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What is dowsing and what is it for?

Dowsing: techniques, applications and types of tools

All objects, subjects and objects of the environment emit energy, thanks to which any information can be obtained about them, even if the person concerned is at a great distance.

To do this, use special indicators that help diagnose the space and get answers to the questions asked. This method of reading information is called «biolocation«.

Approximately 10% of the world population has innate biolocation abilities, but if desired, any person can develop them.

What is dowsing and what is it for?

Spheres of application of the technique

Historical data confirm that the biolocation, which is also called dowsing, was used by the peoples of ancient Greece, Egypt and China. With its help, we searched for minerals, groundwater and suitable places for the erection of buildings.

Over time, the technique was modernized, which made it possible to significantly expand the scope of its application. Today, biolocation is successfully used in the following areas:

  1. Construction of buildings and their operation — the detection of damaged or abandoned communications and facilities, the assessment of their strength.
  2. Geoecology — identification of geopathogenic zones, burial sites of toxic waste, foci of methane formation, etc.
  3. Hydrogeology — the search for water reservoirs under the ground.
  4. Mining — the calculation of the place of origin of minerals and mine workings.
  5. Engineering geology — the discovery of man-made workings, karst cavities and cavities.
  6. Archeology — research and search for archaeological objects without excavation and drilling of the earth.
  7. Alternative medicine — diagnosing the state of human health and its energy.
  8. Warfare — the detection of explosive devices and hidden objects.
  9. Forensic science — searches for missing people, criminals, hiding places, unauthorized burials.
  10. Extrasensory — diagnostics of a person, terrain and objects, search events and getting answers to questions of interest.

The shipping industry has found application in everyday life — you can accurately determine the quality of the product, make the right decision, find the right path during the hike, etc.

Biolocation methods and indicators

Reading information through biolocation indicators can be several methods:

  • remote-field — search activities are carried out directly on the site where the desired object is supposedly located;
  • according to the map or photograph, a study of the terrain and diagnosing people at a great distance, and their place of stay may not be known at all.
  • informational — obtaining unambiguous answers to your questions.

During work, auxiliary tools are used — indicators that are information guides. It can be a vine, a frame, a pendulum, or a sensor baguette.

Despite the different design of the tools, they have a similar principle of operation.

The vine is the most ancient indicator, representing a forked branch in the form of a “slingshot”. It can be made of spruce, birch, willow, juniper, lilac, cherry or walnut.

The thickness of the vine is 3-20 mm, and length — 15-55 cm. In addition, it must be «freshly torn», because dried branch unsuitable for work.

What is dowsing and what is it for?

It is necessary to hold the indicator with both hands at both ends in a horizontal position. The operator must be relaxed to sense the incoming impulses and respond to them.

The top of the vine can make movements left-right and up-down, pointing the right way during the search for objects, or responding to questions posed.

The frame is the most popular biolocation instrument, which can be either L-shaped or U-shaped. For the manufacture of indicators using a metal rod, on the handles often wear wooden or plastic lining.

To improve the biolocation properties of the frame, they equip with 1-2 resonators representing a metal spiral with a certain number of turns.

What is dowsing and what is it for?

During dowsing, 1 or 2 frames are used, which should be kept pointing forward, shoulder width in a slightly inclined position. Indicators make movements left and right.

If 2 tools are used, then with positive answers to questions or upon detection of the desired objects they will intersect. Otherwise, the frames will diverge in different directions from each other.

The pendulum is a common indicator with high efficiency. He is practical enough and easy to work with.

The pendulum is made from a durable silk or cotton thread, sometimes from a metal chain, to which a weight weighing 15-30 g is attached, in the shape of a ball, cylinder or cone.

What is dowsing and what is it for?

While performing biolocation events, the operator holds the pendulum with the index finger and thumb. With positive responses, the tool will swing back and forth or clockwise, and with negative answers, it will swing left or right or counterclockwise.

Baguette sensor is a straight metal wire with a handle and a weight on the end, which serves as an antenna. When working, the tool should be held in the right hand perpendicular to the floor.

The wire will react to negative responses with horizontal vibrations, and to positive responses with vertical ones.

What is dowsing and what is it for?

Each operator chooses for himself 1 or 2 auxiliary tools with which he is most comfortable to work. In addition, he can independently calibrate them to get the most accurate answers.

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