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What conspiracies and rituals in the New Moon are the strongest: to attract money, success, love

Conspiracies in the new moon: the best rites for attracting money, luck, love and health

The first day of the lunar calendar has a special sacred power. All cases started this and the next few days will be debated if they are aimed at increasing or increasing something. On the new moon, magical rituals are especially effective at attracting money, promoting health, finding love and inciting love passion.

You can conduct such ceremonies on your own, but you need to do everything exactly according to the instructions.

With the help of magic in the new moon, you can draw something new into your life, make positive changes in the following areas:

  • Improving the financial situation is the most common wish on this day. As the moon grows, so will cash flow.
  • Luck. The first lunar day is the best time to make fortune more favorable to yourself, to attract luck. During this period, you can ask about the fulfillment of the cherished desire.
  • Love. You can force your husband to burn again with love, or heighten the lover’s longing for himself.
  • Pregnancy. In the new moon, pregnant girls can ask about the health of the child, safe childbirth and childbirth without complications.
  • Trade. Conducting rituals to increase sales should focus not on getting rid of the goods, but on the growth of revenue received. If you need to sell something one-time, it is better to wait for the decreasing month.
  • Health. It is recommended to conduct rituals on the growth of vitality, increase immunity. You can not read plots for the treatment of cancer, the tumor may begin to grow.
  • Protection. In order to protect oneself from an attack on a physical or energetic level, it is worth reading defensive plots every new moon.

Do not get too carried away and carry out several ceremonies in one day. It is better once a month, at the birth of a new moon, to improve any vital sphere.

In the new moon is not recommended to guess. Any fortune telling will be untrue, because the moon has not yet gained its strength and will not be able to help find out the future.

What conspiracies and rituals in the New Moon are the strongest: to attract money, success, love

An experienced magician or fortuneteller can read plots without preparation, conduct ceremonies and rituals on the go, instantly choosing the most suitable at the moment. This skill comes with time. Beginners should follow the following rules:

  • It is good to think about whether there is really a need for this or that change in life. Suddenly arisen desires are often just as fast and pass, and it is very difficult to cancel the action of most conspiracies.
  • Exactly following the instructions is the key to success. If during the ritual, everything falls out of hand, the words of conspiracies are confused — this is a sign that this is not the right time for this. The ritual should be postponed. If this happens several times in a row, it is better to refuse it.
  • The mental attitude is important. A few days before the ceremony, it is worth observing fasting, abandoning current problems, driving out fear and insecurity from one’s mind.
  • Prepare in advance all the necessary attributes and materials, learn the words of spells by heart.
  • Prepare a room in which magic classes are planned, do wet cleaning, remove unnecessary items, clean up the energy in the room: go around it around the perimeter in a clockwise direction with a lighted candle and leave it to completely burn out.
  • No one to tell about the planned event. Thoughts and feelings of other people can influence magical energy.

If all formalities are met, the plot will surely work. After getting what you want, you have to share your luck with the outside world: leave money, food and alcohol at the crossroads, give alms to the poor.

What conspiracies and rituals in the New Moon are the strongest: to attract money, success, love

In a fairly young school of magic and philosophy, Simoron focuses on the liberation from patterns and the disclosure of his original "I" and the essence of objects and phenomena. Before the new moon you need to tune in to the moon and feel it, constantly keep it in mind, whenever you can look at the pictures and contemplate firsthand.

A connection with this celestial body will gradually emerge.

When the connection is established, you can ask about everything. Thanks to the moon can be in any way: from offerings to songs and dances, praising her. To visualize and concretize your desires, you can use the following technique:

  1. 1. Purchase paper and writing supplies. This can be a notebook, an album for drawing or a notebook, a pen or a pencil, paints and a brush. At the sight of the item in the store in the shower should be a strong desire to buy it.
  2. 2. On the new moon, write down all your desires (even the most insignificant) in the form of: "I (name) gratefully accept from the Universe (your desire), for my good, for the good of my family".
  3. 3. Hide the list with full confidence that the wishes have already come true.
  4. 4. On the next new moon, cross out the fulfilled desires and, if necessary, add new ones to the list.

It is important to constantly listen to yourself, improvisation is welcomed in the school of Simoron. If you wanted to write wishes on the wallpaper, on the phone, on the ceiling — no need to restrain yourself.

The main thing is to understand your true aspirations and inform the world about your feelings.

What conspiracies and rituals in the New Moon are the strongest: to attract money, success, love

In the new moon it is good to knit Nauzy — magical knots. In order to take advantage of this kind of magic, it is necessary to measure a sufficient amount of lace made of leather, hemp or other natural material and tie knots on it, the number of which, with rare exception, should be a multiple of three.

Another option is possible, stronger when a pattern is formed on a cord. The incoherent cord is worn afterwards as an amulet and brings good luck to its owner in the chosen direction.

Our ancestors made an amulet for successful pregnancy and safe delivery, tying forty knots on a cord. The future mother took a red silk or woolen thread and, being alone, secretly tied a single bundle of forty days in a row from the first day of the moon. Each time when knitting was read slander:

"The knot to the knot tightly stuck, knots tied, the fetus in the uterus conceived. Red knots so strong, childishly so rosy! Tie-do not untie.

Lord, bless, Prince, help! Amen!"

After 40 days, the thread had to be placed as high as possible in the house, preferably hidden in the attic, and after a successful delivery to bury close to the dwelling. So she became an additional talisman for the child as long as he lives in the parental home.

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