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What is an exorcist and what is an exorcism

What is exorcism and how do exorcists help people

Surely such a term as exorcism, heard every person, not even fascinated by occult topics. Modern films and books describe this concept only in general terms.

If you look deeper, then these films and scenes make some confusion. I also wanted to analyze the question in more detail, because the topic is quite interesting, but it was studied very poorly by a simple man in the street.

What is exorcism?

By exorcism is usually understood a certain rite, which helps to free the human soul and body from evil spirits. In all religions, this phenomenon is represented in different forms.

The heyday of exorcism came in the era of the Middle Ages, and it was especially clearly expressed in European countries.

What is an exorcist and what is an exorcism

During the ritual over the obsessed person, the priest reads prayers, the victim of demons himself also takes part and tries to read the divine texts. Doctors believe that an obsessive person suffers from psychological disorders, and an exorcist who conducts a rite acts on a person hypnotically.

There are 3 types of perception of exorcism:

Official science does not recognize entities without a physical body of any kind, be it spirits, demons, or other entities. Science does not recognize exorcism as a formal practice, but rather refers it to religious rites or simple fraud.

From the side of religion, such a concept as the expulsion of demons is very extensive. There are practices in various religions that directly relate to working with demons or spirits.

All religions are united by the recognition that another being can move into the physical body and soul of a person, which should be expelled or destroyed.

In occultism, the practice of exorcism is accepted and actively used. The methods may differ, the majority of occultists use ancient methods and rituals, and they are used by the priests. A variety of esoteric or mystics are actively developing their own methods of exorcism.

There are actually working ancient magic techniques that are under the strictest secret. Practitioners who have devoted their entire lives to the occult sciences have such rare practices and are actively engaged in exorcism.

Types of Exorcism

You can find a considerable number of classifications and types of exorcism. When summarizing them, the main ones are easily distinguished:

  • human exorcism;
  • exorcism of the subject;
  • animal exorcism;
  • place exorcism.

It is possible to share this phenomenon according to who should be expelled:

  • exorcism of demons;
  • exile of the dead;
  • exile of human beings.

The most common option of exile is to free a person from a demon. This ritual is recognized as truly difficult and extremely dangerous.

The demon is resisting in every way, and the exorcist tries not to harm the possessed person. Not all experts say that the expulsion of an entity from a person should be attributed to exorcism.

Some of them should be attributed to a separate group.

What is an exorcist and what is an exorcism

A description of animal obsession does exist, but exorcists are actively arguing whether it is possible to actually conduct a ritual over animals. The same controversy goes around exorcism over a subject or place. Many esotericists say that entities cannot be in one place for long, unless it is a living being.

Spirits can have a certain connection with a place or object, the gap of which cannot be interpreted as exorcism.

Who is an exorcist

The exorcist is in the usual sense of the priest, who is engaged in the expulsion of evil spirits or demons from people. The practice of such healing is extremely ancient, according to the Bible, Jesus also helped the possessed people.

For many years, they were engaged in exorcism only in Catholic churches, but more recently, it is also practiced by the Orthodox Church. In the past 30 years, the reading of the possessed has only gained its popularity.

If you believe the words of famous priests, obsessed simply can not tolerate holy things and shrines in the general sense. If you touch them with a crucifix, they calm down somewhat.

The exorcist mainly has to identify the demon who has mastered man. There are certain ways by which one can determine which of the demons has lodged in the body.

To do this, usually use oil, salt or holy water. Usually the demons do not go to the conversation, they have to literally force.

Answers occur through the obsessed, and you can hear a strange, unnatural voice. If the devil is sitting in an unhappy man, then he will surely say that he is Satan.

What is an exorcist and what is an exorcism

The priest must learn from the demon whether he is one or several. There may be 30 demons, it is important to find out the exact number.

It is very important to find out how the evil spirits hit the human body. Demons can even penetrate through damage. Entities do not want to answer such questions.

At the same time, a person has an unknown power; even small children are often difficult to hold on to several adult men.

In custody

  • exorcism remains relevant practice for more than a dozen years and in recent years only increases its popularity;
  • You should not confuse exorcism with ordinary fraud, because pseudo-occultists strive to take money for a ceremony that is not needed and will not be beneficial at all;
  • not only priests can help the obsessed person, but also esoterics, as well as occultists.

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