is scientifically unrealistic to know, therefore in this case it is necessary to rely solely on faith. It should be noted that parapsychologists themselves adhere to a similar opinion, who argue that their research cannot be reproduced in the same conditions.

For example, when a person enters a special mental state, he gains the ability to telepathy, but due to external interference (on the part of scientists) the fine structure is disturbed and the telepathic abilities disappear.

What is studying parapsychology and methods of its research

Even without taking into account the ambiguity of attitudes towards parapsychology, it is impossible not to note its scientific, esoteric and spiritual values. Especially the research of parapsychology influenced the new age movement, whose supporters saw in parapsychology the possibility of harmoniously combining the scientific and the spiritual.

As for the experiments of parapsychology, the most famous of them is the study of human extrasensory abilities, as well as intuition. Usually, the subject was asked to guess the options for correct answers — to set the color of the card on the other hand, hidden numbers or letters, and so on.

And if a person gave more correct answers than on average indicators, we can talk about a strong intuition.

At the same time, researchers need to detect and fix those states of the subject, when intuitive knowledge will be at its peak. We have already mentioned that it is rather difficult to use a scientific approach in experiments of this kind, because the superconscious states are entirely individual for each person and tend to pass very quickly.

Parapsychology has greatly influenced the culture — a large number of literary and cinema works that study various unexplained phenomena are known. The high degree of popularity of this topic lies in the fact that people are attracted to all the phenomenal, unique and mysterious, that which is beyond our comprehension.

But we are Western people, with great difficulty we perceive information of this kind. But unlike us, representatives of the Eastern tradition do not require scientific confirmation of such a plan, they need only realize their spiritual essence, and not a dry theory.

As for the serious future prospects of parapsychology, they are based on two components:

  • the general development of technical and scientific progress, due to which it becomes possible to identify and study previously inaccessible processes;
  • the dead end, in which official science is now, the absence of progressive trends, due to which more and more attention is being paid to alternative methods, to which parapsychology can also be attributed. If she manages to justify the hopes that are placed on her, then in the twenty-first century we have every chance to observe the amazing results of even more impressive and interesting parapsychological research.

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