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What is self-identity

Self-determination of the individual — what it is, how and when it is formed

The concept of self-determination of an individual has never been encountered before. Recently I learned that this term includes such concepts as the ability to defend one’s point of view in situations that differ from generally accepted rules of behavior.

What is self-identity

The essence of the concept is to prioritize, demonstrate your own values. The presence of self-determination of an individual is indicated by the possibility of going against society or stereotypes if they contradict their own ideas about good and evil.

The article describes this term in more detail, its impact on life, the adoption of its own personality and purpose.

Personal and social self-determination

In psychology, concepts distinguish the following types of self-determination:

  • personal — involves finding a place in life, choosing a strategy and determining criteria for success, purpose;
  • social — includes determining the place in society, belonging to society, a circle of people, the choice has an important influence on social awareness, religious, political, moral views, philosophy of life.

Professional self-determination stands out as a separate category, this includes the choice of profession, activity directions.

Types of personal self-determination

This classification was developed about 20 years ago, there are several types of personal self-determination:

  • harmonious — a person is satisfied with himself and with what is happening, looks into the future with optimism, is confident in the possibility of implementing his plans;
  • stagnant — characterized by satisfaction with today’s situation, but there is a fear of the future, changes, against the background of which self-doubt develops;
  • careless — a person is satisfied with the present, but irresponsible about the future, hoping for outside help;
  • negative self-determination — characterized by dissatisfaction with the present, lack of plans for the future, such a person is forced to go with the flow of life;
  • protective — a person does not like his life, he considers all difficulties temporary, in the future opportunities for self-realization are seen.

When you can talk about self-determination, self-determination of adolescents

The need for self-determination arises from the ages of 15 to 17 years. During this period, high school students are preparing for exams in universities, to choose a profession. The choice at this age is often not conscious or not fully realized.

In this case, it’s rather a psychological preparation of a person for self-determination.

It is worth noting that adolescence is accompanied by strong changes in the body. At this time, changing appearance, relationships with the environment, increases intelligence.

The period is considered very difficult and responsible. At the stage of transition from childhood to adult appears the desire for improvement.

Teenagers know themselves, express themselves, assert themselves as far as possible.

What is self-identity

The main feature of this transition is in the desire to look like adults, children copy their behavior, style of clothes, try to talk and dress differently. Surrounding adults also change attitudes toward children, they trust them more, they distribute responsibilities in the light of changes.

Adolescents try to behave in adults, as a result of moving on to the next stage of personal development.

During this period, the formation of self-awareness begins, personal needs are assessed differently. Adolescents are often not happy with themselves and their own appearance, they experience a discrepancy between the ideal created by them.

It is necessary to take into account that the modern education system is often useless for self-determination, some children cannot recognize their abilities and inclinations. The situation is aggravated by the wrong behavior of the teaching staff.

Children should be able to develop, lather, try themselves in creativity, set goals.

What is self-identity

Teenagers who are ready for personal self-determination are distinguished by a conscious attitude toward life; they have an idea of ​​their own rights and obligations. They often formed moral attitudes, beliefs, adolescents are aware of the responsibility for their actions.

The presence of these properties will provide an active, conscious life.

The importance of self-determination

Each person must perceive himself as a person with certain properties and inclinations. This will help him to understand the direction of movement, to choose the right profession, to get motivated to action.

People without self-determination often achieve nothing, going with the flow leads to living the usual gray life.

Self-esteem forms volitional qualities, self-reliance. Adequate self-esteem is considered an excellent guarantee for self-development.

Some successes can increase self-confidence, which is an excellent motivation to achieve other goals. A person with values ​​easily sets priorities, can set goals and achieve them.

In this case, an important role is played by motivation, it is possible only with an accurate awareness of one’s own goals and needs.

The importance of daily work on yourself

The key to success in any business is constant work on yourself. A person should be able to analyze in any situation what he lacks to achieve the goal.

It is very important to pay attention to self-education, read a lot, attend seminars, trainings. All of these activities contribute to improving intelligence, expanding opportunities for self-realization.

Self-actualization allows you to maximize your own capabilities and talents. It helps to achieve success in any activity, it must meet spiritual needs, make a profit and be useful to society.

A person who has embarked on the road of self-development can become the master of his life, which will help to gain independence from other people’s opinions, limitations and stereotypes. This option allows you to make decisions and make choices based on your own convictions.

Such people understand themselves and life, live it bright.


  1. Personal self-determination is a very important thing in a person’s life, without it it’s more difficult to motivate yourself and achieve goals.
  2. The period of self-determination falls on adolescence, when children begin to recognize themselves, to choose a profession.
  3. With proper self-determination, a person knows how to set goals and achieve them, self-education also plays an important role.

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