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What happens to a person’s soul after death

The life of the human soul after physical death — where does the soul go

Death is a phenomenon strongly associated with everyday reality. Every day someone leaves our world, and someone on the contrary comes to it. But what happens to the soul of man?

If the body is created in the womb, and then disappears, then what happens to the thoughts, character and habits? We will help you understand and understand: what really happens to a person’s soul after death?

What happens to a person’s soul after death

How did various religions justify the path of the soul after death?


In the Bible, this is described as follows: «The dust will return to the earth, from where it appeared, and the spirit — to the Creator, who gave it …». That is, the human body is attached to the earth, and the soul is sent to the creator. However, we know that before finding peace, the Last Judgment is awaiting the soul.

There the whole course of life will be evaluated, all good and evil deeds, and in the end it will be decided to go to Heaven, Purgatory or Hell.

  • Paradise — a place full of harmony and peace. Only the purest of souls or those who sincerely repent of the mistakes of life on earth come here. Here everyone will find their place and be happy.
  • Purgatory is a place for those who made mistakes in mortality and are ready to correct them. In Purgatory, all sins are redeemed, and only those who truly understand everything can go on and deserve a place in Paradise. However, only the lightest sins can be forgiven here. The purgatory is also often called the place of justice.
  • Hell is the worst place in the whole world. Here souls are condemned to centuries of torment. All sinners here feel the horror and suffering several times superior to those they have created in mortal life. What is doomed here (otherwise it’s impossible to name it) cannot be described by ordinary speech, not a single epithet is enough to accurately convey the nightmare and the fear enveloping this place.

The angels take the soul of a dead person and deliver it to the Most High. If a person lived a righteous life (he prayed, kept a fast, did good deeds and did not succumb to the temptation of sins), then on the way all the angels admire her, praise the will of the dead, his nobleness.

If this is the soul of a sinner, then no one pays attention to it. Allah welcomes the soul and orders to take it back to the grave, where she will have to answer the questions of Munkir and Nakir.

In the grave, everyone talks to them and answers the questions: “Who is your God? What is the name of the Prophet?

What faith did you profess? ” If a person believed, then he will be able to answer these questions.

Later the body begins to decompose, but not completely. God leaves the remaining particles until the day of the Resurrection.

In the end, the soul remains in Barzakh (afterlife). Here, depending on the amount of good in life, a person will see different pictures.

Righteous — will be in a house with friends, whose windows overlook the Paradise gardens. The sinner will be there, where nearby will be vile comrades and terrible creatures like scorpions or snakes.

Everyone will be rewarded according to merit and deeds!

In Judaism, there is no holistic view of the place where souls fall after death. However, it is known that there will be no thirst, hunger, war, and so on.

The righteous will be with God, enjoy the afterlife.

Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks believed that after death the soul falls on the Isle of the Blessed, where everything is created for the afterlife. Fruits grow three times a year, the land is fertile, the rivers are full.

Here the dead and to live forever. Sinners have to suffer, because bad people will not be able to build something great.

Fate itself will not allow them to do so.

Nordic tradition

Faithful comrades, the paradise life and recollections of past exploits — this is what awaits brave warriors. They will enjoy the eternity spent here.

Sinners and traitors will face a relentless life, full of torment and wandering around the world.

What happens to a person’s soul after death

The Aztecs believed that after death a person goes to Paradise. However, they had as many as three.

Ordinary people who for many, many years will enjoy life and have fun get to the Lower Paradise.
Paradise for the priests — here the spiritual servants lead a semi-material existence and give pleasure to the spirit.
The House of the Sun (Supreme Paradise) — only those who have reached perfection come here and are watching the supreme Gods for the life of people.

Good and terrible deeds are identified in the form of black and white stones, the number of which is compared on the scales. Then the soul is determined by the Judges in one of six ways, each of which will lead to rebirth. However, only the most righteous souls were born again by people, sinners became animals and insects.

Therefore, in Buddhism it is customary to wear a cane, with the help of which the road was cleared of various living creatures, because it could be friends or relatives who were reborn in this guise.

Indian mythology

Pit, the leader of the dead, allows good souls to go to Paradise, where they will be an Eternity to enjoy life there. All kinds of food and fulfillment of any desires — that is what meant the repose of a truly righteous person.

Sinners roam the world, observing the sorrow and suffering of human life.

What happens to a person’s soul after death

Egyptian civilization

The trial of souls took place in a place called the Hall of Two Truths. There was a trial led by Anubis. Sinful souls whose carriers led a life full of murder and robbery, devour Amemet, a huge three-headed crocodile.

The righteous takes Osiris with him to the kingdom of pleasure and repose. Only there could the soul find its Paradise where it could hold the Infinity.


Of course, you cannot know exactly what awaits us after death. However, if you rely on the experience and knowledge of world religions, then you can definitely say that only righteous people will have a happy ending.

Do not sin and in the next world you will be rewarded, rest assured!

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