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What does it mean — Do not commit adultery — explanation of the seventh commandment

What does it mean “Do not commit adultery” — explanation of the seventh commandment

To be a true Christian, a person does not need to study a long “criminal code” of church regulations. Enough to understand the 7 deadly sins, as well as the 10 commandments.

Today we will talk about the seventh, which sounds like «Do not commit adultery.» What do these words mean and what part of our daily life do they refer to?

What does it mean - Do not commit adultery - explanation of the seventh commandment

How did the ancient Jews look at marriage and relationships?

It was not for nothing that the Ten Commandments were given to people even in Old Testament times. Still, the people of Israel went to the land that the heathen worshipers of Baal had inhabited, part of the ministry of which was depravity.

The Lord wanted to protect the chosen people from such a fate.

Interestingly, the ancient Jews interpreted this commandment not quite as we do today. At first they had monogamous marriages, but later men who could afford it, had several wives. Adultery in those days was called a relationship with someone else’s wife or betrothed girl (and the punishment for this was terrible — killing both adulterers by stoning).

As for free girls and women, a man could have an affair with them if she ended in marriage.

Because of this practice, the Pharisees began to consider women to be lower-class beings. They tried to communicate with them less, and on the street — and not to speak at all (even if it was their own wife or daughter).

Some particularly pious elders came to the point that they constantly walked with their eyes down, so as not to desecrate their gaze with the appearance of «unclean» women. It even reached incidents, because these devout Pharisees, because of their manner of walking, often ran across walls, or even stumbled at all.

But the Lord did not want it, because he created Eve so that she became a full-fledged couple, friend and companion of Adam’s life. Therefore, Christ taught his disciples, explaining what adultery meant, no longer the case.

What is adultery?

What does it mean - Do not commit adultery - explanation of the seventh commandment

This is an intimate relationship before marriage, as well as in marriage, but with another person.

That is, when the Lord says “Do not commit adultery,” it means:

  • you cannot have an intimate relationship with your girlfriend (boyfriend), bride (groom);
  • can not change the spouse (spouse).

In addition, modern holy fathers believe: if a man divorces his lawful spouse (especially if they were married in church), he seems to let her off from her for the sake of adultery, because she will find another man in 90% of cases. But this man is no less sinful, because he, too, will surely enter into a new relationship.

And of course, marriage with a divorced woman is also wrong, because she already “belongs” to another man, the marriage with whom the Lord has blessed.

Sinful actions are also considered: masturbation, sodomy, fornication (intimate relationships without marriage), debauchery (the last word means people who often indulge in intimate pleasures with different partners, and these «unions», of course, are not marriageable)

Are these just physical actions?

What does it mean - Do not commit adultery - explanation of the seventh commandment

Not! Evangelist Matthew wrote down the words of his teacher: «Anyone who looks at a woman (someone else’s) with desire has already committed adultery with her in his heart.».

Christ was not opposed to intercourse between the opposite sex (it was not for nothing that Mary Magdalene and other women were among his disciples), but he was negative about lust, that is, the desire to have a woman who does not belong to you.

Yes, if you look at the theme of adultery from such an angle, it turns out that there are few “physical” traitors, but there are many real sinners. But it really is.

All our troubles and misfortunes come from unclean thoughts.

It is for this reason that the church does not approve of too overt pictures, films with intimate scenes, and so on. After all, when watching such films, it is difficult to resist and not start dreaming about a pretty actress or actor … And this is a spiritual “dirt” that needs to be washed away from the soul with a prayer.

Why is lust dangerous? If a married man or woman begins to consider a stranger to him with a desired look, he (she) begins to break down his own marriage. Nowadays, many are easily divorced and are trying to find someone more beautiful, more successful, in a word, “better.”

But few people manage to create relationships better than before, because he (she) brings all his problems into future relationships, and everything starts in a new way.

But even marital relationships are not always without sin.

What does it mean - Do not commit adultery - explanation of the seventh commandment

Because of modern mores, things that many consider natural and ordinary have ceased to be considered sinful. Meanwhile …

  • Zhenoneischestvo, or copulation with his woman in the wrong way — a sin, and it is very serious. This refers to intercourse, reminiscent of sodomy.
  • Oral sex is a sin for which you must bear penance.
  • Touching the secret places of the body of her spouse (spouse) church is also not welcome. Moreover: some priests do not even approve of Christ-giving during Easter, because such seemingly innocent people can use kisses to touch other people sinfully (for example, if god-friends, neighbors, etc. are being christened).
  • Finally, temptation in a dream, when the devil casts too voluptuous dreams is, of course, not a terrible sin, but in penitential prayer it is necessary to mention it.

Bible marriage is the union of two people for life, sanctified by the Lord. And if one of them gives up the slack (for we are all not without sin), he must repent and begin to work on himself.

For the real marriage is not given in vain, it is the result of long and hard work. But if you managed to create a harmonious family, it’s worth it!

And the Lord will help support you in difficult times and guide you on the right path.

Are you afraid that the sin of adultery is about to touch you? The church can help!

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