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What is cosmoenergy and how to interact with it

What is cosmoenergy, how to work with it

In this material we will get acquainted with an interesting healing practice, which is called cosmoenergy. We learn what it is and how to put it into practice.

And also talk about its positive aspects and disadvantages.

What is cosmoenergy and how to interact with it

What is cosmoenergy

It’s no secret that Cosmos is filled with a multitude of energy flows. Each of them has a certain impact on the world.

Some have a positive effect on the human body, while others, on the contrary, carry the power of destruction. Thanks to the ancient knowledge about the energy flows of the Universe, special practices have emerged that make it possible to use these Divine energies for healing and self-development of man.

One of these areas is cosmoenergy. This secret teaching originated in India 400 years ago.

The ancient knowledge of the power flows of the universe were available only to a small circle of initiates and were transmitted by right of succession from teacher to student. The modern world learned about cosmoenergy thanks to academician V.A.Petrov.

Today, cosmoenergy is sacred knowledge and practical techniques, with the help of which it is possible to connect to various energy flows of the Cosmos. Tuning into their frequency, a person gets the opportunity to use the energy of the Universe for healing, spiritual development and self-realization.

Cosmoenergy is based on deep knowledge about the energy-informational exchange of a person with Divine flows and the world around. It can be used to establish contact with the Universe information field.

It is necessary to distinguish cosmoenergy from bioenergy or extrasensory capabilities. In this direction, the healing and harmonizing effect is exerted by the flows of cosmic energies, and not by the human biofield.

When connected to these streams, the “Man-Earth-Space” system is being harmonized.

What is cosmoenergy used for?

The possibilities of using the energy of the Universe are simply endless, but most often practitioners set themselves the following tasks:

  • The spiritual development of man, the search for self in this world, self-actualization.
  • Unleashing the creative potential of the individual.
  • Healing on body and energy levels.
  • Helps to cope with difficult life tasks.

It is believed that the power flows of the Cosmos have their own consciousness and intelligence. Therefore, in the course of work, they themselves find sore spots in the human body and heal them.

During the session, all organs and systems are cleaned, the immunity is strengthened.

What is cosmoenergy and how to interact with it

The main advantages and disadvantages of cosmoenergy

As with any method, cosmoenergy has its pros and cons. Its main advantages are:

  • Gives the opportunity in a very short time to connect to energy flows.
  • Starting to work with cosmic streams, you will immediately feel a strong surge of vital energy.
  • The powerful healing potential of cosmoenergy effects.
  • Easy adaptability of the practitioner to the various techniques of this trend.
  • Strong impressions, which makes a person working with energy flows.

Dangers of cosmoenergy

Despite the obvious advantages of cosmoenergy, it is believed that such an activity is accompanied by a certain risk. Hazards, as a rule, await those who decide to learn this technique on their own. These negative effects include:

  • When activating cosmic currents, the energy balance in the body may be disturbed. A steady flow of energy begins, which is very difficult to control for a beginning cosmoenergy.
  • If a practitioner has not enough developed energy field, the inability to control various frequencies can cause illness and mental disorders.
  • There is a danger to harm the karma and karma of the whole kind, if you do not possess certain knowledge in this area.

What channels are used in cosmoenergy

The cosmoenergy method uses many different energy flows, each of which has its own frequency and features. Universal energy flow is considered Farun-Buddha.

It is used in all spheres of activity: from healing to magical.

Beginners of cosmoenergy are usually set up such channels:

  1. Firast — helps to clean the energy channels of a person.
  2. Zeus — clears the energy centers or chakras.
  3. Craon — restores the circulatory system.
  4. Sinrah or Sinlakh — slows down the aging of the body.
  5. Hectas or Midi — removes the blocking on the energy level.
  6. Mom — helps with various energy and magical influences.
  7. Agni — relieves mental disorders and has a surge of strength.
  8. Hum — helps in stressful situations.
  9. Bonn — heals in severe cases.
  10. Do — applied to out-of-body experience.
  11. Perun — puts a powerful defense.
  12. Shiva — helps develop mental bodies.
  13. Dhanvantari — healing all ailments.
  14. Tu, Ukko or Ayske — the development of the gift of clairvoyance and extrasensory abilities.
  15. Anael — harmonization of personality.

How is work with the channels

First you need to go through the rite of passage and the opening of channels. For this, the wizard transmits its settings and activates the channels of the novice cosmoenergy.

In the process of tuning, the frequency of the student’s energy field changes.

Some streams are not used on themselves, for example, Nirvana, since this can be dangerous to humans. For your needs, you can work with a Buddhist channel block and some magic ones.

How to fulfill desire with the help of cosmoenergy

To bring the fulfillment of the cherished desire closer, you can use this practice. To do this, you must activate the channel Mitra or Humo, which is possible only after initiation.

  • Think about your desire, present it in the smallest details.
  • You need to think about your dream, closing your eyes, until various colored images start to flash inside. You can also hear different sounds.
  • If the image of a dragon or some significant picture appears in your head, the meditation was successful.

What is cosmoenergy and how to interact with it

Cosmoenergy for attracting wealth

Often, cosmoenergy opportunities are used to improve their financial situation.

For these purposes there is a Cabaret channel. When it is connected, a person gets rid of energy blockages that interfere with material well-being. Due to the activation of this stream in the life of a person, some events may occur that contribute to profit.

There will be new features and useful dating.

Meditative practice to attract profits is as follows:

  • Sit back, relax and begin to imagine how you become a financially secure person.
  • Continue visualization until the appearance of specific images, which will indicate the work of the channel.
  • Now formulate your request so that it is as specific as possible and fill the image with energy.

Cosmoenergy — truth or fiction

Today, the attitude to cosmoenergy is rather ambiguous. Modern science does not take it seriously.

Many believe that this is simply quackery or, worse, an occult sect that suppresses people’s consciousness and turns them into zombies.

On the other hand, many cosmoenergy helped solve health problems and improve their financial situation. Cosmoenergates claim that all the negative myths associated with this trend arose from the misuse of the energy of the Universe and the lack of knowledge in this area.

Definitely, you can only say one thing. Cosmoenergy is a very interesting and unknown area of ​​knowledge, which requires further study and scientific justification.

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