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What distinguishes the Bible from the gospel: the Orthodox point of view

What distinguishes the Bible from the gospel: the Orthodox point of view

Return to the faith of the ancestors is accompanied by filling gaps in knowledge of the basic terms and provisions of our Orthodox faith. How does the bible differ from the gospel?

This question took me by surprise, and I did not know the correct answer. The gospel is often sold as a separate little book, and in comparison with the bible it looks modest.

But if you open the first pages of the gospel, it becomes clear: there is a speech about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let’s look at the difference between the old and the new testament that make up the bible.

What distinguishes the Bible from the gospel: the Orthodox point of view

Old Testament

What does the old testament tell? In the book of Genesis, we read about the creation by God of the universe, then the book tells about the life of the Jewish people in times of Egyptian slavery, wandering through the desert and the people receiving the Ten Commandments.

It is these 10 commandments that make up the essence of the old (old) covenant of God with the people of Israel.

The Bible was written over one and a half millennia by different authors. The main language of writing is Hebrew and Aramaic. How was the text of the bible written?

It is believed that all texts of the Holy Scripture were inspired by God. That is, man only wrote down what he felt in his heart and thoughts under the direction of God.

The Old Testament can be perceived as an artistic biography and as a divinely inspired teaching, a testimony of miracles and the power of God.

We pass centuries in the description of biblical scenes, we read the words of the wisdom of Solomon and the complete internal contradictions of the psalms of David. The messages of the prophets cast terror and despair, while the endless wars of the Jews for the promised land lead to confusion.

But all this already relates to the past, since after Jesus Christ a new covenant was made. It is a covenant of love and trust between God and the nations of the earth.

This covenant opens up a new history of humanity, full of joyful hopes and gratitude for a miraculous salvation from punishments for sins.

What distinguishes the Bible from the gospel: the Orthodox point of view

New Testament and Gospel

The New Testament is a collection of 27 books telling about the times of the life of Jesus Christ. It includes 4 gospels, 21 epistles of the apostles, acts of the apostles and the Apocalypse.

But the central event of the New Testament is precisely the gospel — the good news of salvation.

The gospel is translated from Greek as the gospel. It brings to the peoples of the earth the good news of the savior of the world. These are 4 messages of evangelists:

The gospels describe the life of Jesus Christ, his ministry, death on the cross and resurrection. Further in the New Testament we find the 27 epistles of the apostles (disciples of Jesus).

Also in the New Testament, the acts of the apostles are described, for which Christ himself blessed them.

In the acts of the apostles described the events associated with the birth of the Church of Christ. Authorship is attributed to Saint Luke.

This is a detailed chronological description of all actions for the establishment of the church, as well as in the acts, the exact geographical coordinates of the movement of the apostles are indicated.

The messages of the apostles contain answers to practical questions on the organization of the life of the Christian community, the rules of behavior of Christians and the interpretation of the teachings of Christ. The first Christians were Jews, so they did not understand the difference between the old and the new covenant of God with people.

The main message of the gospel is the gospel of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which brings salvation to the whole world.

The book of the Apocalypse records the visions of St. John the Apostle, which God revealed to him. It shows the main fragments of the end of time, the terrible trial of sinners.

God showed people that his son Jesus Christ would be the judge. This is the most mystical of all the pages of the New Testament, since all information is encoded in symbols.

For a long time, the fathers of the church were afraid to bring the Revelation of John to the canon precisely because of the symbolism of visions.

What distinguishes the Bible from the gospel: the Orthodox point of view

The new covenant, unlike the old one, was written in ancient Greek. The evangelists who wrote the 4 gospels lived in the first century of the new chronology.

Gospel texts date back to around 41 AD.

To accurately answer the question, what is the difference between the bible and the gospel, you need to refer to the content of these books. Christians believe that the gospel is an integral part of the Bible and tells the story of the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples. But the Jews do not recognize the new covenant, for them the old covenant with God still operates.

The Old Testament in Hebrew is called — the Torah (Pentateuch).

What distinguishes the bible from the gospel in Orthodoxy:

  • the gospel is part of the bible and enters the New Testament;
  • the gospel is written much later than the texts of the bible;
  • the Bible tells of the creation of the earth and the first man, the gospel tells of the savior of the world, Jesus Christ;
  • the authors of the biblical tales are not known, the gospel was written by 4 evangelists.

Different interpretations and understandings of gospel texts led to a split between Christians and the formation of many denominations. Therefore, it is necessary to read and interpret the gospel under the guidance of the fathers of the church so as not to fall from faith.

Just knowing what the gospel and the Bible is, gives nothing to man. These are not literary texts or historical descriptions of the life of people of the past.

The Bible is a guide to action, the beginning of a change of life and worldview, by saving about eternal death and darkness.

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