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What is damage: the process of its diagnosis and removal

What is damage and how to get rid of it

What is damage — probably many people interested in esoteric, are concerned about this issue. And also — how to get rid of damage, whether you can protect yourself from such a negative impact and how this is done — you can learn about it from the material below.

What is damage: the process of its diagnosis and removal

What is damage?

According to popular belief, defacement is a disease induced by an evil divination, that is, witchcraft. This is exactly how the damage is determined by Vladimir Dahl’s “The Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language”, as well as Sergey Ozhegov’s “Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language”.

Damage can be of three varieties:

  • temporary (impact that passes independently over time);
  • curable (to get rid of it, use special prayers and conspiracies);
  • and incurable (eliminate this effect is not possible).

The word “corruption” comes from the verb “to spoil”, that is, to worsen something, to turn good into bad. Damage can negatively affect a person’s health, as well as worsen his relationship with others.

Due to damage, a person may suffer from such pathologies: black disease, grief, lesson, glitter, itching, hiccups, evil eye, and others.

How can damage

A negative impact can be induced in the following ways:

  • through food and drink — this method is the most common;
  • through things that belong to the victim;
  • using donated items or objects;
  • through photographs;
  • by means of a sharply impressed subject (often pins). The sorcerer throws him up at his victim or tries to stab him;
  • through menstrual blood;
  • using biological material (hair, nails);
  • using earth from a cemetery;
  • through the candles.

The most destructive type of damage is to put a candle in the temple for the rest of the soul of a living person. Due to the fact that recently this kind of damage is often practiced, many priests do not read the prayer «for the rest» without receiving a death certificate.

Diagnosis of damage to the person and in the home

To determine the presence of a negative impact on a person can be on the following grounds:

  • appearance of pigment spots on the face with good analyzes;
  • inability to get pregnant, and all the tests are good;
  • lack of menstruation in women, frequent delays or insufficient discharge;
  • unexplained rapid change in weight (weight loss or fullness);
  • difficulties with the device of personal life;
  • a person has been treated for a long time for an incomprehensible disease, but to no avail;
  • feeling unwell in the temple;
  • there is constant poor health, a person has no energy;
  • a continuous “black stripe” comes to life;
  • you are avoided by pets.

To damage the home will indicate such manifestations:

  • you often find strange objects near the entrance door (blood, earth, sand, needles, dead animals or birds);
  • reviewing feather beds and pillows, find different crops, feathers of birds, threads and sharp objects);
  • notice your photos that someone pierced with a needle;
  • constantly feel fear being in your home;
  • residents of the house often swear and get sick;
  • suffer from incurable alcoholism;
  • dogs constantly bark near the house, and cats try to leave the home as soon as possible;
  • strange images appear on the walls;
  • Guests rarely visit your home.

There is another way to determine damage:

We need to take a glass, take cold water in it. Then break the chicken egg into it (be sure to keep it fresh). Do this very carefully so as not to damage the yolk of the egg.

After this, the jar is placed on the crown, while the chin is pressed tightly against the chest.

What is damage: the process of its diagnosis and removal

It is necessary to stay in this position for two or three minutes. Now pay attention to what is in the water.

  • If the water remains clear, transparent, and the yolk is in the protein — there is no negative impact on you.
  • In the case when the yolk is lying, and strips from the protein go up — damage is present.
  • If there are bubbles on the strips — the impact is very strong.
  • In the case when the strips are strewn with black dots — there is a damage to the death or with the use of cemetery land (in such a situation, an urgent need to seek help from a strong and proven healer).

How to get rid of damage

In the process of getting rid of the negative impact, you should adhere to one rule: for three days, do not give (and do not lend) anything to anyone, and take nothing. Observe the rule is necessary not only for you, but for all members of your family.

This is explained by the fact that the magician who caused damage to you, will certainly come to your home — he will need to touch you or take something, so he is fed by your energy.

In addition, you will need to revise their pillows and feather beds. They should be cut and sorted, and everything found in them is taken out of the dwelling and burned.

Also, when you get rid of spoilage, you must fast (do not eat meat, milk, bacon, eggs, sour cream, sausages). It is also forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke.

Compresses from damage

Compresses with conspiratorial water, which are applied to sore spots, have a good effect. To make them, heat the conspiratorial water, soak a cloth in it and attach it to the sore spot, and from above cover it with a plastic bag.

After that, pus may flow from a person, and when the compress is removed, burns often remain. Do not be afraid of such phenomena — thus, damage goes.

Baths from the negative impact

Also eliminate the damage will help the bath with conspired water. To carry them out, the bath is filled with warm water (the temperature of which is 40 degrees), a glass of water with an enchanted water is poured into it crosswise, and then they drink a cup of heated water, which is also used to read a word.

What is damage: the process of its diagnosis and removal

After that, the person sinks into the bath (you need to have a cross on him), reads the prayers “Our Father” and “The Virgin Mother of God”, “May God rise”, as well as special plots from corruption.

It is not excluded that the patient will start making terrible sounds while screaming with his own voice, bruises will appear on his body — you should not be afraid of such phenomena. The described signs indicate the release of negative effects from the body.

After consuming the water, a person may begin vomiting, indigestion, body temperature rises, blood will flow from the nose, and so on. Thus, from it comes evil forces.

How to speak water

This is not particularly difficult.

A jar of water is taken, placed in front of the icon and the following prayers are read on it:

To eliminate the induced negative impact, you must first believe in yourself, in that using these methods, you will definitely achieve a positive result. In addition, you need to follow all the rules (to observe the fast, do not drink or smoke, do not give or take any items) and then a good result will not take long to wait.

Finally complete your knowledge of damage by watching a video.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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