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What is duality — how does it affect human life

Duality: what it is and how it affects a person’s life

Since childhood, we have been taught what is bad and what is good, you can behave this way, and you can’t. There is good and evil, truth and lies, love and hate.

Many things are explained to us precisely by the example of opposites, painting the world of a child in black and white.

All actions are evaluated as right or wrong, and we ourselves become either good or bad. But after all, there are many other shades in the world, is it necessary to reduce everything to different poles?

Let’s see what duality is and whether there is an eternal choice between dark and light.

Concept of duality

Duality is polarization, division into opposites. They say that we live in a world of opposites: the day is replaced by night, the good triumphs over evil, the heat drives away the cold. We impose one of the poles as the one to which we must strive and learn to look at what is happening around from this very position.

We value others and ourselves, we try to compare everything with some absolute, but is there really any?

All opposites exist only in the mind of man. In nature, opposites go hand in hand, there are just events, and all evaluations are given by man. The wolf ate the hare — is it good or bad?

A wolf is good, a hare is not very good, there is simply action and its consequences.

What is duality - how does it affect human life

Darkness is always associated with evil, light with good. However, if there is no darkness, there will be no light, since one pole cannot exist without the second. Such poles are the extreme points of our assessments of what is happening.

Opposites are credited with constant struggle, but they are on the same scale, so the victory of one over the other is impossible.

Evaluation of any event is subjective. The same act can be assessed differently: someone will see in it a manifestation of good, the other — evil, the third will not fit what happened at one of the poles.

The third position is the most correct, as it implies an objective view of things.

Good intentions

Everyone has heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is also one of the manifestations of duality, when people, wanting to do a good deed, cause more evil. Often, in this case, a good idea is put at the forefront, but actual circumstances and possible consequences are not taken into account.

For example, the desire to save a family with a tyrant husband, that children have a father, leads to the fact that children grow up in constant stress and with beatings, the mother sits on antidepressants and as a result their life turns into hell. But the idea is good!

Any good quality, any initially correct thought can be brought to the point of absurdity, when there is no use for it, only harm. Thus, during the times of the Inquisition, many innocent women were tormented and burned, and all in the name of the Savior, in search of virtue.

How duality affects human life

Opposites live firmly in our heads since childhood. Evaluation of all events from the perspective of good-bad does not help at all in building a normal life and making good relations with people. After all, all actions are painted in white or black tones.

In this case, the same act can be caused by different circumstances. Too categorical assessments make it impossible to see the whole picture, make a person demanding and limited in his views.

What is duality - how does it affect human life

Consider some manifestations of duality:

  • The desire to do everything right. It seems as if there is nothing wrong with that. But the assessment of any action from this position forces us to be guided by generally accepted attitudes that are far from always suitable for a specific situation. Such a desire rather demonstrates the fear of being different from everyone, the fear of taking responsibility for their own decisions. Here lies the limitations, unwillingness to accept even the possibility that their “rules” may not be so correct.
  • Mistakes are bad. The same belief from childhood: to do it right is good, to err is bad. For some, the fear of mistakes grows into a desire to do nothing, just not to be mistaken. But we learn so. Moreover, it is sometimes impossible to separate the error from the subsequent changes in life. The unsuccessful marriage that led to divorce is a mistake, but is a loved child then a consequence of this mistake? You do not need to adjust everything to black and white terminology, you need to be more flexible and to perceive events as they are.
  • There are good qualities, such as kindness, generosity, sensitivity, there are bad ones: stubbornness, callousness, stinginess. However, the point here is not in the qualities themselves, but in the degree of their manifestation and the situations in which they are used. So stubborn can bring you to the attack, defending their case. But he will also stubbornly follow to his goal, and here he will show a sense of purpose, which, in essence, is the same stubbornness. Sensitive people can empathize with people, feel the beauty, find themselves in the works, but they can easily be hurt by offensive words or permanently put some events out of action.

What to do with duality in your head

A person is often unaware of the existence of dualities. For him, there is one of the poles, and he pays no attention to the second. For example, a person wants freedom.

But in his subconscious there is also a second pole — lack of freedom. The more an individual strives for freedom, the more he feels that he is not free.

You must agree that slaves most of all want freedom, but there will not be a free man to think about freedom; he already has it. The one who is hungry wants to be full.

Who thinks about wealth — feels poor. If there is a strong desire for something, then there is a second pole inside.

What is duality - how does it affect human life

This manifestation of duality is often used by religions, community leaders, sects, to win over people. At the same time, one of the poles is elevated to the rank of absolute good, there is so much talk about the need to achieve it, that a person begins to feel deprived of it.

It blinds and makes sometimes terrible acts in the name of a good idea.

In order not to fall into such a trap, you need to know about the presence of dualities and be able to work with them. The following actions will help you to free yourself from the influence of opposites and to objectively look at the world around you:

Ask yourself questions:

  • what is important to me?
  • What do I want to change in life?
  • what i want
  • what am i afraid of?
  • What do I think about myself?
  1. Highlight what is most important to you at the moment. For example, be rich. This will be one of the poles of the duality that is relevant to you.
  2. Pick up the second pole. It must be the opposite of the first. In our case, it will be — to remain poor. Or become poor. The options may be different, you need to listen to yourself, which of them causes the strongest feelings inside. So you will form the duality of «being rich — being poor.»
  3. Convictions that make it difficult to achieve goals are usually woven into the dualities. In the process of working on them, a lot of information and memories can emerge that, it would seem, have nothing to do with these poles, but they also need to be worked through.
  4. You can work with dualities both independently and with a specialist. Self-study includes compiling lists of opposites, meditations, affirmations, and other exercises.

Main conclusions

  • Duality exists only in our heads. In the world everything is interconnected, and events are not divided into black and white.
  • Evaluation of the world from the position of «good-bad» interferes with an adequate response to what is happening and limits the person’s outlook.
  • The same quality of character can be considered as positive or negative, depending on the situation and point of view.
  • For an objective assessment of the world you need to find the actual duality in your head and work through them.

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