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What if mother is an energy vampire

What to do if the mother is an energetic vampire: recommendations

What if the mother is an energetic vampire? After all, if the “vampire” is an ordinary person, you can simply stop communicating with him. And to stop contact with the most dear person is impossible.

Ways to defend yet exist. We analyze them in detail.

What if mother is an energy vampire

What is the manifestation of energy vampirism?

Family energovampirizm — a separate issue. Standard recommendations may not always apply to family members.

First you need to figure out what is manifested in such vampirism.

  1. Jealousy. She keeps in constant tension. These are the cases when the mother interferes in the family relationship with your spouse, does not let go of yourself. More often than not, men suffer from this, who have to live with their mother until maturity, which prevents them from building relationships with women.
  2. Reproaches and cavils. It is impossible to share with the mother something intimate and not receive in return a mountain of criticism, condemnation and reproach. Lack of emotional support in the family is very bad for your health.
  3. Dependence on the mother. She constantly tries to control you: indicates where you need to work, live and with whom to communicate, does not give the right to make independent decisions
  4. Excess love and care. Some moms literally stifle children with their love and excessive care. And begin to be offended if you are trying to escape from under her wing. Manipulate Guilt

This is only part of the signs characteristic of family energy vampirism. Next, let’s talk what to do if your mother is an energy vampire.

Recommendations: what to do if mother is “vampire”

If you act radically you do not want or do not have the opportunity, you should try the following methods:

  • Do not panic or break a relationship. There is always a chance to adjust everything. The reason that your mother is an energetic vampire is because she is unhappy. And this can be fixed, although it is not always easy.
  • Restrain emotions. It is important to learn not to get out of balance — do not swear, do not be offended and not be annoyed. Look for where you can throw out the negative: do sports, work, find hobbies for yourself
  • Try to understand the reason for maternal vampirism. Perhaps it’s all about the fear of being abandoned by children and being left alone. Or the desire to see you happy — hence the instructions, control, reproaches

What if mother is an energy vampire

Remember that the breeding ground for the energetic vampire is your negative emotions. As soon as the mother stops receiving them, she can switch to another object and leave you alone.

Techniques and practices to protect against energy vampirism

If you have to communicate with the mother and you suspect that she will start “vampire”, use the following techniques:

  • Communicating with your mother, imagine that between you there is a powerful wall of water through which the negative cannot penetrate. This will help avoid leaking your energy.
  • You can also mentally outline a circle of fire around you. It will be a kind of barrier through which the negative will not penetrate.
  • After talking, if you feel tired and tired, take a shower. Imagine that you are standing under a mountain waterfall with the purest water. Feel how water flows away from you all the negative

These are simple spiritual practices that, despite their elementary nature, are very effective.

Psychology tips

As for the psychological attitude. It is important to learn how to respond correctly:

  1. If the mother starts complaining about a bad boss, a terrible government or a price increase, offer help. Tell me that you are happy to do everything necessary to make it easier for her, but ask him not to complain, but to identify specific problems.
  2. Reproaches, criticism and condemnation refuse to listen at all. Say that it is painful and unpleasant for you to hear such «prickly words» from a loved one. And if she continues, you will stop visiting her. This is a tough method, but it will help define its boundaries.
  3. If your mother is jealous of your spouse, friends or other people, explain: you love her more than anyone else in the world, but you have the right to privacy. Say that she will always be the most important person in your life, you will never leave her. Perhaps this will help rid her of the fear of being completely alone.

It is important to understand the cause of energy vampirism. What lies behind its manifestations? Fear of being abandoned by your own children, abandoned and unnecessary?

Lack of personal privacy? Or are negative attitudes inherent in consciousness that the mother herself is unable to cope with?

What if mother is an energy vampire

Having found out the reason, you can easily find a way to solve the problem. But keep in mind that sometimes you have to act radically.

In especially neglected cases, children have to completely sever intercourse with their own mother, who does not give a normal life.

Technique of radical forgiveness

Colin Tipping proposed and introduced this technique in his book. The way is to change the attitude to the situation, to understand that it is created by the Universe for your benefit.

Just accept the fact that your soul has chosen such parents by chance. It is necessary to get the necessary lessons and heal.

The fact that your mother is an energy vampire is neither good nor bad. This is a chance for you to gain experience, to understand something important.

Watch a video on how to defend against energy vampires:

Try to understand what are the advantages in this situation. Perhaps constant criticism has led you to achieve a lot in life and to prove that you are worth something, to quickly become independent.

Mentally thank your mother for what she gave you life, raised you as a worthy person. You probably have a list of what you can thank for.

Also write a letter of insult: throw out all the negative, all the emotions and feelings on paper, and then burn it.

The subject of mother’s energy vampirism is very complex. Sometimes only a competent psychologist or consteller can help.

If you can not cope with the problem yourself, contact the experts.

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What if mother is an energy vampire

Yes, hammer on these reasons. If a person is not adequate, and even proud, you will not achieve anything. Run, as soon as possible and further and tear all contacts if possible, throw nafig out of your heart.

Only by being alone in old age, such a person will think that he was wrong, but does not come out for good. All life will kill in the empty with all the bad consequences for themselves. Nothing to feel sorry for her.

All her life she has only spared herself.

What if mother is an energy vampire

in the point of Vasilisa !! I have so.

What if mother is an energy vampire

What if mother is an energy vampire

it is very accurate

What if mother is an energy vampire

Experience has shown that having severed all contacts with my mother, I finally came to life! 3 years is a time to draw the right conclusions! during this time she visited me, complained about health problems. Of course. she got so hungry for 2 weeks that she ran into a panic. I’ve been there all my life, adder, I haven’t disdained. My elder brother ate. after a stroke, I realized that I had to save myself, otherwise I wouldn’t see how the children grew up. And it looks so cultural and fair! recovered partially and it became calmer. The price for communicating with Mrs.-Mother was too high!

What if mother is an energy vampire

And if the circumstances are such that you can not leave the mother vampire? We have to live and endure her unrelenting hatred and endless negativity. I myself have learned to defend myself from my mother’s alcoholic, but I can’t protect my son.

She is a vampire of such strength that if she does not bring someone (relatives, her friend and others) to tears, she switches to a dog. In that poor, even epileptic seizures occur.

Doctors veterinarians can not identify the cause of such attacks. So we live, I pray, the son tries to run away from home, the dog hides in my room. I tried to tell my mother carefully that maybe she was a vampire of people, of course there was a scandal, and now I have become an enemy and an idiot …

What if mother is an energy vampire

There is another type of vampirism — provoking conflicts. You fry onions, make a salad. and he eventually stinks of chemistry or kerosene. Mom «forgot» how to wash the ferry pan.

Or vice versa — dishes after washing oily. And how many do not talk about it, how many do not yell — everything will be repeated again and again.

Do all the chores yourself? I haven’t been home for four days, I’m on duty. I come home, and everything is new.

We have … ml … I have an order, food, which obviously will not be able to eat in the next day, meatballs, meat, salads, and so on, I put in the freezer. They are then thawed in the microwave and quite edible, despite the freezing.

Saves time and money. Normal tactics for modern life … But not for my mom.

Be sure to put everything in the freezer and in the refrigerator. Day or two, and they pipets. Say-do not say, ori-no-yelling is useless.

Eases for a day or two or three, then everything is new. It is necessary to look in both eyes that she and from what prepares. Eggs rotten from my mother did not eat off?

I am yes. And the rancid mash did not fill up? I am yes.

I take an egg, put it in a pot of water, if it has surfaced, I throw it into the trash can, if not — I use it in food. One has only to turn away, as if in half an hour, all the eggs I threw out are again in the refrigerator.

I’m sick of making a fried egg with streptocide taste. This is not a complete list of details.

But which occur every day or two or three. Constantly she will teach something, from which you simply get up into a stupor and think whether it is the roof that has gone.

But in appearance it is normal. Even crossword puzzles. sometimes.

Once upon a time, all our relatives gathered around the same table, coming together in the summer. And they began to remember their childhood.

And the stories about my mother appeared there too. Now I remember them. This is not senility, it is not a mental disorder.

This is her nature. In short, it can be described as follows.

All fools, and I’m smart. Eggs, for example, are a pity to throw out, perhaps they will devour such ones and not understand their freshness. The oil is in the fridge for the third month, surely it has gone cold … Now we’ll try it.

Will eat — well, savings. And rancid — well, it will beat a bit, on that and calm down. And then I again uduhu uduhuyu hay.

All are fools, and I’m smart.
If these were isolated cases, well, wherever it went. But it is constantly. And remembering myself as a child, I remember how she barely came home from work and started yelling like a shepherd dog, even at the stage of peeling off shoes.

I remember her actions tactless. For example, back in school, classmates followed me, to go to the cinema together.

The ticket cost 50 kopecks. There was still the USSR. NOT GIVEN.

In front of my classmates, it was time for me to fall through the earth. Mother worked, father worked, and both received average and not bad.

But did not give. For money, the miser is still the same.

If you want to punish her, punish her with money. This is the only thing that takes on her action.

Everything else — and, poruit-poruit, yes cease. They are all fools, and I am clever and cunning.

ALL high school I had out of clothes …. A new school uniform, bought at the beginning of the school year — for school. Last year’s training form, in which he has been unlearned for a year — for walking in the evenings. One of my acquaintances told me then — if I see someone in school uniform after six or eight in the evening, I will know a hundred poods that it is you.

I, ml, was so alone in the whole city. And if something was bought, it was either shoes with curled toes, or red socks with roosters. My mother, she, as in that joke, writes with one foot, crosses with the other.

She did a lot for me … but with her other actions, she crossed it off. Do not freak out, go in for sports? Are you kidding me.

Yes, if the day is not a scandal, she will kill herself. If there has been no scandal for three days, it becomes weeping, irritable, and answers like “Otsya,” to simple questions appear.

Or you don’t get an answer at all, and you have to ask them three, five times in a row. She deliberately begins to withdraw on anything. A woof appears, swearing so that she does not ask. I haven’t even described the situation in half.

Once I offered her to go to church … and was sent to * UY, in the truest sense of the word. As far as I remember her, she never was interested in anything at all.

No books, no movies, nothing. The brain is very lazy and does not want to think fundamentally. To master the three buttons on the remote from the set-top box, it took about three years.

Still not able to send SMS from phone. JUST DOES NOT WANT TO BE ABLE, although she once needed this. In short, this is an empty and angry person.

Often noticed her at the window, as she watches the tenants of our house, the owners of cars. And then it was heard similar to hissing, envious: we first bought … I understand, she is my mother, then, that’s that … But if you ignore it, and imagine that she is just a woman …. this is, sorry, stupid and angry chicken. And no advice will help here.

Take up at least sports, even training anything, you will come home to the evil spider.

What if mother is an energy vampire

Oh, I forgot to add more. Only life is different.

Only full scattered living. Nothing more will help.

This is if there are options for exchange. But we have a treshka, which means that it is necessary either a one-and-a-half and one-two, or a two-side with extra charge. And I don’t want to move into the one-room camera.

And the area is good. Far from the central roads and the massive nightly gatherings of young people.

But in non-times, nicherta cannot be bought for this surcharge.

What if mother is an energy vampire

And I began to live only at the age of 35, when I parted with the old woman who gave birth to me. She cried for half the joy of being able to live like that.

What if mother is an energy vampire

damn in the course we have many problems are identical) I am 35 I can not buy a loser, saves one is a favorite job, but from mom’s vampirism nothing saves I feel like the last chmoshnik and oligophrenic and respectively slut and problems with endocrine and 0 energy but when on work, I get energy, though I work for wear and tears; I can’t build a freak, and if a girl has an apartment, she needs a penny with 3 apartments and if without an apartment, she’s a guy with an apartment) and bomzhat is not an option — in Moscow you will die of cold in winter

What if mother is an energy vampire

Do not be fooled: you will never unwind, only if one of you goes down to the grave. And mom do not mind if you used to. She is still on the sympathy of others to profit.

And if you manage to move to your wife in the same city, then every single day my mother will have an ambulance or someone will break into the apartment or the heating pipe will start to flow, etc. And you will run …

And resorting to listen to my wife about all sorts of nastiness and how to disperse.
I am already 45 years old, I live like this all my life.

What if mother is an energy vampire

You will never be separated only when one of you is in the grave. And not the fact that it is before. She is still from your death from others on sympathy for a few children ahead to get drunk.

And if you manage to move to your wife in the same city, then every day she will have an ambulance, then a fire, then a flood, then intruders will break in the apartment, then the balcony will fall off … And you run …

You come running and listening to all the crap about your wife and about getting divorced.
And I live like this for 45 years and, frankly speaking, I don’t see any outcome at all.

What if mother is an energy vampire

You offer to leave, I did, but it got worse. When we lived together, I was sort of under her control, she was calm, but as they began to live separately, I became a fix idea for her, she concentrated all her enormous energy on me.

Separate housing will not help, this is our sentence, friends in misfortune!

What if mother is an energy vampire

It seems that we live together) with a single mom!

What if mother is an energy vampire

Alexey. As I understand you. This is the truth of mocking advice (to go in for sports) … sometimes there is a hunt to hang oneself up …. and you «go in for sports» … at no gate …

What if mother is an energy vampire

yes, all bloodsuckers have a lot in common, they are fools around, they love to chop the uterus, but they listen, no, they are immediately offended, insults, tears and curses begin, I lock myself in the room for the whole day, just not to meet in a common apartment, scandal and suck blood with terrible force, the same thing — it’s a pity to change treshka, 78 years old, healthy as a horse at the expense of my emotions, I am 45 years old, from a young age my sister and I thought that we adopted, because mom can’t call little native children so threshold for baby on a rug, in the end, we are a hypertensive sister with 18 years old, should Guy years are not self-confident people. The sister lives with a hateful husband until mom dies — she is more evil, other people against her background are angels. Here is such a hooligan, pretending to be 35 years old, to see how we are five years old and weep get scared. Especially I let myself go to old age, probably from anger and envy of all the cuckoos went, wallows when summer lives in the village, quarreled with the whole village, they don’t see it all, but they are foolish. I hate the reptile with all my heart, I wait for death, but it’s mine Her episodes of uncontrollable anger with obscenities, curses and name-calling once a month are about, I really want to take the reptile to an insane asylum, while I’m just scaring. and mistakes, calls around for everyone, and makes I dreamed that she was a great mother, she put her whole life on us, we are not grateful for bitches, for what we don’t see her, really don’t understand, although she is such an actress, and how she gets angry when I lock myself for a whole day in a room and she can’t suck me , barking at the door like a dog, and I tell her to hell you, not my energy. He goes to the shops, to the polyclinic. He doesn’t die, doesn’t die a bastard, rather, he’ll finish me, I snarl when they finish, such bitches know how to bite it hurts even though you remember that you don’t feed the bitch yourself, but you break, today you cursed again and wished for death, She called her back as a crazy old woman, she feels like a sickle, she feels younger than herself, hates when her grandmother is called, although she is already a great-grandmother. I live with such a monster, I don’t have money for a removable hut, it’s a pity to change, and this one the creature will not give.

What if mother is an energy vampire

sport, by the way, if you do not force yourself — it helps you to get physically strong, and running in general is a cure for all diseases

What if mother is an energy vampire

One thing is incomprehensible to me why the article always gives advice “we must understand why this mother”, for a long time in psychology there is such a notion “a test for a marshmallow”, the essence is that you shouldn’t let into life what you don’t want, don’t think neither understand nor touch. And why should you understand and think, why are you treated so badly?

Poor attitude — everything, stop, boundaries, until it is good.

What if mother is an energy vampire

How ridiculous it is to read and listen. In life, everything is different. When this vile and vile creature, which, unfortunately, gave birth to you, I want to kill, so that she closes her lousy, dirty mouth and does not obsess all and everything that she sees and constantly curses me and my family, even little grandchildren.

And here they say that «with mom talk nkzhno td. etc. ”Do not tell intelligent tales from smart books. There are such creatures that drive their beautiful husbands and children into a coffin, while they themselves live for 90 years and pour their shit on.

I hate my mother, she has crippled my life with her poisonous and bilious tongue, she brought her father to death. So judge as you like, I don’t care, I will never forgive her.

What if mother is an energy vampire

I have everything exactly like you, my father reduced blood to the grave, and when I tried to bring me to suicide, I told her so and said yes you were guilty now I took it she gives me a death certificate a different diagnosis is written she doesn’t understand but she was expelled from the house when I was young because of this I was forced to undergo abortions now I am 45 and I don’t believe anyone and don’t want to live recently I went abroad so she came to meet and tell me badly without you saying I’m sorry I’m saying okay and you are sorry 3 days have passed same brother against I set up he beat me almost killed, in general, if I do not run away I die …

What if mother is an energy vampire

as I understand you, of course, not to such an extent — but the energy is pretty much consumed in 35 sometimes ready to die veins open

What if mother is an energy vampire

I have the same thing. All my life I tried to be just a daughter for my mother, but she needed me without any problems, healthy, always ready to fulfill her whims. I must be her pride. All life humiliation. I had a wonderful grandmother, my childhood ended with her death, mother became the mistress of the house. Grandmother would have lived, because she was 70 years old, but her mother brought her. His father completely drank himself and at the age of 43 paralyzed him, walked barely barely. Mother was 38 and so she came off. It was a shame for the parents, she brought her lover to the house (grandmother’s house) with her father, we tried to reason with, but my father drove us, because they had watered him. My mother’s health is excellent, according to sanatoriums, on holiday homes — does not deny herself anything. My sister and I have never seen the sea, but for her it’s like walking down the street. Had cancer, like a cold.

What if mother is an energy vampire

You will never be separated only when one of you is in the grave. And not the fact that it is before. She is still from your death from others on sympathy for a few children ahead to get drunk.

And if you manage to move to your wife in the same city, then every day she will have an ambulance, then a fire, then a flood, then intruders will break in the apartment, then the balcony will fall off … And you run …

You come running and listening to all the crap about your wife and about getting divorced.
And I live like this for 45 years and, frankly speaking, I don’t see any outcome at all.

What if mother is an energy vampire

Fully agree, these creatures will have a tub of mud all over, but then they are so genuinely surprised that their children hate, I don’t hide it, now the creature has forbidden to call her mom, insulted everyone, as in a pub you will not hear, cursed, wished to die, and then the bitch asked why I didn’t wash her underwear at the same time, but I want her to die faster, here I am or she.

What if mother is an energy vampire

I also read the feeling that Alexei lived in one apartment, with one mother, everything seems to be one on one. I agree that only living separately from my mother will solve these problems, and you need to live as far as possible. I’m tired of thinking what I deserved such hatred that no one likes that the character is the worst, the taste is worse than nowhere, that I was born so that my mother was good, she had someone to shout, so that she would clean up and solve all her questions. And I shouldn’t have a personal life that you are a foreigner native mother.

What if mother is an energy vampire

I do not have a mom and dad. Mother gobbled up.

Now I’m eating down. With the growth of 174, I have 50

What if mother is an energy vampire

Good day! read the article! Of course everything is very interesting written, but your comments just killed me outright. I thought I was the only such problem with my mother, but it turns out that there is not! I read 1-2 comments. even though your stories are slightly different but essentially the same! (like 2 parallel straight lines that are close but never intersect), I basically have the same situation, except for drugs, I almost didn’t take a cat for her fault, or I was forced to watch a cat “Purgatory” when I was 10 years old (especially when the tank went over the bones of the corpses in the very final it was their funeral — to the article it was the unit that I remembered quite vividly) after that I could become then a cruel, unbalanced person and a sexually anxious person (maniac), but fortunately or regretfully not happened.

There are many more similar situations I don’t remember, but my story is very similar to yours. but there is something that you don’t see. This is such a thing as manipulation for protection. It would be nice to turn her own manipulation against her as for example she can’t do without massage and only you do that massage she needs a cat, you stop doing it, of course, swearing will follow, manipulation (up to a restriction in food) is aggression, but if you stand on your own cardinally and deprive what this person needs and depends on it knowing that only you can give it to him, then this option may even work. Think about it. Now measure your LU (Personality Level) those situations in the life of a cat you told half think about how much your mother vampires and how many times you were tempted to do badly to other people and even to your parents how many times did you have to clarify resilience — esl resisted and did not do badly means raised by level — L. U

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