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What is human energy, ways to increase it

What is human energy, how to increase it

What is human energy? We will talk about this interesting and unique phenomenon in this article. It turns out that the human body consists not only of a physical body with many organs.

It also includes thin bodies that most people cannot see.

What is human energy, ways to increase it

What is a person’s energy?

Even in ancient times, people knew that every material body has its own energy. It does not matter at all whether it is a living organism or an inanimate object. Each organism exchanges its energy with the outside world — it receives it from the external environment and radiates back.

In this way energy is circulated.

As a result of this energy exchange, a person may feel vigorous and full of strength or, on the contrary, exhausted and depressed. Mood and well-being, health and success depend on it.

Energy flows

The human body has a thin energy system. Energy circulation takes place not in the physical shell, but in this subtle energy structure that permeates the body.

The main energy flows that enter the human body are two flows — ascending and descending. They pass through energy channels in the opposite direction.

From below, through the feet, energy flows from the earth’s core to us. It rises along the spinal column to the energy center, which is located in the parietal region.

This is the energy flow of the Earth.

The second stream enters the center, located on the crown, and passes down to the fingers and feet. This is the flow of energy of the Cosmos.

Thus, the energies of man are created by the energies of the Cosmos and the Earth, which form our energy envelope or aura.

In order for the human energy system to be normal, these streams must freely circulate in the body and have no obstacles in their path. If some kind of malfunction of the energy system occurs, health problems or emotional disturbances arise.

So, the lack of energy of the Earth can lead to diseases of the heart and blood vessels. And with a lack of energy of the Cosmos, the joints and the spine are affected.

To strengthen the «earthly» energy is recommended to walk more often barefoot. This simple exercise activates the main energy points and improves energy exchange.

And if you are experiencing a lack of energy of the Cosmos, it is best to listen to classical music, engage in creative activities and meditative practices.

What is human energy, ways to increase it

Energy centers or chakras

Our body assimilates the earth and cosmic energies through energy centers or chakras. They are located along the spine and are connected by a channel called Sushumna. The body receives the earth’s energy through the three lower chakras, and the energy of the cosmos — the top three.

In the center is the Anahata chakra, which maintains the balance of these energies.

The chakras are energy cones with a vertex at the vertebral column and a base on the front surface. They function not separately, but in the form of combinations or “triangles of forces”.

Visually, the chakras are a whirlwind of energies resembling a lotus flower and having a specific color.

The most famous is the system, which includes seven energy centers and three central meridians — Sushumna, Ida and Pindal. Energy meridians or nadis connect chakras with various organs and systems and form a thin shell.

The chakras are arranged in this order:

  1. Muladhara — at the base of the spine in the crotch area.
  2. Svadhisthana — at the level of the pubis, below the navel on the width of the palm.
  3. Manipura — at the navel.
  4. Anahata — in the center at the level of the heart.
  5. Vishuddha — in the neck near the jugular cavity.
  6. Ajna — in the center of the forehead at the place of crossing of the optic nerves.
  7. Sahasrara — in the parietal zone.

Functions that perform the chakras in our body:

  1. Interconnected thin shells that are inside and outside the body.
  2. They fill the physical body with energy, thanks to which all physiological processes can take place in the body.
  3. Helping people psychologically interact with the outside world.
  4. Each open chakra gives a person certain abilities and capabilities.

The energy of each person is connected with the work of his energy centers. Depending on how the chakras work, a person can have strong or weak energy, positive or negative.

Signs of strong energy

A person with a strong energy, a born leader. These are self-confident and self-sufficient people who do not care about the opinions of others.

They are not afraid to express their emotions in front of outsiders, they behave naturally and naturally.

Such individuals are always full of new ideas and energize those around them. They have many interests and hobbies.

These are good speakers and creative personalities who have many fans and friends. They are very sociable and able to find an approach to any person.

In this they are helped by friendliness and charm, which it is impossible to resist.

Such individuals usually have characteristic external signs. Most often they have dark hair color, thin lips, heavy chin and thick eyebrows.

Their distinctive feature are also dark, almost black eyes piercing through and through.

Signs of weak energy

A person with weak energy is easily identified by characteristic signs. As a rule, such people are apathetic, emotionally unstable and prone to depression.

Often they cause pity and sympathy of others, it is unpleasant to communicate with them.

Such individuals have problems with obtaining energy in a natural way — through energy channels. They have disturbed energy exchange, there are holes in the aura, through which energy is leaking.

Therefore, most often, to fill the lack of vitality, such people resort to energy vampirism.

For people with weak energy are characterized by such signs:

  • Poor health and poor disease resistance.
  • Apathy and lethargy, tendency to depression, depression.
  • Melancholic mood and self-doubt.
  • Tendency to various phobias and mental disorders, sleep disturbance.
  • Lack of interest in life, passivity, unwillingness to develop.
  • Increased vulnerability and sensitivity.

Such people feel energetically exhausted after physical exertion, sex, alcohol. Even eating does not save the situation.

They need a long period to restore their energy potential.

Most often, elderly people suffer from a lack of energy, as well as those who have suffered a serious illness or severe stress.

What is human energy, ways to increase it

How to raise the level of energy?

If you want to increase your energy potential, follow the simple recommendations. First of all, you need to take care of proper rest.

After all, in order to maintain energy balance, the body must be able to recover. Try to sleep well and spend more time in nature, lead an active lifestyle, but do not overload your body.

Special meditative practices and yoga help to strengthen and enhance energy.

In addition, be sure to get rid of negative emotions and pessimism. During outbursts of anger, aggression, irritation and other negative experiences, there is a powerful release of vital energy, which greatly weakens the human biofield.

Try to push away all the negatives from yourself and if possible do not communicate with conflict and aggressive people.

If a person has a positive attitude, his energy becomes harmonious and has a positive effect on others. Benevolent and sincere people are attracted to him, and circumstances add up in his favor.

If you want to increase your energy, pay attention to spiritual development. A spiritually rich person opens up additional information and energy channels, new opportunities, talents and qualities appear.

Try to enjoy life, give love and spiritual warmth to others, drive away despondency, resentment and envy from yourself and then you will never suffer from lack of energy.

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