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What is gluttony and why is it so dangerous

Why passion of gluttony is so dangerous

Gluttony acts an abnormal passion for the use of tasty and harmful products, as well as non-compliance with the posts. The sin of gluttony is the main cause of all passions, it precedes all other types of vices and even bears the name of «root passion.»

Gluttony is manifested in the form of obedience, lactobasia (a strong desire to enjoy certain tastes, gourmetism, the substitution of lean products for soybeans and others with similar properties during fasting, a burden to the drug and alcohol and secretly dying).

The sin of gluttony violates the 2nd commandment and is one of the idol worship types. In a glutton, the first place is reserved for sensual pleasure, then the apostle Paul’s saying “their deity is the belly” becomes relevant.

The opposite virtue of gluttony is moderation with fasting.

What is gluttony and why is it so dangerous

In which species manifests gluttony

There are several forms in which gluttony can manifest itself, namely:

  • a person is tempted to consume too much food, much more than the body needs;
  • increased attraction to various food delights, gourmet;
  • desire to take part in feasts;
  • feeling of excessive craving for alcohol;
  • feeling over-attracted to specific foods (sweet foods, baked, flavored drinks, chocolate, etc.);
  • non compliance with posts;
  • secretion

What is fraught with this vice?

The negative impact of the sin of gluttony affects both mental and physiological health of the individual.

In spiritual matters, gluttony is insidious in that it provokes various other sinful vices — for example, despondency, fornication, and others.

Alcoholism is also one of the variations in gluttony. And it is fraught with the execution of various crimes against the Almighty and their loved ones (lies, expletives, sacrilege, blasphemy, disputes, hostility, theft, violence, assault, robbery and murder).

If you do not fight with passion, then it will definitely lower a person to the level of idolatry.

And at the physical level, pathological craving for food causes serious functional disorders of the bodily systems and organs, many severe pathologies.

Scripture calls gluttony one of the most harmful carnal passions.

What is the difference between the satisfaction of hunger from gluttony?

Man experiences a natural need for food, as in the source of energy, which allows you to maintain normal body activity. And if people judiciously, sensibly, and moderately eat food, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Degree gluttony begins to arise when a person is too abused by the satisfaction of this need. Then passion begins to distort, exaggerate the natural desire, conquers the human will.

To understand that passion has begun to develop and to conquer can be by the constant desire to be full.

Eating at the whim means wanting to eat, which is not motivated by physical need. But this does not apply to the rare desires of a person to taste exactly sweet, salty, spicy or smoked food.

If such desires are not repeated too often, it simply means that there is a lack of some taste in the diet.

But the regular desire to use some specific food, and making it very lustful — acts as a real whim and makes a person a slave to worm-eating.

How to understand that passion completely captured the person? All his thoughts are completely occupied only with thoughts about food and the desire to use it, and in large quantities.

If a person struggles with this harmful desire and begins to consume food moderately, based on his physical needs, then this cannot be attributed to the feast of food.

What is gluttony and why is it so dangerous

Why is the passion of gluttony a mortal sin?

In 2003, the leading associations of French cafes and restaurants sent an appeal to Pope John Paul II, in which they asked him to remove gluttony from the list of sins. The appeal was motivated by the fact that there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself with the help of exquisite dishes.

Is it sinful?

Many people may really have a question, for what reason is the desire to be attributed to sins? After all, we are surrounded by many things that are designed to be much more included in the «honorary seven» than just a passion for gluttony. Scientists call hunger a kind of beacon, which signals the lack of energy in the body.

However, it seems only from the first, very inattentive look.

The main human vices were identified by Thomas Aquinas as a source of sins in this way: “the main defect is one that has an extremely desirable goal, so that in the state of lust its individual is capable of committing various sins originating in this passion and acting as their main cause”.

The notion of “dopamine” was not known to our distant ancestors, but they correctly noted that “human greed is infinite”. And if a person begins to satisfy the lack of positive emotions in his life with food, then serious disturbances of the dopamine system occur in his body.

Basically, this system controls more penalties than rewards of the body, which are manifested in the overlapping of dopamine. In such situations, there is a decrease in dopamine (as, for example, when a person is starving), and he is thus motivated to take action.

Then the dopamine system briefly returns dopamine and the person feels good. This mechanism will work on victories, for example, in sports competitions, praise or condemnation of others and so on.

When dopamine levels decrease, a person is driven to achieve his goal due to overvoltage and stress.

Therefore, when you eat food, experiencing a real feeling of hunger — the work of the dopamine system is not disturbed. This is not a gluttony.

And as soon as you start eating for the purpose of having fun, it will become a classic dopamine stimulant.

Therefore, it can be argued that everything that begins to stimulate excessive release of dopamine — refers to gluttony. Perhaps the most popular stimulation of dopamine is the increased consumption of sweets.

Sugar is really no different from drugs and can lead to addiction, especially among those who are genetically or socially predisposed to it.

Therefore, all those who are accustomed to constantly eating sweets, cookies or other types of sweets in reality are no different from chain smokers. In both cases, the human brain will react in the same way.

The desire to have a snack is an absolute analogue of the desire to smoke a cigarette or drink a bottle of beer.

What is gluttony and why is it so dangerous

As a result of a serious violation of the dopamine system, the deformation of a person’s personality begins, as is the case with real addicts. Therefore, you should not treat the passion of gluttony easily and not give it significant attention, because in reality it is very dangerous.

How to win this vice

The struggle with gluttony consists of both spiritual, ascetic, and psychological methods.

Any sin can be dealt with exclusively with God’s help, so the first place in the fight against gluttony is given to prayer and sincere repentance. In addition, an important role is given to the mobilization of will, humility, godly labor and self-discipline.

The following can also help eliminate the destructive passion:

  • proper diet;
  • eating as simple as possible;
  • the completion of the meal before you experience full saturation;
  • drawing up the diet and the desire to stick to it;
  • rejection of extra feasts;
  • observance of the posts established by the Church;
  • refusal of the use of alcoholic beverages.

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