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What does the cat tattoo mean and where it is better to place it

Tattoo cat: what means and where it is better to «fill»

Such a mysterious, mysterious and self-willed animal, like a cat, has long been included not only in the life of man, but also in the sphere of art. There are many legends and myths about these beautiful creatures, poems and music were dedicated to them, paintings were made and sculptures were created from them.

Today, images of such strong-willed animals often adorn the skin, and each person does it with his own special meaning. But that’s not what many cats really know about cat tattoos.

What does the cat tattoo mean and where it is better to place it

Historical facts

In different nations, attitudes toward cats were ambiguous — some were afraid and cursed, while others were equated with a deity. For example, in ancient Egypt, this animal was a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

Also, people believed that cats protect from evil forces, so they were considered sacred. After the death of the pet, he was mummified and buried the same way as people.

The peoples of the Scandinavian countries believed that cats protected warehouses with grain from rodents, which in turn was very valuable at that time. And in Buddhism, these animals were the protectors of temples.

The inhabitants of Japan and the Arab countries still honor such lovely pets, and believe that they attract wealth, luck and well-being.

In the ancient world, cats personified femininity and grace, but at the same time they were considered mystical and mysterious animals, reflecting the moon and night. The fair sex believed that these pets are able to endow them with femininity and beauty.

The European peoples in the Middle Ages sharply changed their attitude towards cats, and began to consider them harbingers of misfortunes, misfortunes and failures. People believed that these animals are the messengers of the devil himself, and they are endowed with dark forces, so they were exterminated everywhere.

Ultimately, in the cities of Europe a huge number of rats were bred, which caused the spread of the plague. Despite the fact that the Europeans stopped destroying cats, the superstitions associated with them still remained and survived to our days.

Today, cats are pets that literally live in every fifth family. Their independent, mysterious character, appeal and cunning delights people.

And they are credited with medicinal and sedative properties.

What does the cat tattoo mean and where it is better to place it

What does cat tattoo mean?

In the modern world, tattoos depicting cats, as a rule, symbolize freedom, independence, the ability to survive under any conditions and find a way out of various situations. Also, such an image on the body can speak of a person as a sly, cunning, and quirky personality.

For girls, tattoo usually means femininity, grace, mystery and attractiveness, and for guys — cheerfulness, love of freedom, humor, agility. Here are just the latter usually choose the image of a Cheshire cat or a street «bully».

The value of a cat tattoo depends on the characteristics of its image. The most common options are as follows:

  • Black cat — the most common pattern. Despite the fact that an animal of this color is associated with failure by many, those people who do such a tattoo emphasize that they consider various superstitions and signs absurd.
  • Egyptian cat — is not common, and usually has a black silhouette, a twisted tail and an elongated torso. This pattern on the skin emphasizes the beauty, grace and mystery of nature. It is believed that he endows his master with luck, wealth and power.
  • A cat frozen in a jump symbolizes longevity, grace, precision and agility of movements. Such a tattoo means that its owner will always be able to find a way out of a difficult situation.
  • Little kitten — emphasizes the subtlety and tenderness of nature. This image is chosen by romantic girls who want to emphasize their spontaneity and a little childish character traits.
  • A hissing cat rearing up is usually depicted on its body by those who have a strong character and are able to stand up for themselves. At the same time, outwardly such a person usually looks fragile and has a soft character.
  • Cat foot prints as a tattoo on the skin are a symbol of self-confidence, inner strength and passion.

It should be noted that among the prisoners the image of a cat has a slightly different meaning. Often, such a tattoo is associated with cunning, volatility, secrecy, so it is “stuffed” with thieves.

What does the cat tattoo mean and where it is better to place it

Tattoo location on the body

On what part of the body to place the image of a cat, each person chooses based on their preferences. But, nevertheless, an experienced master can tell exactly where a particular pattern will look more attractive.

For example, a small tattoo is better placed on the wrist to emphasize its elegance and femininity. But the elongated cat will look good on the legs.

The best place for a tattoo is considered the scapula, because even a large drawing can be placed on it, and no detail will be distorted. Also a good option would be a shoulder, especially for a vertical image.

Cat foot prints are often “stuffed” on the neck, behind the ear, on the abdomen or on the arm, but such an image can be placed on other parts of the body, for example, on the ribs or chest.

Before you decorate your skin with a tattoo with a cat, you must not only find a suitable design that will emphasize the individuality of character, but also choose a good master. Appeal to a professional ensures quality work, and besides, he will be able to develop an individual sketch with a unique image.

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