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What do men like most about women?

Attractive men — what a woman should be

What men like many women would like to know. The majority have some ideas, since the images of perfect looks have been pursued by girls since childhood from TV screens and magazine covers.

Less attention is paid to the desirable traits of men for men, including because of this, not everyone can match men’s ideas about the ideal. The article describes the recommendations that a woman should pay attention to in order to look more attractive in the men’s eyes, especially the psychology of the stronger sex.

What do men like most about women?

Outer beauty

Despite the enormous progress in relationships that has been made in the last hundred years, many men are still guided by primitive instincts. Beauty is still associated with the ability to bear children, care for children.

For this reason, men prefer young healthy girls, watching their appearance.

Features of an attractive woman:

  • average weight (excessive leanness and fullness are not desirable);
  • bright lips;
  • long eyelashes;
  • shiny hair;
  • sports figure;
  • symmetrical features;
  • wide hips;
  • energy.

Listed features are considered signs of health. Blonde hair at the same time indicate an increased level of the female hormone estrogen, which is why men love blondes so much. Hormone also contributes to conception, helps with carrying a child.

Men are attracted to women in everything that is most different from them, the structure of their body.

For this reason, the representatives of the stronger sex prefer long-haired girls with pronounced secondary sexual characteristics. Many protest against short haircuts that make women manly.


The concept of femininity is interpreted differently, most often this property is associated with tenderness, kindness, gentleness. Trusting a man will also help intensify this trait, a woman must learn to trust the stronger sex, and in some situations you have to rely on the man.

What do men like most about women?


Cheerful women always radiate a positive, appearance in this case does not matter. Even the possession of a model appearance with a negative attitude towards life will not attract gentlemen.

Happy women attract the opposite sex, emit fluids. Keep in mind that no one will do anything to make a woman happy.

Most often, it is cheerful girls attract beautiful princes who can not pass them by.


Sex is an important part of the relationship between a man and a woman. Unchained behavior on the part of women is very much appreciated.

Men love to make a nice partner, this is considered a confirmation of his strength. Sincerity plays an important role in this case, imitation in bed is not permissible.

If a man learns about the simulation, restoring confidence will require a lot of effort.

Sense of humor

There are not so many witty girls, which is confirmed by the ratio of humorists on the planet. This quality is manifested in people in different ways, so it is important that a woman understand the joke of a man. Young people of these girls notice, as well as those who can make him laugh.

Any falsity in this case is also unacceptable, feigned laughter can cause disappointment and rejection.

What do men like most about women?

Ability to be yourself

Many young women try to look better than they really are. They think that this will help make life more comfortable for the partner.

Such a desire often causes the opposite effect, excessive care can cause rejection, as a result, the gentleman will leave. Young people are protesting against cloying.

They love sharp impressions, are willing to close their eyes to the behavior of a bitch, while it is important to comply with the measure.


A woman should not inform the gentleman every time what she is doing and where she is going. A touch of mystery will add the attitude of novelty.

The young man will be interested to learn more about the woman, this will allow for a long time to maintain interest in his own person.

Modern women become more rude, less caring, ignore people in need. Every day, relatives are faced with problems that require careful attention. Women in such situations should be sensitive, which any man will appreciate.

Of particular value are sincere feelings, which are perceived by both people equally.


Physical activity contributes to the production of protein in the body, the action of which is aimed at the production of neurons. This has a beneficial effect on the body, tissue renewal occurs, muscle tone increases, and consciousness clears up.

A woman becomes more cheerful, which is reflected in appearance.

Request for help

Any man feels more important if he could help the lady with something. This could be lifting weights, moving furniture, helping out at the gym when lifting weights, etc. Such requests help demonstrate her helplessness to a girl that looks very feminine.

A man at the same time feels his strength and will look for the company of a woman with whom he can manifest it.

Feeling of gratitude

All people need gratitude, especially for men. The representatives of the stronger sex can solve many problems, but they are responsible for the material support of the family, which is rarely appreciated properly.

This situation is considered normal, but a woman should not be silent.

It is important to express gratitude to the man, to evaluate his efforts. Lack of gratitude will sooner or later make you think about the correctness of the chosen life partner.

All men, regardless of their appearance, age, zodiac sign, appreciates a certain set of characteristics in girls.

Every woman should follow the figure. Men do not like girls abusing diets.

An important role is played by a balanced diet, the products must contain the necessary amount of vitamins, nutrients. A beautiful figure will always be a big plus in men’s eyes, there are a large number of ways to create it.

This may be a gym, yoga, aerobics, swimming, walking in the air, jogging. You should not get carried away eating weaknesses and baking.

Creating an individual style

Fashion when creating a personal style does not matter. Men appreciate the property of women to be themselves. When choosing clothes and accessories should take into account the individual characteristics of the exterior.

Wearing unsuitable, disfiguring a figure, but fashionable things will not add to the attractiveness in the men’s eyes. Men highly value their own style of clothing companion, such a girl will always be able to help him when choosing clothes, a tie, watches, glasses.

What do men like most about women?


Sincerity does not mean stupidity or statements. A woman should not pretend, it is important to express your emotions openly, not to cheat.

Many try to create some kind of image, stop behaving naturally. Men immediately notice this, they love more liberated girls who have their own interests.

Strong women like women who have something to talk about.

Development of intuition

Meditation will help to increase intuition, in a relaxed state of mind it is much easier to listen to your own feelings. In any situation it is important to listen to yourself, pay attention to the first feeling.

Men love when they are understood without further ado, so it is important to surprise and indulge him.

It is important to be able to cook, try new dishes, arrange unusual dates, do massages. All men love new sensations that allow them to experience relationships differently, to add newness to them.

Every little thing on the part of a man is also important to appreciate and express gratitude.


  1. Every woman is interested in how to attract the attention of men, as this will help get married, start a family.
  2. If you dig deeper, it’s not about looks, although it also plays an important role, but about certain character traits.
  3. Men love not only beautiful and sexy girls, but also feminine, sincere, optimistic, grateful, cheerful. The development of these qualities will help attract men and choose the most suitable.

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